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Sunday, January 31, 2021

10 Louis Vuitton Bags I Would Love To Have

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Not Sponsored: I haven't looked at Louis Vuitton's website in years. I owned a Speedy 30 (shown here) but it became a little too big for me (I lost a lot of weight) and sold it (I would much rather the Speedy 25). I wanted to see what was new in handbags at Louis Vuitton, so I took a look at their website. They still have all the beautiful classics, but there have been LOTS of updates. My eyes started doing a dance. My favorites are all of the OnTheGo PM's. I'm a huge fan of black & brown. I love the larger monogram design on the newer handbags. I love crossbody bags. I love handbags with handles. As you get older, your taste changes in various things. This is just a wish list. I don't plan on buying any of these soon. LOL I just thought I would share my wish list with you. It doesn't hurt to make a wish list, right?

1. OnTheGo PM (shown) OnTheGo MM (not shown) // 2. OnTheGo MM (shown) OnTheGo PM (not shown)

3. Vanity PM (here)

4. OnTheGo MM // 5. Surene MM // 6. Petit Sac Plat (here, here, here, here)

7. Speedy 25 (here, here, here)

 8. Pochette Metis // 9. OnTheGo PM // 10. Saintonge


Friday, January 29, 2021

4 Things Every Cycler Should Know

Cycling, though highly enjoyable and very good exercise, can be a very dangerous form of transportation. In the hierarchy of road vehicles, bicycles rank pretty much on the lowest end - that’s just the ugly truth. So, when it comes to cycling, there are a few things that are crucial for you to be aware of. This will not only keep you safe on the road but will save you a lot of trouble should anything ever happen.

Image Source: Pixabay CC0 License

Protective Gear

This is probably the most important aspect of road cycling. Firstly, ALWAYS wear a helmet. Most cycling deaths are due to head injuries because cyclists tend to ride without helmets. Secondly, wear fluorescent clothing - this will ensure that people won’t be able to miss you regardless of what time of day or whatever the weather may be like. Make sure you always wear protective eyewear as well, you can’t have anything like dust or wind damaging your vision and ability to see what's going on around you.

Road Behavior

Before changing lanes, give the correct signal and provide ample time for vehicles to observe you. Always ride with the traffic as well, never against it. Also, follow all the road signs and rules, even if no one else is obeying them. Remember - you are most at risk when it comes to drivers on the road, so you need to be a lot more careful than anybody else as well.

Keep your eyes open

Whether you've pulled off on the side of the road, or are in a slow-moving street - always keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes on the road as well - be on the lookout for any damages such as potholes, puddles that may have harmful objects in them as well as loose dirt on the ground. When it comes to other drivers, unfortunately, you’ll have to be their eyes as well. People tend to not be as observing as they should be, especially if it’s a road they travel on often. That being said, you need to keep an eye on them as well to see what their behavior is and act accordingly.

Be Prepared

In the unlikely event that something should happen, you need someone on your side to fight your battles for you. As said before, cyclists are not very respected on the road and can be blamed if there’s an accident - even if it wasn't your fault. Choosing a lawyer for bike accident cases could save you a lot of trouble and money should anything ever happen. This will not only let you sleep a little easier at night but will give you peace of mind when on the road.

After all of the above, it is of utmost importance to accept the fact that other drivers will put themselves before you just because you're on a bicycle. Consider the fact that you do not have as much protection as they do, so you are more vulnerable and therefore should be much more careful. It may feel a bit paranoid from your side at the beginning, but thinking about all of these aspects may not only make you more prepared when on the road but may also save your life in the future.


Liposuction: How It Works, Types, Safety, Side Effect & More

Hey, you.

Yes … you!

Got a little jiggle when you wiggle?

We’re talking about that extra fat that always seems to stick around your midsection … or on your behind … or on your thighs.

First of all, if this is you … know that you’re not alone. In fact, recent results from a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (CDC) revealed that roughly 49% of adults in the United States have attempted to lose excess fat in the last year. This essentially means that half of the country is on a diet!

The unfortunate truth is, however, many (or even most) of these individuals will never achieve their goals.

That’s not necessarily because they don't try or work hard enough, of course. Rather, the more usual culprit is the dreaded persistence of “vanity pounds.”

Vanity pounds are those last five or 10 pounds that always stick around, and you can't seem to get rid of them. No matter how much you diet or exercise, they are there — haunting you!

