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Friday, January 13, 2017

ULTA Free Beauty Box: Be Frosted

Sponsored: Right before Christmas, my beauty blog buddy Ashley of Ashley Sue Makeup wrote me on instagram and asked if I would like a FREE ULTA Beauty Box! I was like YES! HaHaHa Thanks Ashley! ULTA was running a promotional, where you could receive a box filled with beauty treats and give one to someone else. Different boxes had different things in them, so that is what made it so exciting! To see what was in Ashley's box CLICK HERE. I received my box right before New Years and the theme was BE FROSTED! So let's take a look and see what was inside...

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)


Philosophy Shimmering Snowlace Body Wash $18 - Sweet

When I first started blogging, I was a Philosophy Body Wash JUNKIE! I had to stop myself (because all of them were so good), so I could try other brands. Well I was very excited to see Philosophy Shimmering Snowlace in the box, because I had never tried it. The reason why I never purchased it, was because of the word SHIMMERING! I just felt I would have sparkles all over my body! That is so NOT THE CASE! This is a pearlescent/opalescent body wash that smells like champagne bubbly. There is no shimmer whatsoever. No shimmer. No glitter. Your skin will just have a healthy moisturized glow after your bath or shower. All of Philosophy's body washes are creamy and it was nice to get this one. PLUS, I love the cute sweet treats on the bottle. So I'm really glad this was in the box.

Lipstick Queen Ice Queen $24 - Sweet

Lipstick Queen Ice Queen is ANOTHER product I've always wanted to try. I've tried a number of lipsticks from Lipstick Queen and I have never been disappointed. My favorite is still Let Them Eat Cake! Ice Queen is gorgeous. As you can see, it's a frosted champagne colored lipstick. Lipstick Queen describes it as a white lipstick with flecks of silver & gold. I've seen many bloggers use this as toppers over other lipsticks. I haven't quite been in a frosty mood, because New Orleans weather has been almost in the 80's HaHaHa. But from what I can tell, the lipstick is very creamy. I also love the packaging of Lipstick Queen lipsticks. I find them to be so magical.

Buxom 6 Degrees Below Sexy Mini Full On Lip Polish Collection $32 - Sweet

I have never tried anything from Buxom! Have you??? I know I shouldn't pre-judge beauty products, but I do. I've always seen their lip glosses and for some reason I just felt they were SUPER STICKY. So I stayed away. Well let me tell you! These Buxom 6 Degrees Below Sexy glosses have some stick, but they're really not bad at all. I expected my lips to stick together, but when I applied these to my lips, they just melted into my lips. My lips were moisturized, they felt creamy, and there was NO STICKY-SMACK-SMACK. Its true you guys! If you don't believe me (and I don't blame you, because they look sticky as hell) I understand. I wouldn't believe me. You just have to try them yourself. All of these have a shimmer and look pretty on the lips. The darkest shade had some patchiness to it, but all worked well. These also have a tingle (plumping), but it feels more like a cooling sensation.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle $25 - Not Sweet

You know there is a buster in the group! LOL Lancome's La Vie Est Belle rollerball perfume smells grandma-ma-ish. LOL  It's powdery, floral and just all kinds of wrong. HaHaHa I turned my nose up at it initially. Then I asked my mom and she turned her nose up. So that's two noses that didn't like this. It's kind of strong. Here are the notes:

  • Top Note: The elegance of Iris becomes the backbone of the fragrance. It blossoms from the first to the last note like never before
  • Middle Note: The strength of Patchouli gives strength and depth
  • Base Note: A sweet gourmand adds a burst of unexpected radiance

So I just want to thank Ashley for thinking about me! That was very kind of her :) I really loved this box! I couldn't believe the name brands that were included. This is some pretty pricey stuff. Very thankful and glad I could try these products.



  1. How sweet of your friend Ashley to have thought of you for this :) All of the products saw me with sparkles in my eyes haha, so much to admire! It's great to hear the lip glosses aren't as sticky as you'd thought, and the Snowlace body wash sounds dreamy. Though KIM how can you not like Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle?! haha, it's one of my faves this season. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. That's so nice of Ashley to do that, and you totally deserved this, Kim:) Thanks for the review on these. I'm one of those peeps who've always liked Buxom glosses and this lip polish collections sounds really great. And that Ice Queen look sooooo good too. BTW, can we have your weather?:P

    PS Kim, I would like to take this opportunity to really thank you from the bottom of my heart for the comment you wrote on my last post. almost made me cry. You have always been so supportive, and you're such a breathe of fresh air. Honestly, most of the decision I've made in my life were always viewed as negative by many people around me (I'm not ambitious...I'm lazy for giving up working....blah blah blah). My husband has always said just to ignore them, but it gets hard sometimes. Your comment just really touched my heart. Don't ever change. XOXO

  3. It's a shame the perfume wasn't nice - it's always disapointing when you get a strong, overpowering perfume! On the other hand, the shimmering snowlace bady wash sounds like a real treat to use!!

