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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Bright On Concealer In Ginger Review And Swatches

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Not Sponsored: Well! This didn't work for me. HaHaHa Honestly I didn't expect it to after trying Benefit's Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer back in 2019, but I wanted the cute free pencil makeup case. You can always HOPE right!?! So Benefit Cosmetics has come out with a Boi-ing Bright On Concealer for brightening your under-eye area and to help hide dark circles. I have that problem! You guys already know it didn't work for me, so what went wrong? If you're a person of color, the color range will be the first problem (it's only offered in 12 shades). I chose the shade Ginger, because Peach would pull too warm ... and for some reason, their makeup pulls orange on me. As you can see from my picture below, Ginger is too light. It does nothing for me, makes me look dull & ashy and pretty much ghastly (and also ghostly! HaHaHa). Next, I applied TWO LAYERS of this under-eye concealer to my under-eye area and I'm still not getting good coverage. For kicks and giggles, I applied this to my entire face so you can see how it does not cover other dark areas on my cheeks and chin. To me, this concealer highlights problem areas (darkness, fine lines etc). I found this concealer to be powdery and chalky when blended out (see the back of my hand). So, I'm not a fan of the formula either. I also wouldn't recommend this for anyone with dry skin. So, who can use this concealer? Someone who has very light imperfections and doesn't need much concealing. Also someone with oily, combination or normal skin. If you need serious coverage, I suggest Tarte Shape Tape (Normal or Oily) or Tarte Shape Tape Ultra Creamy (Dry or Mature Skin)(as reviewed here). I also use Smashbox Under Eye Brightening Corrector. Both are AMAZING and make a world of difference! If you must get a Benefit concealer, get the Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer (reviewed here). But know, it only comes in 6 shades. So the only cute thing here, is the pencil packaging (that I will put on display in my makeup room) the concealer comes in and the pencil makeup bag. I love Benefit's gifts, more than their makeup. 

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  Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Bright On Under Eye Concealer is Not Sweet


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