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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Salvo's Seafood

Not Sponsored: If you live in, plan on visiting or even plan on passing by Belle Chasse, Louisiana, you need to stop by Salvo's Seafood. I've never been, but after my visit there last week I wouldn't mind going back. It's a seafood paradise. Throw on some comfortable clothes, bring your appetite and bring someone who loves doing the same.

I literally felt WELCOMED upon entering Salvo's Seafood. The staff immediately said hi! They make you feel like FAMILY! Like they were expecting you. That's a really good feeling! I couldn't get over the menu. Do you see it below? They offer soups, salads, po-boys, boiled seafood, boiled sides (corn, potatoes, sausage etc), BBQ, Surf & Turf, plates and platters, extras (alligator, frog legs, soft-shelled crab etc), and they even have a catering menu. I love seafood, so I took a deep breath ... LOL ... composed myself and ordered sensibly (as possible).

You guys know, that I now order at least one thing I've never tried before when going to a restaurant. So I decided to try Salvo's Fried Alligator. I've never had alligator! So I said, bring on the alligator! HaHaHa I just want to pause and show you the alligator skin that was on the wall. Alligators are massive! I was looking at this alligator's head, jaws, teeth and claws. You see them at the zoo and on television, but up and close in person is another story. I loved the Mardi Gras beads wrapped around his mouth and the sign that read "you should've seen the one that got away" HaHaHa I also want to interject that Salvo's Seafood offers take out and has its own market. It's truly a one-stop shop for seafood. Whoever lives nearby is so lucky. I would be in and out all the time ... every other day! HaHaHa Well the fried alligator proved to be delicious. It tastes like chicken. No twang or funny taste as I had put in my head! LOL I would definitely eat a plate of it again. Delicious!

So what else did I order? The fried alligator is shown below. I had a dozen of their chargrilled oysters. Delicious! Of course I had a bowl of their seafood gumbo. So good you guys! Like your momma makes! Dark roux. Big juicy shrimp. Okra. Salvo's gets it right. And my lips were definitely ready for their boiled seafood and trimmings. You can tell them how many pounds you would like and they bring it out in pirogues (little boats). I ordered their boiled crawfish, shrimp, corn, sausage and potatoes. I could sit all day and eat boiled seafood. They did a great job seasoning them. I don't like overly seasoned boiled seafood. And don't you love their camouflage table cloths!?! I really enjoyed myself and I encourage everyone to visit Salvo's Seafood. Your tummy will thank you :)

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