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Friday, November 29, 2019

Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Day All the More Special

There’s a reason why it is called your ‘special day'. Obviously, simply saying ‘I do’ to the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with is enough to make it memorable and one of the best days of your life. However, you will undoubtedly want to ensure that it is as incredible as it can possibly be not only for you and your partner, but for your guests too.

Here are some wonderful ideas that are guaranteed to make your wedding day all the more special.

Consider a butterfly release
There is nothing more magical than you and your partner releasing hundreds of beautiful butterflies into the sky as a symbol of your love for each other. There are various butterfly release companies who sell packages for butterfly release weddings. These companies usually offer two different types of butterfly release packages. The first type revolves around placing a large number of butterflies inside a single box which you and your partner then open together. The other type is one where individual butterflies are placed inside spacious envelopes which are then opened by your guests upon your cue.

Either way, the effect is truly spectacular and sure to leave your guests gaping in awe at the beauty of these colorful insects as they flutter into the sky.

Arrive in style
Another way in which to amp up your wedding is with your chosen transport. How you arrive on the big day can make all of the difference by enhancing your selected wedding theme and ensuring that all eyes are on you. Popular choices include a horse-drawn carriage, a vintage sports car, or a stylish Vespa.

Swap out rice for bubbles
Unless you have your heart set on a traditional wedding, why not consider swapping out rice for bubbles at the end of the ceremony? Guests can blow the bubbles as you and your new spouse leave the ceremony. This can make for some truly gorgeous pictures that only add to the magic of your big day.

Include your pet
Some of the most adorable weddings are those in which the happy couple include their pets in the ceremony. A cute dog in a tux acting as the ring bearer is sure to go down a treat. Plus, you will love having your best friend right there alongside you. Own a particularly boisterous fur child? A bit of training ahead of the special day might help to prepare them for their performance.

Have a guest book
Place a pretty, lace guest book in a cozy little spot within your reception venue and encourage all of your guests to write in it. They could offer you some helpful or humorous wedding advice, wish you luck for your new adventure together, or simply share a special memory. Either way, it will make for a wonderful keepsake that you will revisit fondly for many years into the future.

Wishing you an endlessly special day and a lifetime of happiness together.

4 Ways To Stop Your Labor Force From Being A Chore

The first thing you realize when you start a business is how many unexpected expenses exist. Frankly, the main one is your employee base because some people can't be trusted. You want them to feel independent and entitled in the workplace, but they must be productive. Unfortunately, too many workers take the opportunity to slack off, and that costs the company money. As the boss, it's vital to stop the labor force from being a chore. Otherwise, the unexpected costs will drain the business of all its resources and any chances of success.

Here are four ways you can do it today.

Don't Be A Dictator
In this scenario, it's easy and tempting to rule with an iron fist. Whether it's cutting back on breaks or banning talking in the office, lots of leaders think autocratic measures will keep the team in line. In reality, these actions encourage workers to be more disengaged than ever before. With that in mind, remember that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Allowing coworkers to interact without questioning their work ethic or increasing break times should maintain a happy atmosphere. Why? It's because your employees won't feel tied down; plus, regular movement and stoppages in work encourage freshness.

But Don't Trust Them Completely
It's essential to give them only as much freedom as they require, or else there's a possibility some people will abuse your good nature. So, while letting little things such as talking and listening to music go, you should draw a line in the sand regarding their workflow. Asking them to clock-in and out at a specific time is a smart move to ensure they arrive and leave on time. Tracking your team in real-time is useful, too, to make sure projects aren't late. Staff management software is an effective tool as long as you don't go too far and begin to monitor their every move.

Research Recruits
The best way to prevent an employee from costing you money is to hire correctly. The majority of companies recruit a person who looks good on paper yet isn't up to standard in the workplace. As a result, they have to sack them and fire up the recruitment process once more, wasting money and time along the way. There are people you need to avoid, such as the disengaged or troublemaker, and you can spot the warning signs by investigating their personality.

