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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Pull The Plug On Negativity

Not Sponsored: Everyday, we are bombarded with negativity from various sources. You don't realize how much negativity you have to deal with on a daily basis. For the last couple of months, I really got sick of it all and knew I had to make some changes for the health of myself. I thought I would share some of the things I'm doing with you.

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One of the leading sources of negativity is the news and most of it is bad news. Everyday, I would watch the 4 o'clock, 4:30, 5:00 (local), 5:30 (national) and 6:00 (local) news. I thought to myself one day, why am I doing this to myself? It's consistently making me sad, depressed, angry etc. I need to stay abreast to what is going on locally in my city/community and also what is going on in the world, but do I need to watch all of this? The answer was NO and I stopped. I now only watch the 5 o'clock local news and 5:30 national news. I feel so much better.


Twitter is an excellent source of information, but it is also a plethora of opinions ... both negative and positive opinions. I always look at the trending topics on Twitter and read people's comments. Some can be very disturbing. Limit your time on Twitter. Don't immerse yourself reading comment after comment or (even worse) wasting your time responding to hate-filled comments. Sometimes you can change a person's mind, but many times what they believe ... is set. Don't stay up all night doing either one of these things. If you have school or a job, get a good night's rest so you can be your very best the next day. Use Twitter as a resource. Twitter is great to hear about news first, learn new recipes, get travel tips and ideas etc. Avoid the gossip as much as possible.


Whether you are married, engaged or dating ... how is that person treating you? Is it positive or negative? No relationship is perfect. We all mess up from time to time.  But overall does your significant other, bring out the best in you? Ask yourself some questions. Does that person value what you have to say? When you go to them with a problem, do they listen to you and try to do something about it? Do they care about you when you're sick? Do they carve out time in their life to spend time with you? I can go on and on, but you understand where I'm going. Make a list of positives and negatives in your relationship. There should be more positives, than negatives. Don't stand for any type of abuse! Remember there is mental, verbal and physical abuse. If someone is always putting you down (how you look, the things you do etc) that is mental abuse. Is someone cursing you, threatening you etc ... that is verbal abuse. If someone is hitting you ... that is physical abuse. No relationship is worth dealing with all of that! Let them go and ask God to lead you to a better person.

Negative People

There are many people in the world that are unhappy.  Their unhappiness can come from many sources and/or their personal situation. All of us have been unhappy at one time or another in our lives. Think back to a time when you were unhappy. How did you deal with it? I usually try and find a solution to my problem, that will turn my unhappiness into happiness. Some people however like to inflict their unhappiness onto someone who is happy (to bring them down). This can be a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker etc. Ever heard the phrases, "rain on your parade" "debbie downer", "monkey wrench" "party pooper"? A person sees that you're happy (they're not) and wants to disrupt your happiness. Some people thrive on this type of behavior. They thrive, live, breathe on negativity. They never have anything positive to say about a person or good to say. They're always putting someone down. There's always a problem. Unplug from these type of people or limit your interaction with them. I've cut so many people out of my life. I connect with only a few people. You get tired of hearing them constantly complaining. Do it for your mental health. 


What are you watching on tv? at the movies? What music are you listening to? Believe it or not, it affects you! I'm not here to lecture you on what you watch or what you listen to, but HOW DO YOU PROCESS IT??? You can love CSI Miami, New York, Chicago, LA, but will watching all of these shows affect your sleep? You can love horror movies, but will they give you ill thoughts? You can love music, but will you curse out your significant other and/or child? Can you separate the entertainment from your actual life. How does it affect you? Entertainment can be a positive or negative influence. Be careful what you choose to watch and listen to.


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