Whenever I hear someone talking about trying lose vanity pounds, I have one answer: liposuction.

How Liposuction Works

You’ve undoubtedly heard of liposuction, but do you know how it works?

Most people don't.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, but it's not one that’s likely to keep you off your feet for long or give you a lot of pain during recovery. Instead, liposuction is an extremely common, routine cosmetic procedure that simply removes excess fat that can't otherwise be lost through healthy diet and exercise.

The process works like this:

After meeting with your plastic surgeon and making an appointment for surgery, you'll go to the accredited surgical facility, meet with your surgeon, and go into the operating room. There, anesthesia will be administered, and the surgeon will begin by making small incisions near where you'd like fat to be taken out.

These are super tiny incisions that will hardly be noticeable later on after they've healed. Through these incisions, your surgeon will insert a device called a cannula. Cannulas are thin, hollow metal tubes connected to thin hoses.

Essentially, your surgeon inserts the cannula into the incisions, agitates the fat cells there, and sucks out the excess fat. Your incisions will then be sutured up, and you'll be taken to a recovery room. You can go home the same day in most cases.

What Types of Liposuction Are There?

There are different types of liposuction, but most liposuction procedures use the default type, which is called suction-assisted. Basically, this means that suction is the primary tool used to remove the fat.

There is also tumescent liposuction, which uses special chemical ingredients to help the fat become swollen before it is removed. This makes it easier to take out.

Ultrasound assisted liposuction is another type that is usually used where tougher fact exists.

And finally, there is laser-assisted liposuction. This process removes excess fat in the same way as the other types, but lasers are used in the first stages to help break down the fat before it is removed through the cannula.

Is Liposuction Safe?

All types of surgery carry certain risks with them. The same goes for liposuction. These risks include:

  • Complications from anesthesia
  • Damage to nerves
  • Burns (usually only possible with ultrasound assisted lipo)
  • Wounds to organs/puncture wounds
  • Excess bleeding or hematomas
  • Seroma (fluid leaking)
  • Excess swelling (edema)
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Fat clots

When it comes to safety with liposuction, the most important thing to remember is to find a board-certified doctor with plenty of experience and a great track record.

Liposuction Side Effects to Be Aware Of

Certain side effects may be present with liposuction:

  • Bumpy skin or indentations
  • Wavy appearance on skin
  • Irregular contours
  • Asymmetries
  • Numbness
  • Bruising
  • Swelling that won’t go away

Talk to your surgeon if you experience any of these symptoms. Some side effects may go away over time or could be a sign of something serious.

Liposuction Benefits You Can Look Forward To

Liposuction has a range of awesome benefits. Basically, the procedure can do more than just help you get rid of fat!

Here are some of the benefits associated with this procedure:

  • Smoother skin: With less fat often comes smoother, better-contoured skin in the target areas.
  • Lower overall weight: While liposuction is not a weight loss solution and should not be used for weight loss over approximately 10 pounds, it will, at the same time, generally lower your overall weight.
  • A more proportionate body: Weight will be better distributed after liposuction.
  • Increased self-confidence: You’ll feel better about your appearance, and that will translate to other areas of your life as well!
  • Long-lasting results: As long as you watch your weight and continue to exercise and eat healthy, the results you get from liposuction should last for a long time.

Liposuction: Is It Right for Me?

The only ones who can say whether liposuction is right for you are you and your doctor. That’s why it’s so important to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation appointment before moving forward with this procedure.

With that said, most people qualify for liposuction, and most liposuction patients are exceedingly happy with their decision to get surgery and their results. As Dr. Ran Stark says, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon who specializes in liposuction states, “When a patient has maintained a consistent and healthy weight for some time, but still struggles with the irritation and embarrassment of excess stubborn fat deposits, liposuction can be a transformative solution.”

If you think liposuction might be right for you, talk to a plastic surgeon today about your options!


How To Sell Any Property

If you are keen to try and sell your property, but you are not sure whether it is actually going to be easy to do so, there are a few things you should bear in mind in particular. The truth is that it is perfectly possible to sell any property, even if it does not always seem as though it would be possible. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the major tips you should bear in mind if you are keen to try and sell a property, particularly one you are not quite sure will necessarily sell that easily. Let’s take a look at what you should consider.

