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Monday, January 11, 2021

Natural Remedies for Menstruation Pains

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A woman’s body endures a lot over the course of her lifetime. Menstruation is unfortunately, one of the natural occurrences that women must deal with monthly, (if you menstruate regularly of course). Experiencing a plethora of symptoms like cramping pain, bloating, headaches, nausea, and a rollercoaster of emotions, which are all out of your control is not particularly enjoyable to experience. Some women respond well to painkillers to help alleviate symptoms, but others might not always want to ‘pop a pill’ every time you are experiencing cramps or a headache. Luckily there exist various natural remedies if you would prefer to opt for one of these instead.

Massage with essential oils

Using a variety of essential oils such as lavender, sage, rose, cinnamon and clove, mixed with a carrier oil like almond oil, has been found to be beneficial when rubbed into the abdominal area when you experience painful cramps. A study in 2012 and in 2013 found that women who did this were more likely to experience less pain and bleeding compared to the group that were given the placebo effect treatment.

Cannabis based natural remedies

Probably not the most well-known option, but still considered to be effective, is the use of cannabis based natural products that can have a positive effect on mood, pain response, appetite and metabolism when taken during menstruation. See what is available to you with regards to the range of products that are available to see what works best.

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Drink herbal teas

Consuming herbal teas such as ginger, peppermint, fennel, chamomile, or a mix of Chinese herbs can be helpful when you experience cramping pain. Ginger is renowned for containing soothing properties and can even reduce the length of time that you are in pain. Peppermint can help suppress your sugar cravings throughout the day. Fennel which contains an ingredient called anethole is believed to help reduce the cramping, whilst Chamomile can also reduce the intensity of pain by relaxing the muscles.

Eat foods rich in magnesium

Magnesium can help alleviate nerve and muscle pain by aiding relaxation. Eating food which contains this natural ingredient such as oily fish, green leafy vegetables and nuts can also help when your mood is a little low and you feel a bout of nausea or constipation coming on. Ideally aim for one of these nutrient foods as opposed to a bar of chocolate.

Get some exercise

Now this may appear to be the most difficult to do when all you feel like doing is curling up on the settee, with a hot water bottle and a blanket and hiding away from the rest of the world. But even just going for a brisk 30-minute walk in the fresh air can help lift your mood significantly, and the movement of walking around could help alleviate your bloating and discomfort. It is certainly worth trying and will be worth it once you manage to get yourself outdoors.

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

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