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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Enhancing Your Business Recruitment Efforts

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There comes a time where all small businesses need to recruit. It’s a large milestone to hire your first full-time employee, especially when expanding from your prior home business efforts. However, if you thought that attending interviews was a scary prospect, consider holding an interview for the first time. For many people, this can be absolutely terrifying to think of, and for good reason.

Enhancing your business recruitment efforts is a very important and often underappreciated element that many firms ignore. Unfortunately, the attitude goes a little something like this: If a position is open for a company of any size, the competition will be so great that the onus is on the applicants to prove themselves to the potential employers, rather than the employers making the process seamless and easy to contend with.

This is obviously a backwards way of thinking, and for the little effort it saves, really not worth the lost ability to thoroughly assess those applying to your firm in an easy, time-effective manner. Let us help you to that end:

Use Competent Recruiters
It’s important to ensure that the most qualified professional is not only the person you hire, but also the person who does the hiring. Training them with a range of excellent recruitment methods or even outsourcing a headhunter known for fantastic results can help you search through a growing pool of talent from many industries. If carefully planned out, this could give you the opportunity you desire for a thoroughly fantastic and worthwhile day.

Give Yourself More Time
Giving yourself more time to develop and routinely apply yourself towards the best results can be important. This means planning out your recruitment needs in advance, by ensuring your staff have to give you notice before they leave or perhaps even managing staff employment on a contractual basis is essential. When you have more time to look through all the applicants thoroughly and structuring a multi-tiered interview process, you have the best chance of finding someone truly special for your firm.

Get Rid Of Your Web Portal
In the early 2000s, web portals were all the rage for businesses hoping to gain applicants. Those interested would have to throw their covering letter or CV aside in order to input all of this information a second time within your own form system, perhaps answering a questionnaire and boring many with a very tepid word limit. While perhaps comfortable for some web application processes in those years, nowadays this can actually dissuade professionals of all kinds from even bothering with your process. A dedicated email address dedicated to receiving personal emails and files can be a worthwhile effort, and may even help you see how said applicant structures their own application rather than simply adhering to an artificial format you have constructed ahead of time. It’s important to see the truth of said applicant, and that begins at the beginning of the process.

With these tips, we hope you can better enhance your business recruitment efforts.
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