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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

A Quick Guide To The Namecore Aesthetic Trend

Originally, social media platforms were intended to open up new opportunities for communication. Yet, given today’s dynamic online environment, it’s apparent that the function that these platforms perform has grown considerably.

It’s most likely this evolutionary nature that has given social media platforms the breadth to appeal to such wide audiences – according to data released by Statista, almost 85% of the UK population actively uses social media.

But as another result, there are many features that seem strange to longstanding and new users alike. For instance, what is the namecore aesthetic? In this article, we’ll be clearing up the confusion around this latest social media phenomenon. But first, a quick refresher on trends.

 Photo by Heiner from Pexels

What are trends?

Nowadays, social media is just as much about inspiration as it ever was about keeping in touch. And judging by the steady influx of new interests and fashions that we see online, some might even say that today’s generations are more inspired than ever.

Trends are a snapshot of the topics that are inspiring social media users in a certain period of time. True to their name, they are developments or changes in the way that people are engaging with online content.

What is the namecore aesthetic?

“Namecore” is one of the latest social media trends. The idea is that it lets you discover your name’s aesthetic by searching ‘*first name* core aesthetic’ in the search bar of your favourite platform.

Images that appear in the search results are inspired by posts created by people who share that first name. Similarities in colours and themes provide you with style inspiration for any medium, ranging from clothing to interior design.

The trend began on Pinterest, a platform famous for letting users ‘pin’ images to virtual mood boards and curate their favourite aesthetics. Yet, its also quickly gaining traction on other platforms also. For instance, #namecore has more than 8 million views on TikTok already.

What’s your namecore aesthetic?

The namecore aesthetic trend isn’t limited to any one artistic medium. In fact, interior design experts, Hammonds Furniture, have put together a selection of bedroom interior designs based on the namecore aesthetics of some of the UK’s most popular names.

Sarahcore: Incorporates soft pastel colours, with a natural and ethereal feel.

Emmacore: A clean, summery aesthetic with a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Michaelcore: This is a maximalist theme that combines an eclectic mix of colours and fabrics with retro and bold homeware.

Johncore: Opting for natural shades, this namecore uses soft, botanical elements and wooden furnishings.

Marycore: Soft and feminine, this style uses delicate pink hues, regency-style furniture and luxurious fabrics.

Davidcore: Davidcore is dark and dramatic, using deep reds and bold blacks to create a distinctive atmosphere.

Does your aesthetic match your namecore? Tell us what you think of this latest trend in the comments section.

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