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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

MAC x Mariah Carey Review & Swatches

Me & Mariah...Go Back Like Babies & Pacifiers! LOL I've followed her since, 'Vision of Love'. Mariah Carey was having a really good 2016, until that New Years Eve fiasco! I thought she looked great, in that blinged out nude costume (last two pictures)! Usually I disagree with some of her attire. I'm also giving the side-eye to that back-up dancer she's "dating". Not getting a good feeling about him. But anyway... MAC came out with a MAC x Mariah Carey Collection in December. Here are my thoughts...

MAC x Mariah Carey: My Mimi Extra Dimension Skinfinish

This was the STAR of the collection! Every beauty enthusiast ooh'd and aah'd when they first laid eyes on this Extra Dimension Skinfinish! I think we were all in shock, because MAC rarely puts this much effort into both product & packaging! Mariah's face imprinted on the product!?! Gorgeous! Swatched, this skinfinish is gorgeous. But can everyone get away with it? No. The darker you are, the better it looks. I just dusted it lightly (mainly on my cheeks) all over my face. It really gave me a nice glow.

MAC x Mariah Carey: Sweet Sweet Fantasy Blush

I've always loved the blush, Mariah Carey wears! The color on her cheeks really brings her out. Is this that blush? No, but it gives a similar effect. I almost didn't purchase this, because it looked LOUD! It's a beautiful shade, but you really must use a light hand. A very light hand. I used a light hand and still had to blend it out. I think it turned out nice on me.

MAC x Mariah Carey Lipglass

L-R: It's Just Like Honey, Little Miss Monroe, Butterfly Bling

I've never been a big fan of MAC's lipglasses. Can anyone say STICKY!?! But this is Mariah Carey! You still have that stick, but what satisfies me is that they smell like frosting on cake, the super cool glittery packaging and the colors.

MAC x Mariah Carey Lipstick

1st - McIzzle (Cremesheen) 2nd - All I Want (Frost) 3rd - I Get So OOC (Frost)


She had several more, but they were super light and I didn't think they would look good on me. I took a chance with McIzzle! On some it looked great! On others, not so much! It's a very light pink (almost nude). I can barely get away with it, but can always add 'It's Just Like Honey' as a topper. All I Want is a frost! MAC actually released ALL I WANT (see here) (I look different LOL), LAST LAST Christmas (2015). But it had that bland packaging, that everyone ripped MAC a new one! So they redesigned the packaging (glitter & butterfly insignia) and included it again for this collection. My favorite out of the three is 'I Get So OOC'. I just do well with darker lipsticks. But all were very nice.

MAC x Mariah Carey: I'm That Chick You Like Eye Shadow Palette

Get ready for the SPARKLE! This is nightime! This is party! This is holiday! These shadows look tame in the palette, but when you put them on...WHOA! LOL SPARKLE CITY! I am FAR from being a master of applying eye shadows, but this year I will be working on my technique and trying. I could've smoked out my eye more and added more sparkle underneath...but I'll keep trying LOL I do want to say, these shadows are much prettier in person than when photographed.

MAC x Mariah Carey: It's Everything Eye Shadow Palette

Yep! There were two eye shadow palettes! I loved elements from each one, so I didn't want to have buyer's remorse or pay an exhorbitant price on eBay, so I purchased them both. I really liked this one.

MAC x Mariah Carey: This Is My Night Eyeliner

The only reason I purchased this, was because it was the first product UP on the website when the collection launched. LOL I got so excited, I said WHATEVER & purchased it. The eyeliner is great, I just hate the brush. It's so hard and it's a pain around the eyes. Feel like I'm poking my eyes out :P

Mariah Carey Fanjoy

Over the holidays, I heard of a website called Fanjoy! They come out with various collections. Well they had one for Mariah Carey. The set came with a cd, two tshirts, picture record, card and the cutest box. I've always wanted to cartoon myself. LOL Whoever did hers, did a fabulous job. So cute!

Overall Thoughts

I really liked this collection. It's festive! The packaging is extraordinary and I love the makeup. 

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  MAC x Mariah Carey Collection is Sweet



  1. Love the swatches kind of posts..
    This collection is amazing.

  2. Haha I love your joke about giving the side eye to the backup singer she was dating! I also felt as though 2016 was a good year for her (minus one or two occasions), especially as she collaborated with MAC :) I'm so pleased to hear so many of the collection impressed you Kim; the packaging alone is very Mariah and I love the look of the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Blush!

  3. I've heard a lot about that incident over new years - bad way to end the year! :(

    The collection looks great though - shame the glosses are sticky as they are really pretty shades and they look lovely on you! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog | 5 Year Blogaversary Giveaway

  4. Everything is so shimmery and glittery like Mariah Carey, I love it :)


  5. While I've never really been a fan of Mariah Carey, I'm always glad to see people succeed, particularly after a tough time and I was really rooting for her in 2016 - it's such a shame about what happened on New Year's Eve! I have to admit, her glittery style has always seemed like too much to me and I never expected to like her MAC collection, but the eyeshadow palettes are actually gorgeous.

  6. The blush is beautiful and it looks great on you, Kim! And the eyeshadows definitely look super nice as well. So glad you were able to get your hands on her collection!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  7. This makeup is gorgeous and looks so beautiful on you. That compact is so cute with the cartoon of Mariah. She is a lucky woman being able to live the glamorous life she does. :) I think forgetting lyrics happens to all singers at one time or another. They can get away with it at regular concerts, but not so much at a televised event!

