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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Essential Guide To Getting Your Garden Fit For Winter

For many people, their garden is a seasonal aspect to their home rather than an all year round useable space. If you are keen to utilize your garden area a little more, you need to ensure that it is fit for purpose come winter time. With Christmas fast approaching, it is nonsensical that you might choose to forget about your glorious outside space. Yes, it might be chilly but there are clever ways and means to make your garden a winter wonderland for the festive season.

Your garden doesn’t have to simply be a haven for summer flora and fauna. Instead, start to think of your garden as another room of your home. You’d never not use your dining room or your spare bedroom just because it’s winter time. Think of your garden in the same way. You will need to head outdoors and make some external tweaks, but you can make your outside space fit for winter.

Your garden needs to have well thought out zones to ensure that it has meaningful purpose. For the holiday season, food is one of the most joyous parts of Christmas. If you are keen to be sociable and you want to invite your nearest and dearest around to yours for a festive soiree, consider opening up your garden for a spot of al fresco dining. This doesn’t mean having your guests shivering outdoors as they try to enjoy your canapes with their near frost bitten fingers.  You need to ensure that your guests are comfortable and that you can inspire your nearest and dearest to utilize their own outside spaces during winter.

Think about installing a chimnea or firepit close to your patio. A flat patio of paving slabs complete with outdoor dining table and chairs, surrounded by some twinkling Christmas fairy lights adoring your garden boundaries can create an atmospheric winter hideaway. A firepit will give you the heat you need to make sure that your diners remain warm and cozy as they sample your festive gastronomic fayre.

Couple your al fresco dining area with a lawn area that remains well coiffed and consider an alpine rockery. This evergreen plant filled area will require very little input from you and will maintain itself even in the hardiest of frosts. While you can’t use a rockery as such, the scents from the heather and lavender that you plant will fill the air making your garden a pleasant place to be.

Enjoy sowing some vegetables in the winter by installing a veggie trough or greenhouse. This can help keep your garden a useable and meaningful space even in the coldest climate. Becoming a little more self sufficient needn't be a summer only thing. There are plenty of winter vegetables that can be grown in your back garden. Consider the hearty stews, the winter soups and the pies that you can cook from the food that you grow in your own back garden.

If you have a patio space directly next to your house, you may need to cover it. When it is raining, you don’t want to be held hostage indoors if you want to enjoy dining outside. An awning can be ideal, as these can now be smart and controlled from your smartphone. You can keep your patio free from moss if the excess water doesn’t hit it, and you can also maintain a dry area if you have any pets that need to do their business outside in the winter.

If you have relatives who are struggling with their mobility and you are having them over for Christmas, consider adapting your home a little to make it easier for them to get around. There are plenty of stair lifts for outdoor stairs to enable your elderly parents to get directly for the garden to the upstairs rooms of your home. This can be great for those people who need to access the bathroom quickly. These stair lifts are weather resistant and resilient, making them a good choice for the long term.

Winter time needn’t mean not enjoying the outdoors simply because the weather has taken a dip. Instead, embrace the colder snap and enjoy getting into your garden to grow vegetables, tend to your plants in their pots and welcome your friends and family over for some al fresco dining. Tell your guests to wrap up warm and be prepared to enjoy some hearty culinary delights in your festive garden. Follow this guide and think about how you can extend your living space outdoors this winter season.
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