Promote Health & Wellbeing
Health and wellbeing are buzzwords in almost every office today, yet that doesn't mean they are played out. If anything, more businesses need to focus their efforts on employee fitness as it's a money-saver. Research shows that seriously unhealthy employees miss as many as a combined 450 million days compared to their healthy colleagues. The estimated loss is in the billions. Even if you don't save the business billions, you could save yourself a significant sum over a year. And, all it takes is a policy; for example, offering free health insurance and a complimentary gym membership.

With these tips, your labor force shouldn't be hard work any longer.

How To Avoid Burnout When Caring For Your Elderly Parents

Your parents have always cared for you, right?

Because of this, you might assume the responsibility of caring for your elderly parents lies with you. And to be honest, we have to say that yes, you should do what you can to care for your parents. To help them live their best life, you should make the effort to support them in whatever way you can.

However, you can't do everything. As loving and as caring as you are, you need to think about your own needs too. If you're forever focussing on their needs instead of your own, you are going to becomes stressed, tired, and suffer from burnout symptoms. At that point, you wouldn't be able to help your parents anyway.

So, here are some suggestions that could be useful to you.

#1: Help your parents find a hobby

Your parents need a hobby for two reasons.

Firstly, the busier they are, the less busy you will need to be, as your parents won't require your company on a too-regular basis. They might make new friends within the hobbies they take on too, so you won't have to be the sole source of company for your parents on a daily basis.

And secondly, the more active and engaged your parents are, the healthier they will be, as some hobbies can promote good physical and mental health. Consequently, you will have less need to worry about your parent's health needs.

So, take a look at these activities for elderly people, and suggest some of them to your parents. And research the activities that have been set up for seniors in the area in which they live, and encourage your parents to attend a few. Both you and they will benefit if they do.

#2: Don't fly solo

Don't take on the responsibility of caring for your parents alone. If you have siblings and other family members that are able to help, work with them on creating a rota so you can lighten your load. Sure, there will be some family members who are less than enthusiastic about the idea, but there is no harm in asking them to step up to the mark and do something to help.

And what about your parent's neighbors? Could they pop in from time to time to check on how your parents are doing? It's worth asking them, as you would have less need to pop round every day if they could be a support to you.

Remember too that there will be care groups set up in your area that are designed to help the elderly. There could be a 'meals on wheels' service available, for example, and there could be 'home help' agencies available to your parents. So, consider the various options that are open to you, and source as much help as you possibly can.

#3: Consider long-term care facilities

If your parents need the extra care and support, you could do as we suggested above, and contact a 'home help' agency. Typically, these will provide nursing, befriending, and practical support to your parents.

Alternatively, you could look at the care facilities available to your parents. If they are in need of full-time care, then a nursing home could be the best option. However, if your parents are still able to care for themselves to a degree, you might also consider a retirement community. Either way, the burden of care would be taken off your shoulders, so while you should still visit your parents, you could do so with the peace of mind that other people are caring for their specific needs.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Not Sponsored: Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I hope your day was peaceful, thankful, yummy and fun! I thought I would share some glimpses of my holiday. I decorated my kitchen for Thanksgiving. I purchased the decorative pumpkins and turkey from Michaels Craft Store several years ago. The turkey & pumpkin wallflowers and pumpkin pie candle came from Bath and Body Works this year. I started my morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I now want to see The Temptations and Tina Turner Broadway Show. I was lucky enough to see Tina Turner in concert several years ago (her final US tour) and I can say hands down, she was the best music concert I had ever seen. For breakfast I had mixed fruit, ham, cheese danish, scrambled eggs w/grated cheddar cheese and grits. My cheese danish, Thanksgiving sugar cookies and cupcakes came from Haydel's Bakery here in New Orleans. My dinner consisted of turkey, cornbread dressing, shrimp mirliton dressing, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, rolls, ribs, sweet potato casserole, gumbo and white wine. Yesssss, I know! HaHaHa For dessert, sweet potato pie. I'm stuffed, enjoying watching The Crown, Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas Movies and feel blessed. GOD BLESS YOU.


Is Working From Home A Viable Option?

If you are thinking about taking the plunge, resigning from your full time job and breaking out on your own to embark on a life of entrepreneurship, you need to think about how you are going to fund such a feat. Many people choose to go down the business loan route or they may head to pitch to a business angel, or they may choose to use their own savings to boost the capability of their launch. Alternatively, you could decide to rein in your spending by foregoing the expensive lease on a business premises and working from home. The risk of procrastination is real, but with enough determination and commitment, could working from home be a viable option?