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Find The Right Buyer

Ultimately, all you really need to do in order to sell any property is to find the right buyer. There is always going to be someone out there who is willing to buy your property - your goal is simply to seek them out and to find them. This can obviously be challenging sometimes, but as long as you are happy to put the work in you should find you can do it. It might be necessary to get some help from Best Offer KC or a similar service in your area to find the right buyer. But the important point is that it is always possible, even for distressed homes that might otherwise be hard to shift.

Time It Correctly

A major common reason that people fail to sell their property is that they are just not looking at doing it at the right time. If you are getting the timing wrong, then it is going to be much more of a challenge to sell your home as you would hope to. However, as long as you are happy to spend some time waiting it out and looking at the markets to time it properly, there is significantly more chance you can sell the property. This is a vital thing to remember, so make sure that it is something you are happy to do.


Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Beautify The Property

Even the least attractive properties can be made to look more attractive. This is often going to be an essential part of the process, especially for properties that you might be particularly struggling to sell. There are so many things you can do in order to beautify your property, whether it’s simply giving the place a deep and thorough clean, or whether it is more along the lines of repainting the exterior and improving the curb appeal. However you do it, just make sure you spend a lot of time on this before you give up trying to sell the home. You should find that this is enough to make it much more likely to sell.

With these simple steps, you can maximize your chances of selling any property at all. You should never feel that it is necessary to give up on selling a home, especially if you have not at least exhausted these options.


How To Tell The Difference Between Vintage And Antique Watches

Image Source: Freepik

While both antique and vintage jewellery items are old, there is a firm distinction between the two; anything classed as antique must be at least one hundred years old, while a vintage antique would be anything from 20 to 99 years old. Of course, as time passes, a vintage watch will eventually become an antique, as it reaches its 100th birthday and that may have an effect on the value.

Serial Number

Every timepiece would have the manufacturer stamp that tells you the date of manufacture and this should be visible somewhere on the watch. With the serial number, you should be able to find out when and where it was made and even by who. Search online and have a look at vintage watches from different dealers. You may come across a wide range of authentic luxury watches, all at affordable prices. Each timepiece would have ownership documentation, along with details of all services carried out by an approved engineer.

Vintage Watches

Any luxury watch that is older than 20 years old and not yet 100, would be classed as ‘vintage’, and since the 1950s, brands such as Rolex began to flourish, releasing hundreds of models. A watch made in the 1930s or later would be categorised as ‘vintage’ and that includes many. Indeed, many collectors only deal in vintage timepieces, with well-known brands such as:

  • Rolex
  • Patek Philippe
  • Vacheron Constantin
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Tag Huer
  • Blancpain
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre

There are a lot more vintage watch makers. The online antique and vintage dealer would be the person to contact if you are looking to start a collection of luxury timepieces, one of the best ways to start would be to search for vintage Omega watches Australia has or, if you live elsewhere, in the country where you’re located.

Antique Watches

Any timepiece made prior to the year 1921 would be classed an ‘antique’, with the majority being pocket watches, which were very popular among gentry in Europe and America, especially in the 19th and 20th century.

Incorrect Terminology

A lot of people will label any old object ‘antique’, when the item might be actually be ‘vintage’ in a bid to ask a higher price and when looking to buy any antique or vintage watch, it is essential that you determine the date of manufacture. If you are buying from a reputable antique dealer, they would be able to furnish you with lots of information, including the date of manufacture.

Image Source: Unsplash

As an example, a Rolex that was manufactured in the year 2000 would just about be inside the vintage class, which is from 20-99 years of age. A watch that is less than 20 years old would be simply called ‘old’, then it becomes a vintage for 80 years, after which, the watch will be classed as an antique.

There are many private collectors of vintage luxury watches and most acquire timepieces from reputable antique dealers who offer both antique and vintage luxury watches. If you would like to start collecting these amazing devices, start with a Google search to locate antique dealers who would have many fine watches on offer.


3 Great Tips For Starting A Preventative Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Listen, it’s the 2020s and we’re not going to “wrinkle shame” anyone -- facial wrinkles are an inevitable part of living a full life. However, a preventative anti-aging skin care routine is about so much more than just fine lines and wrinkles.

As our skin ages, collagen and ceramide production naturally slows down. (Collagen begins declining as early as 25!) Both collagen and ceramides are what keeps our skin protected, elastic, plump, and dewy. With age, the skin barrier naturally begins to weaken which can cause dull, thin, and dry skin.

