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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Fresh Beauty Milk Body Cleanser Review

Not Sponsored: I Love Fresh Beauty! I've reviewed so many of their products. My favorites are their Advanced Therapy Lip Products, Kombucha Facial Treatment, Vitamin Nectar Products and Bath & Shower Gels. So I nearly jumped out of my bed, when I saw their NEW Milk Bodycare Collection on ULTA's website. I ordered the collection the same night it previewed. I love milk products. Well, I received my order. I've tried everything. Let me share my thoughts on each product (separate blog posts) in the collection. Today, lets start with the Fresh Milk Body Cleanser. Fresh hit a home-run with packaging. The product is in the cutest old-fashioned "dairy" milk bottle. I love its simplicity. It has the prettiest black & green print. There's even a sticker that says "body cleanser" that goes across the flip top cap. The bottle is squeezable (to dispense the product). I gently squeeze mine, but I didn't detect that the bottle would dent or anything. I was going to repurpose the bottle, but I couldn't get the flip top cap to unscrew (even with a nutcracker, so that was a little disappointing). The body cleanser easily pours (fluid) out the opening in the cap. So functionally, it all works. Now, the product. The body cleanser is white in color. I would describe the scent as "clean" and "fresh". The formula contains different types of MILK: Centella Milk (to soothe), Rice Milk (to comfort) and Linseed Milk (to strengthen). Fresh Beauty uses "a specific process to blend [their] plants with extra virgin olive oil to create three unique, gentle milk-like emulsions." This milk body cleanser also contains Vitamin E (helps to protect, soothe, and soften the skin) and Niacinamide (is an essential nutrient derived from vitamin B3 that helps to support the skin’s barrier function while maintaining a healthy look). This milk body cleanser is also pH balanced. Fresh Beauty states you should apply this daily to WET SKIN. Here's the thing you guys, it's LOW LATHERING! Get your body good & wet, apply this product (work it into a small lather) and then rinse. If you apply this directly to your washcloth, you're going to end up using a lot of product (and they only give you 8.7 fl oz). My skin felt lightly moisturized and VERY SOFT after using this product. It also gave my skin a nice CLEAN scent. I've been back & forth as to whether to give this a SWEET or BITTERSWEET rating. I'm just use to body washes that lather a bit more. This is where it struggles. I have to use FOUR to FIVE quarter size amounts for it to lather. That's a nice bit of product I'm using. I would use up this little bottle in two weeks quickly. I like how my skin feels after using it, but for me its not a pleasant experience in the shower. Yeah, I'm rubbing it on my skin. Trying to work up some kind of lather. I rinse it off. My skin feels great. But I was looking for some nice MILK BUBBLES and such. So, I'm a little disappointed in that part of the experience. I'll just stick with a SWEET rating, because your skin will feel super soft and lightly moisturized afterwards. But for the quantity and the price point, I can't see myself using this EVERYDAY, let alone TWICE A DAY because you'll use it all up in two weeks. I'll probably use it 1-2 times a week. It's an indulgence you guys. I think of it as more of a moisturizer ... that rinses off leaving your skin feeling great. It is also offered in a travel size. You may want to test it out and see how you feel about it. Another really good milk body wash (that lathers) is by Archipelago Botanicals. They offer their milk body wash in a couple of sizes (17 oz, 33 oz, travel size). It's really good, you get more product for your money and may be another option for you. Look for a demo on my instagram post.

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  Fresh Beauty Milk Body Cleanser is Sweet (BUT ... please read my review)



  1. Thanks for the honest review, Kim! I love Fresh Beauty too buy haven't bought anything from them in awhile. This does sound lovely, but for that price and you use it twice a day?!?

    1. You're welcome Emmy! If I used it twice a day, it would be gone in 2 weeks (for the amount they give you). HaHaHa It would be too pricey for my purse to use it morning and evening.


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