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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

4 Ridiculous Excuses That Stop You From Starting A Business

Most people love the idea of working for themselves. Imagine being your boss and not having to answer to someone above you. It’s an exciting prospect, and this leads to many of us thinking about setting up our own business.

However, for whatever reason, you turn your back on your business idea. Predominately, this is probably because you’ve come up with some sort of excuse to put you off. You’ve thought things over in your head, and you suddenly decide that this business thing just isn’t for you.

I find that most of these excuses are complete BS! More often than not, there are ways to overcome your challenges and proceed with your idea. So, here are some of the most common excuses that stop you from starting your business - and why I think they’re a load of rubbish!

I can’t afford it
Not always ridiculous, but this excuse comes up all the time. For me, it’s a stupid excuse when there’s no research behind it. Most people look at their idea, think about starting a business, then get flustered and say that it will cost too much money. You won’t know this unless you go ahead and do the calculations, or work with a financial advisor to help you predict how much it’ll cost to get things up and running. If you’ve done all that and the figures are too high, then fair enough, it’s a legitimate stumbling block.

I don’t think the idea will work
Again, an excuse that stems from the fear of failure. You’re worried about your business failing before it’s even started. So, you decide to tell yourself that the idea was never going to work. How will you know this without conducting market research? Look at your business idea, talk to people, and see if they think it’s smart. Get a feel for what others think about your idea before you decide that it won’t work. Most of the time, you’ll be surprised to learn that it will be a great idea!

I’m useless with technology
A popular excuse these days! Loads of people bail on their business ideas because they think they can’t handle all the technology involved in running a modern business. Firstly, your shortcomings can easily be solved by purchasing an MSP package that covers the technology side of your business. Secondly, you decide how digital your company will be! If you want to keep it traditional to play to your strengths, then you can. For anything you don’t understand, outsource to some tech experts - simple.

I have no experience
You’ll be surprised how many billionaires started out with zero business experience. Sometimes, all it takes is a bright idea and some determination. Don’t let your lack of experience put you off! There are so many helpful resources online to look at, and you can always speak to business consultants or attend conferences to seek professional guidance. Have a little faith in yourself.

Like I said, most of these excuses come from a place of fear. You’re worried about the prospect of starting a business, so you look at any possible excuse to put yourself off. Don’t let these thoughts get in the way of what could be a life-changing idea. Do all your research, draw up a business plan, then you can see whether or not this idea has potential.
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