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  4. Wow you got so many new makeup goodies!! the ice queen looks really cool to try :) Thanks for the supportive comment Kim, it really means a lot that you care. I appreciate your advice too <3

  5. What a fun idea this was for Ulta to come up with! And this sounds like such a great box for you, since it allowed you to try things you had hesitated about or simply hadn't had time for. I am in the market for a new Philosophy body wash and I can never choose one because they are all so good, but I think now I'll look to see if there are any Snow Lace left at my local Sephora because it sounds fabulous.

  6. That is such a cool thing for Ulta to do for the holidays and so sweet of Ashley to choose to send one to you! You do so many nice things for people throughout the year so you totally deserve it Kim! I was under the impression that the Philosophy shimmery body wash had actual shimmer as well so thanks for clearing that up :) I got a bottle of Philosophy body wash for Christmas and I've fallen in love with them again. Everything else you got look fab too well except for the Lancome fragrance. There's always a dud for some reason O_o

  7. Great package! How funny about the grandma scent. Maybe grandma is their target market for this one and it was put into the wrong beauty box! LOL

  8. I didn't even know about this promotion. How cool! I think that the Buxom lip polish set is what interested me the most!

  9. How nice of her !
    Love the idea of beauty boxes and had originally subscribed to one but then, after over a year they began repeating products and I just quit - also to save some cash.
    I don't want to sound snobbish but after 10+ in the perfume industry I do not like most fragrances made in the US, there is something in the notes/ingredientes that my nose does not like - also roller balls aren't my thing.
    Thank you for the trustworthy reviews.

  10. Aw, that was so nice that Ashley thought of you. Though I can understand why, you're such a love, Kim, and YOU always think of others, too. As for the box, there's some really cute and interesting products. I've never tried any of Philosophy's products, though I've smelt a number of them. The reason I've never tried is because my skin is SO sensitive and breaks out for any little change that has certain ingredients that trigger. I found out after having used Bath & Body for so long without any issues and then all of a sudden my skin went crazy on me. I tried similar brands and got the same results, so I'm so scared to try this brand, even though I'm always enticed by the amazing scents! That lipstick is so pretty and I can imagine how beautiful it must look as a topper. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, beauty!



  11. Ashley is a sweetheart and looks like you got a pretty good box, Kim! I have only tried one Lipstick Queen gloss which I really and I need to explore more from the brand.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  12. I'm so glad you love your box Kim! I had a lot of fun this this Ulta program! I've tried a few boxum lip glosses before and they definitely weren't as sticky as I thought they would be either! The philosophy shower gel sounds super nice! That's too bad about the perfume though!

  13. wow this looks like one epic box! SO many amazing goodies! I have to try those glosses.

  14. Aww that's so sweet of Ashley! What a wonderful box :) I haven't tried anything from Buxom before. Their products always seemed kinda...boring. But I'm glad to hear they have a wonderful lip gloss formula! That lipstick queen is also such a pretty shade. I think these types of sheer/ topper lipsticks and glosses are a fun way to make the metallic lip trend more wearable :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  15. So good that you liked most of the products in the box, and how sweet of your friend to gift it to you! La Vie Et Belle smelled so good to me when I tried it at Saphora, maybe it's the roller? Not sure, I usually like really fresh scents and not so floral, and I loved that one. I want to try that lip balm now. Hope you're havng a wonderful start to your New Year!


  16. I see you had luck with these products. Except that granny perfume, all of these products seem lovely. I actually haven't heard about Philosophy shower gels, but they sound awesome. SO great that this one was no exception and that is really suited you. One would except shimmer where the name says shimmering, as it is the case with this shower gel, but good to know one doesn't have to worry about that with this one:). I actually like body shimmer but I don't think I would be bold to rock it on every day basis, maybe just for some special event:).

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  17. The lip glosses look so pretty!

  18. ooh that's awesome!! Besides the Lancome rollerbarll, it's an awesome box :)

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  19. Oh what a great box and idea! :D So sweet of your friend to think of you! It's really nice you liked so many products in the box as well.

    It's a shame that you didn't like the perfume, but only one bad product in the box is a pretty good success rate! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend Kim :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  20. I feel like everyone is SO INTO metallic lips these days but it just doesn't seem to work for me. I want to own the Lipstick Queen lipstick just for the name ^^


  21. Do you generally like La vie est belle? I'm disappointed that the roll on version doesn't smell as good at the original! I remember your crush on Philosophy bath creams, and now I'd love to try this one too! Big hugs good night from Italy

  22. That is so sweet of her, Kim! It really shows that she cared. Thank you once again for the honest review.

    xo Jo

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