Want to keep your skin looking plump and dewy for as long as possible? Replenish what is naturally declining with age and start a preventative anti-aging skin care routine.

Here are 3 anti-aging tips for creating your own preventative skin care routine.

Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

Start using retinoids to increase skin cell turnover

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about retinols and retinoids. They are among the holy grail skin care products for a reason. These chemically exfoliating products are a derivative of vitamin A and are powerful anti-aging agents.

The secret to retinoids is that they cause an increase of skin cell turnover. This causes your skin to replenish skin cells at a much faster rate than normal, resulting in renewed and rejuvenated skin. (Not to mention it boosts collagen production.)

As we age, the natural rate of skin cell turnover begins to decline. Slow turnover rate contributes to the visible signs of skin aging.

Kick your skin cells into high gear with prescription strength retinoids like Tretinoin or it’s brand name, Retin A. Retinoids are also great for acne prone skin, or those with hyperpigmentation spots.

Add skin barrier strengthening ceramides

The outermost layer of skin is what is called the skin barrier. This barrier is what keeps your skin protected from outside irritants and bacteria. It also is what traps much needed skin moisture.

Without a great skin barrier, moisture easily evaporates from the skin in the process of transepidermal water loss, which can increase visible signs of aging.

Additionally, without a great skin barrier, you’re vulnerable to bacteria and environmental pollutants.

The lipid matrix of the barrier is what keeps everything in order. The lipid matrix is mostly made up of ceramides, a fatty acid lipid.

As we age, the natural production of lipids like ceramides begin to slow down -- thus compromising the integrity of the skin barrier.

Add ceramides back into your skin with moisturizers and serums containing essential ceramides.

Use a daily antioxidant serum

The daily use of the antioxidant vitamin C can help you fight the signs of aging skin. Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid,  increases the production of both collagen and ceramides. It’s been linked to both preventing and decreasing signs of photoaging.

Vitamin C can protect the skin from oxidative stress which can lead to collagen breakdown.

Honestly, if you’re concerned with skin aging but are just dipping your toe into the anti-aging waters -- start with a great vitamin C serum. Ideally, vitamin C should be in combination with plumping humectants like hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C is brightening, hydrating, fades hyperpigmentation, and protects against sun damage. (Can’t go wrong with that!)

The bottom line

As we age, a lot of our bodily functions slow down -- including the functions of our skin. If you want to fight skin aging, start by rebuilding and supporting the systems that are naturally declining with age. By doing so, you help your skin find it’s balance so you can put your best face forward.


8 Ways to Improve Your Health and Fitness in 2021

As 2020 threw a wrench in our routine and plans, we had to adjust to the expectations of the pandemic lifestyle. In many cases, this caused a disruption to our health and fitness upkeep as we spent more time at home and on the couch. So, as we move into 2021, it’s time to reconsider our approach to health and fitness.

Jonathan Borba | Unsplash

1. Accountability is key

One of the most underrated factors in improving your health and fitness is accountability. In your fitness journey, it is common to reach a plateau in your results and motivation. While it is important to hold yourself responsible, it doesn’t hurt to have some support from friends or family to lean on when you feel your motivation waning.

2. Consider your diet

Diet plays a huge part in improving your health. While you don’t need to follow any of the popular diet fads, eating more fruits and vegetables can make a huge difference in how you feel. The nutrients and vitamins afforded through fresh produce can help your intake of vitamins and greatly improve your immune system.

When it comes to losing weight, a calorie deficit is key for cutting pounds. Also, it doesn’t hurt to avoid sugary or salty foods.

3. Stay hydrated

Improving your health can be as simple as drinking more water. The commonly recommended water intake is at least 8 glasses a day, or a half gallon of water a day. Drinking water can help you avoid dehydration. Dehydration can affect your brain function and digestive system.

4. Fitness doesn’t have to be expensive

Get outside! If there’s anything that 2020 taught us, it’s that you don’t need a gym membership to keep in shape. Whether walking or running, moving around can make all the difference. There are plenty of fitness trackers out there to help hold yourself accountable for your movement.

Additionally, there are plenty of free running trails out in nature for your use. To maximize the effect of your efforts, invest in the best shoes for trail running. Fresh air can make all the difference to your energy and your mood.

5. Stretching can make a difference

Some simple stretches as you get out of bed can help your flexibility throughout the day. You can also include stretching in your daily workouts. Whether yoga or Pilates, you can shape your workouts around loosening your limbs. There are plenty of free yoga videos online for your practice.