Working from home can be perilous for those people who feel pangs of loneliness acutely. You might be used to the camaraderie of an office environment and catching up with colleagues over lunch. Now, you are very much on your own. You might not even talk to another individual some days. To combat this, you need to put yourself out there. Consider joining a professional Facebook group that brings together entrepreneurs in your local area. This can mean that you head out once a week to meet up with like minded individuals to discuss issues, problems and successes that you are having. You have the chance to network and make meaningful contacts in your chosen industry. This can work wonders to help you avoid isolation.

As a self employed individual, it will be very difficult for you to perform every single business function that your startup requires to a high enough standard. This may mean that outsourcing is needed. Consider employing the services of a power BI consultant to analyze big data, spot trends and empower you to market your startup in the most appropriate way to your target market. With meaningful research and analytics, you can change your approach to marketing, sales and social media to create maximum exposure for your brand, products and services.

Mental Health
Being an entrepreneur means that your quality of life and financial remuneration now fully lies on your shoulders. This can cause immense pressure and stress, leading to poor mental health. If you feel burnout creeping in, you need to change up your lifestyle straight away. Consider heading outdoors every day and take regular breaks. You need to soak up the natural sunlight, allow it to lift your mood and recharge your batteries. There will never be enough hours in the day, so with your daily to-do list, simply ensure that you tick off three or four essentials. Everything else that you get completed is a bonus. Ensure that you use your support network of friends and family to vent and talk through any problems you might be having. Being an entrepreneur isn’t plain sailing, but put the hard work in early, and you will reap the rewards.

Working from home is a viable option for entrepreneurs, saving you money on overheads and empowering you to link with other individuals to benefit your startup.

The Basic Styles of Diamond Engagement Rings

Image Source: Unsplash

There comes a time in every man’s life when he decides to settle down with his long-term partner and make their relationship official by proposing marriage. One of the most stressful experiences for the man who is proposing marriage is the engagement ring selection. With that in mind, here are a few basic ring designs to provide some inspiration.

  • The Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring – Perhaps the most classic of all ring designs, a solitaire ring is all about a single stone, which needs to be sizeable. The prongs hold the stone in place, and there could be 3,4 or even 6 prongs to keep the stone securely in place. The solitaire design has a downside, however. This style might not be suitable for the active, outdoor lifestyle, as the raised stone can easily get caught on fabric or other materials.

  • The Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring – This is a classic style with a main central stone that has a smaller one either side, or it could have 5 diamonds, with the larger one in the centre, then two smaller ones either side of that, plus two even smaller stones on the outside. If you would like to view some timeless diamond engagement rings in Sydney, check out a leading diamond wholesaler who has an extensive catalogue of classic diamond engagement rings at reasonable prices.

  • The Halo Diamond Engagement Ring – This design incorporates a central diamond and has a circle of smaller stones that surround the main diamond. This style often includes coloured diamonds. With many tiny stones, the pattern can be very intricate. Rather than selecting a ready-made ring, you could make contact with a reputable diamond wholesaler who also designs and creates diamond engagement rings to order, and this is no more expensive than buying an off-the-shelf ring.

  • The Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring – Ideal if she likes the idea of many small stones in a unique pattern, and clusters can be circular, oval or even rectangular in shape. Coloured stones look great in a cluster, and the custom jeweller would be happy to incorporate your ideas into a ring design that is truly one of a kind.

  • The Bezel Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – This style sees the stones actually cut into the metal, which is very secure, and the tiny stones could cover the front of the ring, or a complete circle, which is very attractive. If you are at all concerned about losing the stones, a bezel cut is the perfect choice, as the stones are tightly fitted into a special groove and cannot easily be removed.

Image Source: Pexels

Of course, there are a lot more ring designs, and if you fancy something truly unique, you could approach a diamond wholesaler who can design the ring around your preferences. By designing the ring yourself, you are guaranteed that she will fall in love with the ring. Of course, don’t forget to find out her ring size.

