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Monday, June 29, 2020

Make the Most of Your Diet for Healthy Results

You might choose to start a new diet for a number of reasons. It could be a short-term thing to help you meet a goal such as losing weight, but it's often best to set your sights on maintaining a diet in the long-term. A new diet can do more than help you to lose weight. It can allow you to live an overall healthier lifestyle and even address some health issues that you might be having. When you're starting a new diet, there are some things that you can do to help you get more from it. Try some of these ideas for a more successful and sustained diet.

Choose the Right Diet
Choosing the right diet for your goals is the most important step. There are various diets out there that you could try, and your goals might be a number of things. You need a diet that will help you to meet your goals, and that is realistic for you to stick to. Some diets are not designed to help you meet long-term goals, and in fact, might not even help you to fulfil your short-term goals. If you want to permanently change your diet for the better, you need a healthy diet that meets your nutritional needs.

Supplement Your Diet
When you choose a new diet, it can sometimes be helpful to supplement it to ensure you're getting what you need. Some people who start a vegan diet, for example, might take supplements to give them any nutrients they might be missing out on, such as B12. If you're doing keto, take a look at some keto diet supplements reviews to see how they can support weight loss. A good diet should give you most of what you need, but there can still be some things that are lacking. Plus, no one is perfect, and it can be useful to have a little help.

Make Your Food Enjoyable
It's easy to think of starting a diet as eating boring but healthy food that you don't really enjoy. But if you want to successfully start and sustain a new diet, it's less likely to work if you don't like any of the things you're eating. It's important to still be able to have a range of different foods that you enjoy, even if you might be eating different things or eating less than you were before.

Adjust Other Lifestyle Choices
If you want to start a new diet, it's a good idea to look at other aspects of your lifestyle too. By making healthier choices in other areas of your life, you can get more from your diet. For example, making sure that you get enough sleep can help you to maintain a healthy weight. Getting plenty of exercise can help you to stay fit and healthy too. You can create a healthier lifestyle that helps you to meet your health and wellness goals.

When you're planning to start a new diet, think about how you can make the most of it and stick to it once you've started.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Landry's Seafood House: Lake Pontchartrain

Not Sponsored: Today, I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite seafood restaurant, Landry's Seafood House. They have restaurants in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, and South Carolina. In Louisiana, their restaurants are located in Lake Charles at the Golden Nugget, the French Quarter and Lake Pontchartrain. I'll be reviewing the Lake Pontchartrain location today. You can learn more about beautiful Lake Pontchartain here. I've been to the Lake Pontchartrain location twice now and I become more enamored each time I go.

The staff at Landry's Seafood House really makes you feel special. As I was going up the stairs to the restaurant, the manager held the door open and greeted me. I thought it was such a sweet, warm and welcoming gesture. The restaurant is cozy and the staff makes you feel at home. He also held the door open for me leading to their outside dining area. That really meant a lot and went a long way with me. You don't find many restaurants that pay attention to details the way Landry's does. The waiters are very knowledgeable and attentive to your needs. They provide excellent food choice suggestions and will satisfy your every whim. I see why Landry's Seafood House is a top notch restaurant.

I highly recommend eating outside. The restaurant sits on Lake Pontchartrain, so there's a beautiful view from sky to water. Take in the wonderful breeze, beautiful sunlight and seagulls in flight. It was magical to see the sunset. Take in what's around you. Let it encompass you. Its very calming, soothing and relaxing.

Whether dining in or outside at Landry's Seafood House, you'll notice a beautiful white lighthouse located outside. Its a statement piece and historical landmark. Its called The New Canal Lighthouse Museum and Education Center (its operated as a museum by the Pontchartrain Conservacy formerly known as Save Our Lake). It was established (built) in 1839. The US Congress appropriated money ($25K) for the lighthouse to be built. It's been rebuilt many times. In 1843, the lower timbers began to rot. So it was rebuilt in 1855. A remodeling of it was done in 1890. It was then brought up to modern standards in the 1900s. The United States Coast Guard inhabited it from the 1960's to 2001. Since 2002, The Pontchartrain Conservacy. (source)

Before the USCG operated it, many of the lightkeepers were women: Elizabeth Beattie (1847), Jane O'Driscol (1850), Mary Campbell (1870-1895), Caroline Riddle (1895-1924), Margaret Norvell (1924)

The lighthouse has been ravaged by several hurricanes. One in 1915, which had winds up to 130 miles per hour. Hurricane damage in 1926 resulted in the light being raised onto concrete piers. And in 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the lighthouse. Now, a replica of the New Canal Lighthouse, destroyed by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, has been built. It incorporates original wood from the 1890 lighthouse that stood on the site and now operates as Pontchartrain Conservancy's New Canal Lighthouse Museum and Education Center. 

Funding has come from a number of sources such as the Louisiana Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Shell Oil, Gayle and Tom Benson, The Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board and the community, with help from former Louisiana senators David Vitter and Mary Landrieu. (source)

If you visit Landry's Seafood House, stop by the Lighthouse for a tour. You can support the lighthouse with a donation or purchase a personalized brick. 