6. Create a workout plan that works for you

There are plenty of workout plans out there that can fit your free time or fitness goals. It requires a little bit of research, but it can make a big difference. Keeping things new and fresh can boost your motivation and help you avoid burnout on the same workout routine. Don’t be afraid to mix things up to improve your workout.

7. Don’t forget about mental health

While it is easy to focus on your physical health, take some time to improve your mental health along the way. Whether through meditation or therapy, there are many online resources out there to give yourself the much needed break that you deserve.

8. Get a good night’s rest

Sleeping the recommended 7 to 8 hours a night can improve your happiness, your health, and your productivity. It can also help you improve your workouts as you enter them with more energy.

Sleep underlies many of your daily functions, from focusing to digestion. Consistent sleep is key for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since sleep is so important, you should make it a priority in your daily routine.

Mor Shani | Unsplash

Your approach to health and fitness can impact many facets of your life. Eating right and exercising can improve your lifestyle—from your energy levels to your ability to fall asleep at night to your ability to focus and improve productivity. As we move into 2021, you should prioritize your health.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

PR Sample: Lancôme PR sent me the full-size of their NEW Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara (Nordstrom, Selfridges, Saks Fifth Avenue, QVC, Sephora, ULTA, HSN). It promises to both lift and volumize your lashes. I'm all for that, because I have thin and less than voluminous lashes. This mascara is glossy black. I love the packaging. It's really minimal and sleek. It has a great black & gold color combination. The wand of the mascara is really cool. Its easy to handle and the bristles lift & separate each lash. I also love the length of the wand brush. It will cover your lashes from end to end (or should I say tip to tip). Lancôme's Lash Idôle Mascara will make the lashes you have better. This mascara will lengthen your lashes. This mascara will make your lashes darker. Your lashes will look fuller. What I most like about this mascara, is that your lashes will look NATURAL. This is a great everyday mascara. You won't be afraid to wear it to work, run errands or even go out. This mascara didn't make my lashes hard. My lashes felt soft and natural. I found this mascara to be long lasting throughout the day and easily removable at the end of the day. If you like a mascara that gives you a soft look, I think you will like this mascara. I like that this mascara is offered in both full and travel size. When a new mascara comes out, I often purchase the travel size before committing to full-size. That way you can see if it will work for you. Be sure to check out my review of Lancôme's Idôle L’Intense Perfume.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
   Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara is Sweet


Lancôme Idôle L’Intense Perfume Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

PR Sample: Ask your significant other to buy you a bottle of THIS! PR for Lancôme sent me a full-size (1.7 fl oz) bottle of their NEW fragrance Lancôme Idôle L’Intense (Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, ULTA, Selfridges). Since spritzing it on my arm, I've literally been rolling in my bed ;) I LOVE THIS SCENT! The top notes are sensual isparta rose and fresh jasmine. The middle notes are composed of warm musks. The bottom notes are cedar and Madagascan bourbon vanilla. Readers that have followed me for years, know I am not a fan of rose scents. Well I don't detect a rose flowery scent at all, just a sweet ... warm ... sensual scent. This fragrance is very sensual and sexy! Perfect for Valentine's Day coming up and date nights. You'll want to spritz this perfume on your neck, wrists, decolletage and inner thighs (pulse points). Layer it atop your favorite fragrance free lotion (the perfect way for a scent to "stick"). Anytime you continuously sniff your wrists, you know its a great scent. Besides the scent, the bottle is also sexy! Its super thin and sleek. On one side you can see the perfume. The other side has an overlay of gold. Lancôme goes on to say, "Brandished like a burning flame that ignites the path forward, Idôle L’Intense is coated with a metallic gold that extends from the edges across the back of the bottle. Representing a totem for all that can be achieved. True to the original bottle design, the sharp and dynamic silhouette of the Idôle L’Intense fragrance is nomadic, while naturally fusing with the hand; a familiar shape for seamless application." Lancôme also states, "Here's to the new Idôles, who daringly shine the path for others. To those whose aura radiates with success and greatness, empowering the idol that resides within each one of us. Now is your time to become a trailblazer for others. The world will shine brighter because when you succeed, you inspire others to ascend to new heights. So ignite the flame that resides in you. It is your time to embrace your power, and inspire a generation. Be your own Idôle." This perfume feels empowering! Its the perfect balance of powerful, sensuality and sexiness. What a great addition to the Lancôme Idôle Eau De Parfum Collection. Lancôme sent me La Vie Intensément last year year. It's another great perfume. Go to your nearest beauty store. Take a whiff. Test them for yourself. Then purchase a bottle (they're offered in various sizes) or send a "hint" to the one you love ;) I've included the Lancôme Idôle L’Intense print and video campaign featuring Zendaya below.