How Diet Relates To Bad Breath

When your lunch comprises of tuna, onions and pickled liverwurst, most of the people around you will not be too keen on talking directly to you. Chronic bad breath is as frustrating as it is socially embarrassing.

If you have good dental hygiene but still suffer from dragon breath, you may have your diet to blame. Bad breath is commonly associated with the foul-smelling foods that we consume.

Let’s think about it for a second: Your mouth is the dirtiest worksite that exists. Apart from dealing with the bacteria that live inside it, you also have to worry about food particles getting lodged in your teeth. In addition to that, you are faced with the task of brushing and flossing in the right way. That is a lot to deal with!

Fortunately, bad breath that is caused by your diet is a problem that you can easily deal with. It involves a simple dietary change. However, if the problem still persists, you should schedule a visit with dentists in Waterford MI to rule out any underlying problems.

Diet and Breath
These are common foods that taint your breath for hours and contribute to bad breath:

Garlic and onions
These two foods top the list because they contain sulfur compounds that are absorbed in your bloodstream. The compounds are expelled when you exhale.

Coffee and alcohol
These two beverages tend to create an environment that favors the growth of oral bacteria. As they have a drying effect, they reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth, allowing the bacteria to linger and cause bad breath.

Fish and tuna
While a tuna sandwich may be the perfect lunch for you, tuna and fish are foods that often cause bad breath because they contain trimethylamine. This is an organic compound that is notable for its bad smell. This smell will be detected in your breath, sweat or urine.

Dairy products, soda, and organic juices
These beverages are also associated with bacteria that cause bad odor in the mouth after consumption.

The pungent smell of these foods could reduce with time but the smell often comes up again. Dentists in Waterford MI recommend brushing your teeth after consumption of such foods. However, if you are not able to do this because of the environment you are in, it is best to drink water regularly, especially at meal-times. You can also pop chewing gum in your mouth to stimulate saliva and dislodge food particles.  This will wash any bacteria away and alleviate bad breath.

Remember the Basics
The silver lining is that you can change your diet to avoid these foods. If you cannot do without them, it is best to consume them sparingly. Dentists in Waterford MI also advises that you remember oral hygiene basics. Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing for a minimum of two minutes is the perfect way to take care of your teeth.

Take note of this advice and you will be able to fight bad breath -- regardless of what is on the menu.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Finding Success In Your Home-Based Business

There are so many types of business that you might choose to run from home, and all of them are an exciting project to be a part of. If you are a particularly budding entrepreneur and you are thinking of the possibility of setting up a business in your home, then you are probably excited to get the ball rolling. However, you do need to make sure that you are aware of the essential things you need to do if it is to be successful, and that is what we will discuss in this post. Here are some of the most important concerns for you to focus on.

Finding The Space
The first thing to say is that you might be surprised at how much space you actually need to run your business. You might be thinking that, because it is a home business, you won’t need anything at all, but that is not quite right. At the very simplest, you might only need a computer and a desk and some storage space, but even then you need to work out where to place it all in your home where it won’t get in the way and you won’t be disturbed. And if you are creating any products, then you will have to find the appropriate space for that too.

Getting Technical
A big challenge for a lot of small business owners, especially those who are alone at home without a support system around them, is ensuring that you know how to manage the technical side of things. If you fail to understand the technology you are using, it can mean that your business struggles in the long run. It is therefore a really good idea to seek out some help in the form of Computer Support Services, who can offer you online assistance with any kind of technical problems you might face.

Separating Work From Home
Something that becomes a big problem for a lot of people is managing to separate out work life from home life, as they are both happening in the same place. As we have alluded to already, it is important to have a specific part of the home that you can work in, and this is partly why. You might also find it valuable to set yourself specific working hours, and make sure you stick to them - which means taking your breaks as well as working your full hours.

Finding Clients
It can be hard to find enough clients at first, especially if you are doing all of your work from home and not going out to network at all. Generally, you need to use the internet cleverly and to learn to get on the phone once in a while, but even then it can take a while to find a good client base. You need to prove yourself to those first clients, so that they are more likely to recommend you and give you a good rating. Focus on that at first, and you should have a stronger base for your business.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Budding Entrepreneurs: What Is The Right Business Opportunity For You?

