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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fresh Beauty Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil Review

Face oils. How does your skin get along with them? I haven't tried many, but the ones I have tried have either been hit or miss. More miss, than hit! LOL The HITS have been Drunk Elephant's Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, combined with their TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. Another winner was Jurlique's Skin Balancing Face Oil. The MISSes have been Farsali and one I haven't reviewed as of yet on A Very Sweet Blog ... Tarte's Maracuja Oil (great for hair, but I don't like it on my skin). I had a deluxe sample of Fresh's Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil ($52). This face oil contains seaberry oil, cranberry seed, camellia seed, grapeseed and sweet almond. All of which are rich in Omegas (as shown in the diagram below). I've tried this many ways. Fresh suggests 1-2 drops. I've even tried more than that. It's a lightweight oil, but it feels like oil and smells like oil. For me, it didn't fully absorb into my dry skin. It's far from an oil slick, but hours later if I pressed my finger against my skin there was oil on my finger. I always used this at night and when I woke up the next morning my skin didn't look or feel moisturized. It was kind of soft. But there were no bells or whistles. Fresh states your skin will feel MOISTURIZED. My skin never felt that way. This gets a high rating on their website, but there are some bad reviews and a mention of a formula change. But this is a no for me. LOL

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
   Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil is NotSweet



  1. I love oils and I use them regularly. Too bad you are not happy with it Kim, if it didn't work for your dry skin it will not work for me, I hate oils that don't sink quickly and leave me with a greasy skin.


  2. I have to admit I have several face oils but never use them.... before I use to mix them up with a bit of foundation and wear on weekends. I might have to go back and try it again.

  3. Thanks for your honest review. I haven't tried this before but if the skin doesn't feel moisturised then that's not a good start x

  4. My skin didn't get along with that Tarte one, I broke out :( As for this one, the ingredients sound so good, it's unfortunate it didn't impress and left the skin so oily. Since I have combination/oily skin, this wouldn't be the best for me. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great day!



  5. Sincerely I prefer trust in your review. I am not going to buy a product that you don´t review like "Sweet"

    Great post!

  6. Kim, I've never tried face oils aside from using it as makeup remover. I have such an oily T-zone and super acne prone skin that I'm kinda leery. That Drunk Elephant one sounds awesome though:)
    PS Thank you as always for leaving such lovely comments on my post. You're too sweet:)

  7. Ooo! What a shame about this oil, Kim! I have this in my Sephora love list because of the amazing reviews but I will try to get a sample first now.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  8. That’s too bad this wasn’t a hit!! I don’t think I’ve tried many facial oils. I use to use coconut oil but not my face doesn’t like it! I like the idea of face oils but I don’t know if my skin would like them lol!

  9. Ah this is so disappointing! I love face oils but will give this one a miss

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  10. Like you, I've had such mixed results with facial oils, Kim. I always expect that in the dry climate I live in, my skin will just suck them up - but some seem to just rest on my skin! I haven't tried any from Fresh, but with summer coming, I'll be staying away from oils for a while, anyway, and moving on to scrubs. Those, Fresh does so well!

  11. Thanks for your honest review. I haven't tried this before but if the skin doesn't feel moisturized then that's not a good!
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  12. Face oils can be great for us dry skin types but it can be tricky to find the right one that works for you. The ingredients for this one sound good Kim but who wants something that will just sit on top of your skin. I've been getting some good results with the Oskia Restoration Oil.

  13. I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience with this one. The fact that it didn't leave your skin feeling moisturized means it's not for you. Maybe it's the formula....speaking of facial oils, there is something else I wanted to share, maybe it is not related, but thought you might want to know about it. I watched a video from one beautician from the states and she said we should never put oils such as coconut oil on our face. It has something to do with a php factor of our skin, and according to her most people will have issues with their pores and break out if they use coconut or olive oil on on their face. I used to use coconut and olive oil on my face all the time and now I'm starting to wonder what oil I should use instead? I think she said rose oil is fine. Have you ever noticed anything of the sort? Do you typically use facial oils that are a blend of different oils or a specific one? I need to look into this one a bit more, but her arguments seemed to make sense.

  14. It's a shame this didn't work for you but I agree that the feeling must be horrible - I don't like it when I feel an oil on my skin after a while. I've tried Akin oil and that's beautiful - it sinks into skin in a matter or minutes and really hydrates skin.

    I love face oils but only when they absorb and don't feel heavy or horrible on the skin.

    Great review and loving the variety of products which you feature! :)

    Layla x

  15. It doesn't sound like a nice product at all, not a nice feeling for you. It's a shame it didn't work out, as I know lots of people love facial oils.

    Away From The Blue Blog

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