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Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Decision To Go Commentless

Hey Everybody! After much consideration, I've decided to make A Very Sweet Blog commentless. I've been contemplating this idea for a couple of years now. I asked myself, why do I like to blog? I love blogging because I learn so much from other blogs, bloggers and YouTubers. I also love it, because it gives me an outlet where I can share my thoughts on products I try and share those thoughts with you. I love doing giveaways and making others happy. I'm also really enjoying creating YouTube videos. I plan on continuing and doing ALL of those things, because those are the aspects of blogging that make me happy! When I was young, my mom enrolled me in piano lessons. I loved learning how to play the piano. What I ended up hating were the recitals. The people in them became so competitive & sometimes ugly. I just loved the JOY of playing the piano. I'm experiencing the same thing with blogging. I needed to make a change. AVSB will now be an informative blog encompassing beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle and giveaways. This will make me happier & keep my JOY for blogging alive :) And at the end of the day, that's what is so important.

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