It's all very well and good deciding that you are going to go for it, and start up a business! However, before you start writing out business plans and securing funding, there is one vital thing that you must do. Of course, it is to decide what type of business you are going to run. A topic that you can get some advice on in the post below.

An IRL shop
There are a lot of overheads associated with running a shop in real life. Such as your lease, utilities, cleaning and the like. However, there are some distinct advantages too.

In fact, one in particular that can be very useful indeed is the attention and support your staff can give to each customer. Something that means they can walk them through their buying decisions and will provide you with a much better likelihood of getting a sale than online.

Additionally, when you are running an IRL store, your customers will actually be able to see and handle a product before they buy. Something that once again can make their buying decision much more manageable.

Of course, for your IRL shop to be a success, there are some factors that you will need to pay particular attention to. One of these is the location of your store, because without enough people passing by, you may not have sufficient people to sell your wears too.

Although it is also imperative to remember that the cost of your premises can make a massive difference to your profit margin as well. Something that means balancing both of these aspects is crucial if you are considering starting up a shop based business.

Another popular choice when starting up a business is a restaurant or cafe. In fact, those with a love of food and coffee often gravitate towards this kind of enterprise. The good news here is that you can speed up starting up this type of business by investing in a franchise rather than trying to do it all yourself.

In fact, if you are Looking for a Restaurant Franchise?, then you will be spoiled for choice in the current market. With all sorts of big-name brands offering opportunities specializing in anything from sit down service to fast food available! This being a fact that makes this option most appealing to entrepreneurs with a gastronomic bent.

For those who are new in the food business, food trucks can be a good alternative. Food trucks are mobile kitchens that can travel to different locations and offer a wide variety of food options. They have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique dining experience and the ability to serve customers in different locations, such as festivals, events, and even on the street. One of the biggest advantages of starting a food truck business is the lower startup cost compared to a traditional restaurant. Food trucks require less capital for rent, renovation, and equipment, making it easier for entrepreneurs to enter the industry. Visit the following link for used food trucks on sale to be on the safer side in terms of return on investment risks.

A consulting business
Lastly, do not discount the possibility of starting up a business that specializes in consulting. In fact, the flexibility that this type of enterprise provides can make it very appealing to entrepreneurs. The reason being that it can be run online or IRL, and you can offer consulting services to companies, or even private individuals. An example of this being a life coach.

Of course, to succeed at such a business, you will need to spend some time establishing yourself as an expert in your field. A task that is now considerably easier with platforms like Youtube, and Linked In, as well as your own blog allowing you to create content around your specialist subject. Something that makes starting a consulting business a smart option for many budding entrepreneurs.


Too Faced Gingerbread Bronzed & Kissed Bronzer & Lipstick Set Review and Swatches

Not Sponsored: My eyes lit up when I saw Too Faced's Gingerbread Bronzed & Kissed Set. I've always loved Too Faced's bronzers and lipsticks. So I knew this would be a Win-Win. Packaging! How cute are the gingerbread men on both the compact and lipstick. The compact is very lightweight but sturdy. The lipstick is heavy and feels very luxurious. You also receive a gingerbread makeup bag. It will be cute to use in future Christmas makeup photo-shoots. Let me first talk about the bronzer! You won't want to use it, because it has the cutest gingerbread man engraved in the bronzer. I swirled around him with a makeup sponge to apply mine. Even though this says SPICY bronzer, it won't be reddish-orange on your face. It's a lovely brown that will compliment almost every skin tone. It complimented my skin tone, practically blending into it. It gave warmth to my face. The lipstick is brown & pumpkin in color. To me, its different from Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Man, Better Not Pout, Sweet Smell of Christmas, and even the Terracotta Peach in the Peaches and Cream Lipstick Collection. So don't worry about this being a duplicate. On my hand I also show the Too Faced Gingerbread Sugar Kissable Body Sugar and how it corresponds to this set. All are very complimentary. It's a really cute set, that you will use during the Fall & Winter months. Put it on your list.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Too Faced Gingerbread Bronzed & Kissed is Sweet

Too Faced | Gingerbread Tan Spicy Bronzer

Too Faced | Gingerbread Scented Peach Kiss Lipstick In Gingerbread Man

Too Faced | Gingerbread Makeup Bag

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