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   Lancôme Idôle L’Intense is Supersweet


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Quick Solutions For A Beautiful Smile

A stunning smile is something you can carry around with all day. It helps you radiate, fills you with confidence and makes you feel great. But many people are insecure about their teeth for different reasons, making a beautiful smile feel very far away.

While many dental solutions for better teeth used to take a long time and a lot of treatments, modern solutions give you the opportunity to fix your smile, fast and affordably.

If you’re looking to transform your teeth and smile with confidence, take a look at some quick solutions for a beautiful smile.

Whiten your teeth at home
One of the simplest ways to improve the appearance of your teeth is to whiten them. While you could make an appointment with your dentist for this, you can get fantastic results quickly and easily using at-home whitening products. Check out some tips on how to whiten teeth at home and get ready to enjoy some pearly whites.

Choose invisible braces
Orthodontic treatments can take years to get your perfect smile. They also cost a lot of money, while solutions such as braces become more inconvenient as an adult. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to straighten your teeth easily thanks to visible aligners. 
There are a lot of benefits that come with invisible braces, and with some at-home solutions now available, you can transform your smile without endless visits to the dentist. Many people experience long-lasting results with invisible braces, and they can work in as little as 6 months to correct misaligned teeth.

Get a quick fix for damaged teeth
Do you have broken teeth or a damaged smile? You can get them fixed fast with a ‘Teeth in 24’ solution. The dental work available now is very impressive, with permanent solutions to help you replace your damaged natural teeth for a smile you can be proud of once more. Your dentist can help you with various restorative treatments, so make sure you book an appointment.

Practice a good oral hygiene routine
Good oral hygiene is also important for achieving a beautiful smile. Brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash are all ways you can protect your smile and keep it in great condition. It’s easy to take your teeth for granted, but proper oral care, as well as visits to your dentist, can be all it takes to help keep your teeth clean and sparkling and looking their best. Be sure to keep an eye out for signs of damage or decay, and get it treated as soon as possible. The right treatments can protect your teeth and avoid the need for more invasive (and expensive) treatments.

Your smile is one of your best natural assets, so why not use it more? With different treatments, products and the right care, you can soon achieve a smile that will bring you confidence. Flaunt it with your favorite lipstick and get ready to show off your dazzling smile wherever you go.

Tips On How To Take Care Of Yourself After A Personal Injury

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

When you become injured it can be an overwhelming feeling when you have to slow down and recover. The Process can be daunting for some people as looking after yourself can be difficult but these steps could help you to speed up the recovery process.


If you need to release some tension on the body after an injury then it can be a good idea to book in for a physiotherapy session. They provide various services depending on the injury type, such as ultrasounds, shockwave therapy, sports therapy and spinal manual therapy. Seeing a professional will give you the peace of mind that you are realigned whilst informing you on the problems and ways to help you to recover. Through these services you should walk away feeling improved with less tension. If you struggle with anxiety then physio therapy can reduce this by helping you to relax. Checking in with your therapist first can give them a chance to find the right technique for your injury to ensure the best results.


Although this can be an obvious thing to do when you are recovering, it can be something we often forget to take seriously. If you do not rest then it can result in your injuries getting worse. To help you relax, you often need to take steps to calm your mind, you could watch a film or read a book so you do not have to get up for unnecessary reasons. This is the perfect time to gain a hobby such as something crafty, crosswords or learning something new online as this will keep your mind busy so that time will pass quicker. Open a window to allow fresh air to enter the room so your mind can run freely. Your body restores itself with sleep so work out how you can gain your eight hours of sleep as well as creating a solid night routine such as turning off electronics at least two hours before you go to bed to avoid the blue light that will keep your brain awake. If you struggle to fit in eight hours of sleep then taking naps throughout the day can also help.

