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Monday, November 30, 2020

Texas Roadhouse

Not Sponsored: I really like Texas Roadhouse. I remember the first time I went to one. It was with some co-workers after work. We use to have these hectic week-long federal and state audits. We always passed (we were a super smart group), but you were drained by the end of the week. So that week, we celebrated at Texas Roadhouse. I thought their steaks were tender and tasted delicious! I loved their loaded potato skins. I felt overall, they had great tasting food. I've been to the one on the Westbank (New Orleans) and in Cincinnati, Ohio. I went back to the one on the Westbank. It has a great restaurant and sports bar. There are televisions everywhere to watch various sport events. They bring you freshly baked hot rolls (Kim doing an eye drool roll) that are absolutely delicious. Spread the butter on them and they are a treat. I ordered a ribeye, ribs and loaded baked potato!!! I know! I know! Not healthy, but it tasted GOOOOOOD! HaHaHa And as usual, had to bring half my dinner home. If you haven't gone to Texas Roadhouse ... do so!!!

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