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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

7 Ways To Plug Into Positivity

Not Sponsored: A couple of days ago, I wrote about some of the negative things we encounter in life, through my blog post ... Pull The Plug On Negativity. Today, I would like to focus on some positive things you can do for yourself.

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Prayers And Affirmations

I like to begin my day, on a positive note. When I wake up in the mornings, I usually start my day with prayers. Prayers give me the strength and encouragement to take-on whatever and whoever comes my way ... throughout the day. No matter what denomination you are, I encourage you to pray before beginning your day. It's calming. It's soothing. It gives you mental clarity. Also, THINK POSITIVE. There are many positive quotes and writings out there in the world. I subscribe to a daily scripture, that is sent to me via email, everyday. It really helps me out and makes me feel good. I look forward to reading it every morning. Try to incorporate these types of things into your daily routine.


When you wake up in the morning, focus on what is most important, takes priority and needs to be done. Then do it. You may be saying, Kim, a lot needs to be done. I definitely understand. But if you bombard yourself with everything that needs to be done, you will become overwhelmed. Ask yourself, what needs to be completed today? this morning? afternoon? evening? Try and do, one to three things WELL. Complete them. You will feel so good. Anything else you do, will be a bonus. Extra. You're doing something positive ... getting things done ... this will help your day move along.

Your Body

Have you heard the saying, If you take care of your body, it will take care of you? You need to take care of yourself. You will look and feel better. I did a great job of this, when I was younger. But as I got older, I started slacking. I paid the consequences. I've been blogging now since 2012. I look like a different person, since discovering and reading blogs. My style has changed for the better. I'm using products that make me look my best. But just as I was getting my outer self together, my inner fell apart. I'm talking about my health. So much so, it landed me in the hospital. But guess what? Through medical care, a change of diet and exercise .... I'm getting back on track. All of this helps you mentally. Evaluate yourself. Do a self-evaluation. Are you seeing the doctor regularly? Are you going to the dentist? Are you exercising? Are you eating good things? Are you getting enough sleep? What you do now, may have to change as you get older. You may not be able to "get away with things" like you use to do. These changes will make you feel better, lengthen your longevity and make you a better you.

Incorporate Fun

We all have work that we must do, but its important to incorporate some fun into your life. Do this on a daily basis. It will give you something to look forward to, after your work is done. See that new movie. Get a scoop of ice cream. Go buy a new book. Splurge by going to a new place for lunch or dinner. Watch a new tv show. Incorporate some type of daily fun into your life.

Peaceful Places

I love spending time in what I call, peaceful places. These places are usually beautiful, serene, free and give you mental clarity. I enjoy walking in out city's botanical garden and sculpture garden. I enjoy a walk in the park. Have you visited all of the libraries nearby in your area? These are the perfect places for a much needed mental getaway. 

Quick Getaways

Depending on your circumstances at home (significant other, children, pets), consider a quick getaway from it all. It could be for just one to two nights. That would really help. Consider renting an Airbnb near your home. Pack an overnight bag, go and unwind. They're usually not very expensive when near your house. It's a great way to have a change of scenery. If Airbnb's are not quite your thing, how about a nearby Bed & Breakfast? Bed & Breakfasts' are more communal, where you would rent a room. But there are so many pluses. They usually have the best breakfast's because they are freshly prepared. You meet other wonderful people during your stay. And you are supporting a small local business. Look into the Bed & Breakfast's in your area. 

Positive People

Surround yourself with positive people, both in your personal and professional life. Ask yourself, do the people in your life contribute to you being the very best you can be as an individual? Are you moving up? Or are people bringing you down? If it's the latter, you need to make some changes. I've had my fair share of takers, liars, manipulators, naysayers etc. I got rid of them all. Have you heard the saying, I can do bad all by myself? It's true. Fly with the eagles! Leave the buzzards, crows etc where they are.


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