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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Birthday Freebies And Discounts

Not Sponsored: Do you take advantage of birthday freebies and discounts? I might have taken advantage of one or two in the past, but that's about it. I just never invested the time or energy into doing so. So, I decided this year to take advantage of some more. Who doesn't like really good freebies and discounts!?! I think I'm going to try different ones every year (I already have a list for next year). Let me share with you, the ones I used this year. You should do the same.

Krispy Kreme

Through their app, Krispy Kreme will give you a dozen of doughnuts for FREE! I think that's both a generous and wonderful perk. Yay Krispy Kreme! I love hot doughnuts! They give you about a month to redeem this offer.

 AMC Movie Theatres

If you have an AMC Stubs account, AMC Theatres will give you a FREE Large Popcorn and Free Large Fountain Drink. I'm a popcorn fanatic. They give you until the end of your birthday month to redeem this offer.


Eating good in the neighborhood!  For your birthday (if you download the app), Applebees will give you a FREE DESSERT (I know, not pictured here). Since it was my first time downloading the app, I received a free appetizer. I used that perk first, because my free birthday dessert doesn't expire until the end of March. These Neighborhood Beef Nachos are really delicious!


If you have the McDonald's App, you have about a month to redeem for a FREE BAKERY ITEM of your choice (blueberry muffin, cinnamon roll or apple fritter).

ULTA Beauty

Have an ULTA Beauty account!?! If you're a MEMBER, you get 2x points your entire birthday month (MUST activate the points) and a free gift. If you're PLATINUM or DIAMOND, you get 2x points your entire birthday month (MUST activate the points), a free gift and a $10 Off Coupon. I placed about three orders during the month of February and scored points worth about $70 off. My free gift was the Lancome Idole Mascara. So shop during your birthday month!


Sephora lets you pick a FREE birthday gift (selection of products). This year, you could opt to pick bonus points instead. So that is what I did. I scored +250 points, added to my account. 


I buy a lot of basics from Talbots. By being a cardholder, they give me 15% off my purchase. You're probably saying, that's not a lot. But what's great about this, is that I pair this discount atop the discounts that they offer (daily discounts). My birthday is in February, so they usually discount heavily between January-March. So I usually wait until my birthday month to buy things. So try to pair other discounts when the store discounts items.

Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn

I'm a cardholder, so one of the perks is that they give me $25 to spend for each card (total of $50). It's nice because you can pair the amounts together and spend them in one place.  My cookware had gone kaput. Well, they heavily discounted a set that I liked, PLUS I was able to take $50 off the price. I'm really enjoying using my new pots and pans.

View all of these in action on my Instagram reel.



  1. We have Krispy Kreme here! I hope they do this in Canada too:D THanks for the heads up, my friend:)

    1. I hope they do to Emmy! It would be a nice perk! Ask about it. I enjoyed mine. HaHaHa


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