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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal Collection Review and Swatches

Hey Guys! I picked up a couple of pieces from the newly released Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal Collection Collaboration. The first time I heard about Vlada Haggerty, was when Kylie Jenner released her newly popular lip kits. There was a big dust-up about Kylie's "dripping" lip logo packaging and how she stole the idea from Vlada. I definitely can see that now. It was eventually settled. Then poor Vlada had to sue Makeup Forever for using her artwork! She turned down a collaboration with them and they used it anyway. People and companies will steal anything! It's shameful! I just wanted to give you guys some background. Well Vlada has now collaborated with Smashbox and this collection boasts highlighters, an eye shadow palette, liquid eye liner, metal liquid lip, metal matte liquid lipstick, shimmer spray, shimmer drops, eye liner jewels and even a petal metal primer. Whew! I didn't need all of that, so let me share what I purchased. To see these products in action, be sure to check out my YouTube video.

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Smashbox + Vlada Be Legendary Petal Metal Liquid Lip $24 each - Supersweet
Smashbox + Vlada came out with Be Legendary Petal Metal Liquid Lipstick and Always On Petal Metal MATTE Liquid Lipstick. I chose to get each color in the Be Legendary formula, as I'm not into matte very much. The lightest shade is called Petal Metal (metallic rose gold), you then have XO, Vlada (metallic bronze warm gold) and the darkest shade is called Rose Magic (metallic rust rose gold). First, you have to like metallic lipsticks! I really do! I'm always wearing my NYX Wicked Lippie in Wrath. The formula for these are so good! The color spreads evenly on your lips. Great coverage. It's super lightweight. They're NOT STICKY or GUMMY! You get high shine & color payoff without ANY wetness. They look wet, but they're not! So all in all, this formula is easy to wear and just looks beautiful. I think you'll love them.

Be Legendary Petal Metal Liquid Lip
Be Legendary XO,Vlada Liquid Lip
Be Legendary Rose Magic Liquid Lip

Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter $39 - Sweet
There are THREE (3) Smashbox + Vlada Highlighters: Gilded Rose (Gold w/Pink Gold Pearl), Rosemantic (shown below - Soft Rust w/Gold Pearl) and Catch The Light (Prismatic Petal - which is exclusively at Sephora & Smashbox's Website). For my skin tone, I was really attracted to Rosemantic. I didn't have anything like this color in my makeup collection. What I like about it, is it also doubles as a blush. I'm wearing it above in all of the liquid lipstick pics, but I also took a picture of me wearing it alone below with just lip gloss. As you can see it's a great flush of color, that's very soft and wearable. You can also pair it with your favorite blush and use as a blush topper. The only negative, is it didn't look good as a highlighter on my nose. LOL It made me look like I had a cold. So I would stick to the cheek area with this. The compact that houses this highlighter is beautiful. Great Rose Gold design. Dimensional rose design on the lid portion of the compact. As you use the actual highlighter, the design doesn't diminish as quickly as with other designs in the past. This compact also has a great mirror.

Smashbox + Vlada Cover Shot Petal Metal Eye Shadow Palette $29 - Sweet
This has to be the smallest eye shadow palette! LOL It's not a bad thing! I love this small design and it's easy to travel with. Eye shadow palettes take up the majority of my makeup room, so I hope other brands embrace this idea. Plus, you can use it up more quickly. But getting to this palette, it contains 8 eye shadows. 6 shimmers & 2 mattes. They're all in the neutral family. They're pigmented. There is some fall out, so you should do your eye makeup first. I do want to say with metallics & shimmers, they're more wearable at night (so consider that if you're thinking about purchasing items from this collection). Some of this would look funny wearing it during the day. But you can create a number of looks with this palette. You have a lot of options.

I'm wearing the following makeup in this post and the video: NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation (Mix) Stromboli and Vanuatu // Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector Medium to Deep // Tarte Shape Tape in Medium // IT Cosmetics Brow Power


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Too Faced Natural Face Palette and Natural Nudes Lipsticks Review and Swatches

I purchased the NEW Too Faced Natural Face Palette ($44) and ALL of the Natural Nudes Lipsticks ($22 each) from their "It Just Comes Naturally Collection". This collection also includes a Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette and Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette, but I already have them. The new versions of those do have some slight differences. Too Faced also re-packaged all of their bronzers. You can see my review of those here (old packaging). This is a very beautiful collection. Below are my thoughts. If you would like to see these in action, check out my YouTube video here.

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  Too Faced Natural Face Palette is Sweet
Too Faced Natural Nudes Lipsticks are Sweet  

The Too Faced Natural Face Palette contains 2 shimmer highlighters, 2 blushes (1 matte, 1 satin) and 2 bronzing veils. The packaging is very pretty. It showcases a gorgeous lace design. Gold trim & raised script. Hard plastic bubble casing. A blush beige back and the snap that holds this palette together is a heart. It also contains a beautiful mirror with the Too Faced logo. When you open the palette it smells like sweet frosting or icing. I love it! I found all the shades to be very pigmented and blendable. I was worried Pink Wink would be too bright of a pink. When you dab it on your cheeks, it is BRIGHT! I was like oh no ... this is not "natural" at all! HaHaHa But it blends out and becomes very soft. Too Faced gives you 3 face charts. So there are many looks you can create with this palette. I created two below.

Left Picture: Sunny Honey (Bronzer), Pink Wink (Blush) and Starlight (Blush Topper & Highlighter) 
Right Picture: Tropic Like It's Hot (Bronzer), Pink Sand (Blush) and Satin Sheets (Blush Topper & Highlighter.

When I first saw the Too Faced Natural Nude Lipsticks (infused with hydrating coconut butter), I immediately thought of MAC's Liptensity Lipsticks. You may remember my review of Smoked Almond & Toast and Butter. This definitely looks like the same packaging, but Too Faced dressed theirs up with a beautiful lace design, gold at the bottom and their company's logo. I love nude lipsticks and they came out with 10!!! I purchased all of them and I'm glad I did. I found the pinks, peaches and beige shades very wearable & pretty. Sometimes those shades are hard to pull off. My faves of course were the darker colors, but I always gravitate toward them. These lipsticks feel good on the lips. They're creamy, non-drying and are highly pigmented. They also have a little staying power. Not the 8 hours Too Faced claims, but if you drink or eat, they don't automatically come off. So the biggest thing will be choosing colors you like. But the quality of each is excellent. You'll like them. I found this collection to be very nice, wearable and pretty.

Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Birthday Suit (rosy beige)
 Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Send Nudes (soft peachy nude)
Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Strip Search (soft warm pink nude)
Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Nip Slip (toasted caramel)
Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Pout About It (terracotta pink)
Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Skinny Dippin' (honey beige)
Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Overexposed (smoky lavender)
Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick In Throwin' Suede (sable brown)
Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Girl Code (rosewood)
Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick in Indecent Proposal (rich chocolate brown)
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