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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Moon Elements: Handcrafted Crystal and Aromatherapy Jewelry

Hey Guys! The beginning of this year, my friend Ashley gifted me three necklaces from her Etsy shop Moon Elements. She sent me two agave arrowhead necklaces. One features a feather charm and the other displays a Hamsa (sign of protection) charm. I've been wearing the feather charm agave arrowhead necklace everywhere. I love it! It really compliments my wardrobe. I'm wearing it with a black top below, but it also looks great with my yellow and orange tops. I love wearing these necklaces with V-neck tops. They give a very boho vibe, that I am so into that right now. My jewelry style has really changed since blogging. I use to wear tiny pearls everyday, but now I'm feeling jewelry like this. These necklaces feel so natural & earthy. The reason why you only see two necklaces in the cover photo, is because my mom swiped the Hamsa necklace. I kept saying, I know Ashley gave me three necklaces!?!?! So my mom was the culprit...CAUGHT! I quickly took a picture with it below (last picture) and you may remember the Hamsa charm bracelet I purchased years ago back in 2013! Ashley also sent me an amethyst stone necklace! That is my birthstone (February) and I love it's purple & crystal color. Ashley makes necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Her Etsy shop currently offers a cosmic collection, hippie peace collection, an array of stones and all types of beautiful charms. Her prices are great and she even does special requests. I'm so proud of Ashley! We met through blogging. We loved the same kind of makeup & shades. Just always nice, sweet & kind, which is a rarity these days. She was also the one who got me into diffusers, oils and aromatherapy! Check out her shop and if you have any questions about aromatherapy, oils, stones or makeup, then she is your girl! I love her to pieces! The handbag below is a Fossil crossbody bag.

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