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Monday, July 20, 2020

Proposing During Lockdown? A Few Novel Ideas to Inspire you

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Just because most of the world is in lockdown, thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, that doesn’t mean life as we know it grinds to a halt. Indeed, people are finding very creative ways to workout at home, while millions are now working from home in a bid to reduce the spreading of the virus. If you are planning to pop the question this year, here are a few great proposal-at-home ideas to get you started.

The Housework Discovery
You know her housework routine (perhaps you help with that), so you could place the ring box under a table, or anywhere that you are sure she will include in the house cleaning. You could try to work it so she finds the treasure while you are around, or you could simply write ‘Will you marry me?’ on a note and fold and place it inside the ring box.

Personal Delivery
You could simply hire a courier to deliver the package and make sure you are at home, and as it is addressed to her, she will open it with more than a hint of curiosity. You could put the ring inside a soft toy or hide it in the packaging of a device, for an added twist.

Include Her Favourite Stones
If, for example, she loves pink diamonds, search online for a custom made engagement rings Sydney jeweller who can handcraft the ring using loose stones that you choose, making it a one-of-a-kind ring that she will treasure forever. Then you can create a double surprise; a diamond engagement ring designed exclusively for her that is presented in a way she would never forget. You could, for example, buy her a box of popcorn and while you both sit down to enjoy the movie, she will eventually come across the ring box and that’s your cue!

Breakfast in Bed
There's no better way to start the day than receiving a diamond engagement ring, so if you would like to really make her day, plan the perfect breakfast and slip the ring inside the napkin. Avoid any hot drinks, as you never know the bounds of her joy once she realizes you’re asking her to get married, and you wouldn’t want any accidents at such a great moment! If you are not affected by the lockdown, there are also a few more marriage proposal ideas online that you might want to consider.

Hunting for Car Keys
Simply push your car keys into the back of the sofa then discover you’ve lost your keys, which will lead to both of you searching, and make sure than you are not near the sofa and she will eventually run her hand along the sides of the cushions and bingo!

Image Source: Pexels

If you have a ring design in mind, find an image online and approach a good custom jeweller in your local area who can turn your concept into a diamond engagement ring fit for a princess. The custom jeweller can source raw stones at trade prices. Plus, you get to choose the metal and the ring setting, and with her favourite stones, when you drop down on one knee, she will be amazed.
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