Eat healthy

If you sit and eat unhealthy foods throughout your recovery period then you will begin to feel tired with a cloudy feeling in your head. Without a balanced diet your injuries will not be able to rebuild itself physically and mentally. Protein will fill your body with much needed amino acids which your body requires to repair itself. You can find this in a wide range of food and will be able to easily spread this over your meals throughout the day. Calcium, fiber and vitamin D are also great nutrients that will improve your bone health to get you stronger. Researching a daily meal plan that contains a balanced diet will keep you energised whilst building you back to full health.

Hopefully, with this guide you will be able restore yourself and recover from your injury.


4 Proven Ways on How to Manage Arthritis

Photo by SAM LIN from Pexels

Arthritis is not a single disease. It's a collective term meaning joint disease and joint pain. Arthritis is not well understood, and most people think it's only about joints' wear and tear.

More so, this is not an old-people disease. People of all sexes, races, and ages do and can have arthritis. It’s estimated that approximately 54.4 million US adults have arthritis. This degenerative condition tends to worsen with age.

Doctors provide medication for pain relief, but they also recommend using natural approaches. Ensure you consult your healthcare giver before trying any arthritis remedy.

Arthritis has no known cure, but treatments have improved in recent years. And there is not magic arthritis diet.

Early diagnosis enables you to start treatment early enough. Besides, it's hard to know the cause of arthritis, but several factors can trigger each type of arthritis.

Luckily, you can manage arthritis with the right approach- whether natural or medicinal. Here are four proven ways on how you can manage arthritis pain.

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Proper weight management is crucial for overall well-being and health. As you age, your metabolism slows down. And with inactive life, you will quickly gain weight.

Many factors can affect your weight, including gender, family habits and culture, genes, sleep, age, and even where you work and live. But with healthy foods and being active, your metabolism will increase, burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.

Ensure you choose nutrient-dense foods and get physical- at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week.

Excess weight puts immense stress on joints, which worsens arthritis damage and cause excess pain. Being only 10-pounds overweight is enough to stress your knees. Being obese, therefore, increases the chances of developing arthritis.

There are various ways you can simply manage your arthritis, including

  • Realistic Weight Loss Goal

Don’t peg your goals too high lest you set yourself up for failure. You’ll also get discouraged along the way. You can start by lowering your weight by 4 -5%. Once you hit your first goal, lose another 5% of your weight.

It's important to set achievable goals since, with arthritis, you can be limited in physical activities.

You cannot outdo your fork. Meaning weight loss is not achievable without considering what you eat. But ensure you find the diet that works for you. You can’t find a one-size-fits-all diet.

Choose an approach that will deliver a long-term solution.

  • Dine-In

Most, if not all, restaurant meals are always loaded with salt, calories, and fat, which lead to weight gain. Some entrees contain more calories than you’re supposed to take in a day. If you take meals in restaurants, ensure you divide the portion by half and take the other half home.

But the best practice is to cook and eat at home. When you cook at home, you control how and what you eat.

2. Protect Your Joints

You need to adapt to a daily routine that will make you relieve pressure on joints. Stiffness worsens the pain in your joints, especially knees. Work or sports-related injuries to your joints can increase the chances of developing osteoarthritis.

To prevent or minimize injuries to joints, wear protective equipment. More so, avoid repetitive motion around your joints. Avoid movements or positions that exert stress on joints. When working at a desk, make it a habit of getting up and stretching after every 1 hour.

At home, you can use casters on furniture to make house cleaning easier. You can also put a bathing stool in the shower or tub as it doesn't stress your joints. Ask close relatives or acquaintances to help with specific tasks.

3. Seek Medical Help

Arthritis can lead to other effects such as swelling and tenderness of the affected areas, neck and back pain, loss of flexibility, and stiffness of the spine. Therefore, you need your doctor’s advice on the best treatment.

For instance, people who get spinal arthritis – osteoarthritis- may experience back and neck pain leading to more damage to the cartilage.

An osteoarthritis is a common form of spinal arthritis that affects your lower back.

This degenerative arthritis develops through wear and tear. When spinal arthritis goes untreated, it can have adverse effects on your spine.  Ensure you, therefore, seek help from reliable healthcare institutions like Southwest Scoliosis Institute.

4. Stay Active

Exercise helps ease arthritis stiffness and pain. But as you consider starting workouts, you need to know your limits. Exercising or staying active is crucial for arthritis patients. It boosts flexibility, strength, combat fatigue, and reduces joint pain.

