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Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Basic Styles of Diamond Engagement Rings

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There comes a time in every man’s life when he decides to settle down with his long-term partner and make their relationship official by proposing marriage. One of the most stressful experiences for the man who is proposing marriage is the engagement ring selection. With that in mind, here are a few basic ring designs to provide some inspiration.

  • The Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring – Perhaps the most classic of all ring designs, a solitaire ring is all about a single stone, which needs to be sizeable. The prongs hold the stone in place, and there could be 3,4 or even 6 prongs to keep the stone securely in place. The solitaire design has a downside, however. This style might not be suitable for the active, outdoor lifestyle, as the raised stone can easily get caught on fabric or other materials.

  • The Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring – This is a classic style with a main central stone that has a smaller one either side, or it could have 5 diamonds, with the larger one in the centre, then two smaller ones either side of that, plus two even smaller stones on the outside. If you would like to view some timeless diamond engagement rings in Sydney, check out a leading diamond wholesaler who has an extensive catalogue of classic diamond engagement rings at reasonable prices.

  • The Halo Diamond Engagement Ring – This design incorporates a central diamond and has a circle of smaller stones that surround the main diamond. This style often includes coloured diamonds. With many tiny stones, the pattern can be very intricate. Rather than selecting a ready-made ring, you could make contact with a reputable diamond wholesaler who also designs and creates diamond engagement rings to order, and this is no more expensive than buying an off-the-shelf ring.

  • The Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring – Ideal if she likes the idea of many small stones in a unique pattern, and clusters can be circular, oval or even rectangular in shape. Coloured stones look great in a cluster, and the custom jeweller would be happy to incorporate your ideas into a ring design that is truly one of a kind.

  • The Bezel Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – This style sees the stones actually cut into the metal, which is very secure, and the tiny stones could cover the front of the ring, or a complete circle, which is very attractive. If you are at all concerned about losing the stones, a bezel cut is the perfect choice, as the stones are tightly fitted into a special groove and cannot easily be removed.

Image Source: Pexels

Of course, there are a lot more ring designs, and if you fancy something truly unique, you could approach a diamond wholesaler who can design the ring around your preferences. By designing the ring yourself, you are guaranteed that she will fall in love with the ring. Of course, don’t forget to find out her ring size.
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