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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 3 & 4: Paris Fashion Week S/S 2014

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm enjoying mine and I'm really enjoying (watching) Paris Fashion Week. I was very pleased with Day 3 & 4. My favorites for Day 3 were Nina Ricci, Balenciaga and Lanvin. My favorites for Day 4 were Isabel Marant, Issey Miyake, Roland Mouret, and Christian Dior. Days 3 & 4 were a mix of black & white, florals & fun butterfly prints, popping metallic fabrics, and bursts of exuberant color. I do want to say one thing! Ok, maybe two! Isabel Marant is a genius. I've never seen such a perfect mix of sweet and sexy done so TASTEfully. She does sweet for grown-ups! Her designs say I'm sharp, intelligent, confident, AND sexy. Secondly, I loved Dior's set-up for their show and the necklaces the models wore were absolutely gorgeous. They were like gorgeous crystals that cascaded around their neck. HaHa I'll post Day 5 & 6 Monday ;). Also a sweet welcome to all my new readers! I've noticed you guys. Super appreciated! It tells me I'm doing something right :). Welcome!

Day 3 - Paris Fashion Week



Atsuro Tayama

Nina Ricci

Barbara Bui

Olympia Le Tan

Bouchra Jarrar

Day 4 - Paris Fashion Week

Issey Miyake

Roland Mouret

Isabel Marant

AF Vandevorst


Sonia Rykiel

Vanessa Bruno

Christian Dior


  1. Oh the Christian Dior strapless tea-length brocade gowns!

  2. Balenciaga, Isabel Marant and Dior are definitely my top three faves.

  3. What a treat, my dear Kim.
    I am not chosing, I take them all, LOl
    Much love and happiest of weekends.

  4. Impossible to choose when all is so beautiful!

  5. What a Sweet treat! I love Lanvin. A while back I had to slap myself with excitement when I managed to buy a H&M Lanvin collaboration dress. I think it was about 60€ and I love it love it! Xx

  6. I must say Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno all the way!These two lines look amazing to me.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Style Of Ozoz Facebook Page

  7. It's so nice dream. My favourites are Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, Lanvin and Isabel Marant. Those are really cool clothes!

  8. Morning Kim! I agree with your choices, my favs are Lanvin, Nina Rocci, Olympia Le Tan, Isabel Marant and Dior. Especially Im craving for all the looks from the Isabel Marant collection, it rocks! Have a great weekend dear, kisses! xo

  9. Morning Kim! I agree with your choices, my favs are Lanvin, Nina Rocci, Olympia Le Tan, Isabel Marant and Dior. Especially Im craving for all the looks from the Isabel Marant collection, it rocks! Have a great weekend dear, kisses! xo

  10. Isabel Marant's collection was just all kinds of awesome. I think it's one of her best yet! So sad that her stuff are so expensive or I'd be all over it.
    Other faves for me are Sonia Rykiel and Gareth Pugh.

  11. Favorites from these sets...Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Vanessa Bruno and Isabel Marant, so many romantic looks!

  12. I enjoyed Lanvin and the romanticism of Nina Ricci. My favorite still is the reigning Dior. Love the pleated details and the shoes.

    Have a fab weekend Kim!


  13. those Dior gowns :0 love! nice post, I'm following you now on gfc xo

  14. Oh Kim! I think the Lanvin ones are my favorite, just the cut on those first selection of dresses is perfection!

  15. So hard to pick a favourite! I love those black dresses by Lavin though :)

  16. Wow ,love it ,all! What a Post ,beautiful <3 :)

    Happy Weekend ,kisses :*

  17. In all the collections there's something I like! Very good selection Kim!

  18. Love especially the first look of all, it seems to be a top and shorts embroidery, so cute. And my favorite .. of course, Dior! So beautiful and elegant!

  19. I also like the Balenciaga collection - very wearable, nothing too "out there"

    Isabel Marant always has the most feminine pieces - they are beautiful to look at :) Especially that cute dress in the end of the first row :)

    Away From The Blue

  20. Where can you watch paris fashion week videos?? I have never been to any fashion shows, and would love to go if I had a chance. More and more, I am starting to appreciate the beauty and art of fashion... it's not just clothes, it really is an expression and draws out so many emotions- mostly of happiness. hehe. Have you ever been to NY fashion week?


  21. Sooooo much fashion *_*
    (insert squeals of shallow fashion delight) hehehe

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  22. Lovvvee Nina Ricci..I purchased her perfume while in Paris..smells great.


  23. Kim, this is great! Better than the fashion magazines, you covered all the good ones. Thanks friend! And of course, you're doing all the right things. Keep up the good work!

    xo Jo

  24. So many beautiful collections. I absolutely adore the Christian Dior collection.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  25. Oh sweet Kim, I love your catwalk posts! My favorites are Lanvin I'm a big Alber Elbaz fan) and Marant's
    kisses girl

  26. I think this is one of my favourites...I love all of these, couldn't choose a favourite really!! xx

  27. Hi,
    I found your blog today and I'm so in love with your styles!

    I'd be glad if we could follow each other so let me know
    on my blog,


  28. Nina Ricci always makes such beautiful, romantic pieces. I love the versatility of Isabel Marant and the great shapes at Lanvin!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  29. Christian Dior surprised me in the most positive way...
    and i jhad no idea Isssey Miyake was such a small man.

  30. So many lovely collections! My favorites are Lanvin and Nina Ricci. The Olympia Le Tan collection also seems kind of fun.

  31. I like your pick for Day 3 & 4 too but there's 1 person which caught my attention as well. Sonia Rykiel. I think the designs were pretty cool =)

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