You don't need to swim like a prowess or run a marathon. Even moderate workouts can ease your pain. Exercises help in:

  • Strengthening muscles around the joints
  • Giving you more energy to carry out throughout the day
  • Enhancing the quality of your life
  • Making it easier to get adequate sleep
  • Controlling your weight
  • Improving your balance

Before you embark on any exercise routine, be sure to check with your healthcare provider first. You’ll be advised on the best workouts for you. Among the best exercises include:

Aerobics – Aerobic helps with your overall fitness. They enhance your cardiovascular health, give you stamina and energy, and help you manage your weight. Low impact aerobics include bicycling, walking, using an elliptical machine, and swimming.

Strength Training – Strength training builds strong muscles to support and protect your joints. Ensure you train different muscle groups for balance. Have a three-day-a-week strength training program to jump start your movement.

Take a rest when the joints get painful or swollen.

Keep the impact low with workouts such as recumbent bicycles and elliptical trainers. In case of swollen and painful joints, you may apply heat to relax your muscles and joints.

Exercise with easy and slow movements. Slow down if you feel sharp pain or notice redness or swelling in your joints. Finally, apply ice to the joints for about 20 minutes after working out.

Wrapping Up

Arthritis can be painful and cause lots of discomforts. It can strike anyone regardless of age, race, and gender. Even though it has no known cure, you can manage this degenerative disease with the above tips.

Take it slow and don't be hard on yourself. With appropriate treatment, active life, and a good diet, you can still live a painless life.


Monday, January 25, 2021

Tito's Ceviche & Pisco: Peruvian Cuisine

Not Sponsored: I had the most ah-mazing evening the other night! I went to Tito's Ceviche & Pisco on Magazine Street. You may remember me talking about Magazine Street in this post. Magazine Street is a six mile stretch of both restaurants and shops. I thought in 2021, it would be great to support & patronize (support locally) the restaurants (owners, cooks, bartenders, waiters/waitresses, wait staff) along this strip (located in Orleans Parish). It also educates me. There are a number of restaurants on Magazine Street that offer a variety of international cuisine, that I've never tried. I looked at the list of restaurants Magazine Street had to offer one day and the name Tito's Ceviche & Pisco Restaurant caught my eye. The first time I tried ceviche was at Carmo's (they have excellent food). Tito's Ceviche & Pisco has excellent ratings on Google and the pictures of their food on Yelp looked delicious. A reservation was required. You can call or go through Tock. I made it on Tock. I knew it was going to be a special night, because the outside of the restaurant was so charming. It was decorated with Mardi Gras decor, flags and masks. The fairy lights were so beautiful and whimsical. I love the outside black awning and how the greenery drapes the building. I'm a huge fan of beige and black. With neutral tones, you can add anything to it. When you step inside, it is as equally charming. It's cozy. Tito's Ceviche & Pisco is a family owned restaurant and you can feel that sense of charm as soon as you walk in. It doesn't feel like a restaurant. There were Peruvian figurines, a picture of Machu Picchu and Cathedral Basilica of Lima. Gary was my waiter and I can't speak highly of him enough. He was knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly and attentive throughout the evening. He explained everything. I ordered a Classic Pisco Punch. It was delicious. I've never had a Pisco drink. I've never had Peruvian cuisine. For an appetizer, I ordered Pulpo a la Parilla. It's a grilled octopus arm, served with potatoes, aji panca and chimichurri. I've never tried octopus! I usually turn my nose up to things like that. Well guys, I LOVED IT! It tasted SO GOOD! It was tender. It's like fish. It was seasoned very well. I ate every bite. I WANT MORE OCTOPUS! LOL For my entree, I had the Arroz Con Mariscos. It is mixed fresh seafood, aji amarillo rich with cream sauce, salsa criolla. I thought I was in HEAVEN! Everything was SO FRESH! The seafood and fresh seasoning they use tastes MAGNIFICENT! They also give you a lot of food. I had to take half of mine home with me. For dessert, I wanted to try Picarones (Peruvian Beignet), but they were out of them :( I love beignets, so I thought it would be interesting trying a different type of beignet. So I ordered a delicious Peruvian ice cream called Lucuma. Again, I can't say enough about Tito's Ceviche & Pisco! You have to dine there! Make a reservation! The staff is amazing. The food is spectacular (your taste buds will rejoice!). Both the inside and outside (there's an outdoor dining area) will put a SMILE on your face. All around it's SUPERB! I can't wait to go back.

Picture of me getting ready. Makeup: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 

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