  8. This collection is beautiful! everything you picked up is stunning kim! That skin finish and blush look gorgeous on you, and so do all the lip colors! I love the darkest shade the best, that is your shade! And those shadow palettes look soooo pretty!!

  9. Kim, I saw that Mariah performance live. I really felt sorry for her coz it was sooooo bad, but unfortunately, I've seen her do this in other events I wasn't really surprised:( But I digress....the collection is freaking fab! I wish I got my hands on the Skinfinish. And that I Get So OOC looks great on you. Also love the way you did your eye makeup for both eye palettes. Gorgeous, dahling. Mwah:D

  10. I love everything of this collection, except for the skin finish which would be way too dark for me! And wow you look so sexy! Great collection on the whole!! Big hugs doll

  11. Kim, I was excited to hear that you would be reviewing some product from this collection and it's good to hear that the things you tried worked out better than her NYE performance. The blush and the Skinfinish look especially fantastic on you! The latter gave you such a luminous glow. Usually I disagree with her attire as well. It's amazing that blinged out nude costume was actually modest for her. My husband actually looks away when she comes on tv LOL She and her diva attitude are so not his cup of tea ;p

  12. The whole collection really screams her name and I love the skin finish and the blusher the most. I don't find the eyeshadow palettes as must have but they are beautiful too. I'm not the best at eyeshadow application myself too, Kim but I am definitely better after forcing myself to wear and experiment everyday for more than a year. LOL!

    ps: No kidding about the backup dancer, dodgy as hell. Haha!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  13. ...But when you walk by every night, talkin' sweet and lookin' fine...haha!!! I had to! This collection is SO very Mariah! You know what, I love the fact that the skin finish seems to be made for darker skin tones because that's very rarely the case with nearly every makeup brand, unfortunately. The blush is absolutely gorgeous (it looks phenomenal on you, in fact everything you got from the collection looks beautiful on you!). It does look a lot like the one she's usually wearing. Ah, Mariah, Mariah, with that NYE's performance! Lol, but you know what, I loved it nonetheless because she was being her typical diva self the entire time. She kept saying, IDK what's going on here Such a great review. I've been waiting since I had spotted the sneak peek on your side bar a few months back! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  14. It's a shame what happened with your year-end presentation, but this line inspired by it looks fantastic and the colors have enchanted me, I like how you look with each of the lipsticks, excellent review, happy year and that 2017 is full of good and beautiful things for you and your family!

  15. I heard about that NYE fiasco. I didn't actually heard or watched it, but I got to say, I still think she is a great singer- it was just bad judgement. SOOOOO many singers can't sing a tune to save their life, Carey is surely not one of them, she has proved that she can sing many times- I do agree that was a bad way to end the year but I'm sure she will get over that. Not only does Mariah have an unique voice but she can actually sing so I hope she stays around:).

    Speaking about fiasco, I heard Madonna sing Edith Piaf's song recently on some concert and my ears are still bleeding. I need to recover from that, it was seriously traumatic. But still, at least Madonna is a style icon and a seasoned performer and entertainer (she was never a great singer but she used to be aware of her limits though)- while a lot of young singers don't have anything going for them- I wonder have people gone tone deaf when they don't seem to notice that someone sings so badly- or in most cases that it is a computer singing! I can always hear it when the computer is doing the signing.

    But I'm straying from topic...It was lovely reading your review on this collection she did with Mac. I want that first shimmery product, I'm not sure what it is called (is a bronze of some kind) but it looks so shiny and perfect- I might be to pale for in now though- I need to wait for summer and tanning to kick in. That blush also looks lovely! The colour is intense, so I can see why you advise a light hand upon application (you even recommended blending it, right?) but it does look very pretty on you.

    The lip glosses all look perfect on your lips. I think I ever prefer them to lipsticks on these photos- and I'm not a lip gloss girl! Great review dear. Good to know that this collection is sweet.

  16. This looks so amazing, the packaging is incredible! I love the look of the eyeshadow and the lipsticks but I'd love to own it all to be honest haha :D great in depth post!

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  17. I'm not a huge fan of MC but I'm all about the packaging of these products! None of these drew me in so I didn't attempt to buy but the shadows look so nice!

  18. Oh my gosh, Kim. I have loved her since Vision of Love! I used to be glued to MTV so I could catch her Someday music video too lol :)

  19. I also have followed Mariah Carey since the beginning. Love her voice and songs. This MAC collection is so Mariah with the glitter, glamour and sparkles. Love the colours and the packaging.

  20. I'll always have a special place for Mariah! I didn't see the videos, but read so many articles about her NYE performance. Yikes!
    But the makeup looks gorgeous. The skin finish and blush are especially gorgeous!

  21. I absolutely love the packaging on this entire collection. I do agree that the highlighter is the show stopper. The color is gorgeous but def wouldn't look right on me. It looks great on you though. The glosses I'm not a fan of in general and the lipsticks are too frosty and light. I love the last one on you. The shadows are pretty and the swatches are great but glitter is something I'm not a huge fan of. Overall, a really nice collection just not for me personally. Thanks for sharing Kim!

  22. I was so sad to hear about Mariah's NYE lip sync, I've always thought that she is amazing and just felt to bad.
    I think the packaging is spectacular, all that glitz ! and you look so good with that dark eyeliner Kim :)

  23. I never knew there was such a collaboration and it looks pretty amazing! Lol to Mariah's bf comment. I agree with you, Kim. I love Mariah's songs and I'm excited to see her perform in the summer in Vegas.

    xo Jo

  24. This collection is so beautiful. Love that highlighter. Wow Kim you look stunning with a smokey eye makeup look. SO beautiful and sultry. WORK IT! ;-D

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