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Monday, December 16, 2019

Weddings Essentials For The Groom

Weddings are typically a girl’s thing. Every little girl is surrounded by images of beautiful bridal dresses from a young age, so that it has become second nature to most of us to think of wedding plans and fashion as a girl’s affair. But, the truth is that grooms too have a lot to think about.

For anybody who is planning their big day in the upcoming months, it’s important to sit down and have an open-heart conversation with your groom. Not only should he feel confident to make some of his expectations and wishes part of your wedding day, but he should also embrace his own wedding preps. After all, it would be foolish to pretend that only the bride should have all the fun on this occasion. If you haven’t considered your beau’s needs for the big day, now’s the time to ask him what he wants to see and how is he going to be ready for the ceremony. You might even be surprised to find out that you can meet half-way with his fashion and beauty ideals!

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The right ring for a man
When it comes to wedding bands, most women can picture a handful of ring designs they would love to wear. That’s probably why brides can sometimes forget about the style and comfort of their grooms’ ring. Ideally, your groom will be looking at simple and effective designs for an elegant band. Unlike the bride’s band, the groom’s ring is typically stoneless, so it’s a good idea to encourage him to check stylish collections such as to find a design he loves. A stoneless blue and black tungsten ring could inject a touch of personality to the ring, for instance. A full black tungsten ring would be the perfect addition to a minimalist groom’s wardrobe. In other words, he’s got plenty of choices too, so why not take the time to figure out what he wants to wear? After all, your wedding band is for life!

A stylish arrival
Your wedding day is the occasion to fulfill some of your wildest dreams. For the groom, this could be driving the vintage car he’s been wanting to own since he was a child. You can hire an old classic for the day to make an entrance nobody would forget. Some classics cars can be decorated for the wedding with flowers and ribbons in your color palette. More often than not, you would get to drive the vehicle, but on some occasions, you might prefer to hire a chauffeur as well. Regardless of how things work out, you might want to dedicate some time to choose the best vehicle for your big day.

The groom’s suit can be a little exuberant
Why do we always talk about the bride’s dress and never about the groom’s suit? According to, some grooms have been showing off their stylish figure with a fashionable and non-traditional outfit. A floral tie with a dark suit can transform your appearance dramatically for autumn and winter weddings. The vintage waistcoat and bow tie look hasn’t gone out of fashion, and it’s a great and playful ensemble for a trendy groom. More and more grooms are looking into patterns and colors for their suits, choosing plaid, deep burgundy or mossy green shades, to make the day memorable and feel at their best. You can seize the opportunity to coordinate your colors and make sure you’ll both look made for each other on your bid day.

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Do grooms have a beauty regime?
Why do we only talk about the bride’s preps to get in shape? Your groom also puts a lot of work at his wedding bod. Most grooms start working out around three months before the big day with a fitness plan that encompasses up to 5 training days per week. In fact, it’s not uncommon for grooms to get a temporary gym membership just for the occasion. Some couples even choose to work out together to make each other accountable throughout their body improvement journeys.

The last beauty touches
Your groom has got a few options to enhance his look and self-confidence before the wedding. A simple manicure can give him clean and soft nails, fixing the potential scratches and marks that he would have accumulated over time. Similarly, booking a skincare appointment with a specialist in the weeks before the wedding can help your groom to shrink pores and tackle any skin issues visibly. Finally, planning an appointment at the barber’s is a great idea for any groom who wants a healthy-looking beard.

In conclusion, it’s time to turn wedding traditions on their heads and give your groom some room to prepare. His style and inspiration could help make your big day feel more enjoyable for both of you.
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