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Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Cookies

Not Sponsored: Only 2 more sleeps until Christmas! Christmas seemed extra fast this year. LOL The holidays are about spending time with family & friends. They're also about traditions that your family and others have passed onto you. I remember a lady that babysat me when I was nursery school aged. She made these HUGE sugar cookies! Baked them from scratch. She would always give me one whenever she baked them. I've always been a cookie fanatic. I loved cookie monster when I was a child. Growing up, I loved butter cookies shaped in fun Christmas shapes with sprinkles atop. They were the cheapest cookies, but oh so tasty (IMHO). Well, I try to incorporate them into my Christmas celebration each year. I'm older now and can be a little more sophisticated ;) I ordered these iced Christmas cookies from Williams Sonoma. They evoke memories of Christmas' past. Each is beautifully decorated and wrapped individually. I'll enjoy sharing and eating them into the New Year. Such a sweet reminder of Christmas past and now.

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