Now the food! Oh, the delicous food! Let's start with some appetizers. Below is their New Orleans Crawfish Bread. Its really delicious. It's loaded with crawfish tails, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, garlic and Louisiana spices. You'll be squabbling over who gets the last piece. Savor and enjoy each and every last morsel!

Whether you're from Louisiana or not definitely get a bowl of Landry's Gumbo. You know gumbo is really good when you see a dark roux. This gumbo has shrimp, crab and andouille sausage. They also have a chicken and sausage gumbo version to try. I love gumbo. Their version tastes delicious, so I highly recommend getting it. 

Landry's cocktails are both pretty and delicious. The first time, I ordered their Peach Solstice Sangria. Its Luccio Moscato, fresh basil, peach, strawberry, and ginger ale. When the waiter brought it to me, I exclaimed, What a pretty drink! The waiter replied, A pretty drink for a pretty lady! I blushed because I thought that was so sweet and thanked him. It's a pretty and delicious cocktail. But ... something beats it. Really beats it. It's called Mango Mojito! I've had mojitos before and had a really sour one that turned me against them. Well not this one! It is SO GOOD! It is Cruzan Mango Rum, Monin Mojito, Triple Sec, fresh lime juice, mint, and club soda. Buy 1. Get 2. You will LOVE it!

Are you ready for your entree? I only show two entrees below from my second visit, because I never took pictures of the entrees from my first visit. I had their Southern Fried Fish. So good! Fresh! It's served with french fries and onion strings. Their crawfish etouffe is also delicious. Landry's really gives you generous portions. Below was their Catch of the Day: flounder, cheese grits, vegetable medley including zucchini. I have to pause a moment and talk about their zucchini. I had some very bad prepared zucchini when I was younger and swore never to eat it again. This zucchini will make you fall in love with it. It is that good. I had their Coastal Seafood Pasta. It is shrimp, scallops, mussels, tomatoes, mushrooms, angel hair pasta, garlic herb and olive oil. Its heavenly delicious. Everything that I've ordered from Landry's has been exceptional. They also serve steaks and poultry.
  Below is Landry's chocolate cake with layers of both chocolate and white chocolate mousse. When you get a chocolate cake that is lighter than air but retains everything you love about chocolate, you have a really good cake! It is so delicious. Its enough to share with someone else and then bring some home. It's also, OH SO PRETTY! 

In conclusion, Landry's Seafood House contains all the elements of a dreamy day or evening out. It has ambiance, delicious drinks & food, and a knowledgeable staff. I enjoy myself each and every time. I love, the delicious food and natural environment. I want to share something with you! Don't wait for an anniversary ... birthday .... or any special occasion to celebrate. Celebrate everyday ... ANY day! You guys know I love Alice in Wonderland. There's a song called, A Very Merry Unbirthday. Besides the dancing tea kettles, copious amounts of tea and delicious frosted cake shown at the end, the song teaches you to enjoy EVERY day! Don't wait for a special day to CELEBRATE. 


Friday, June 26, 2020

3 Simple Tips To Help You Push Through Plateaus In The Gym

What is a plateau?
In fitness, it refers to instances where you hit a brick wall. You’ve been training for a while, and you saw some excellent progress. Perhaps you made some serious strength gains, or maybe you lost a lot of body fat? Then, for whatever reason, your progress came to a halt. You reached a weight that you can’t squat. Or, you keep failing to improve on your 5km treadmill. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t break through this imaginary brick wall.

Plateaus are problematic as they can severely demotivate you. After all, it’s hard to stay motivated when you see hardly any improvement. You get down on yourself and start skipping gym sessions. Many people have sadly regressed due to an inability to break through a fitness plateau.

The good news is you most certainly can push through these walls. In this post, you’ll see a few of the best ideas and methods for pushing through your plateaus!

Improve your grip
This tip is mainly for people who are struggling to see any strength improvements. Or, it could be relevant for anyone that wants to build more muscle. Progressive overload is one of the fundamental considerations for building muscle. In essence, you progressively overload your muscles with higher levels of intensity. One way to do this is by increasing the weight of your lifts. But, if you reach a point where you can’t add more weight, you begin to plateau.

Many times, this isn’t because you can’t lift the weight, but that your grip isn’t strong enough to handle all the weight. For example, your legs are capable of deadlift a lot of weight, but your forearms get sore too quickly, and you have to drop what you’re holding. The same applies to pull-ups and many other lifts. Improving your grip with wrist straps is a brilliant way to push through this plateau and unlock a new personal best. Try it out and you will instantly be able to lift heavier weights.

Fuel better during workouts
Normally, most people will get themselves amped up for a workout. You might have a cup of coffee or do a big warm-up that gets you pumped and ready to move. Then, midway through the workout, you lose energy. You’re unable to maintain the same intensity, which is where plateaus can happen. This is particularly relevant if you’re trying to beat times for rowing, running, cycling, etc. Still, it’s also relevant for lifting weights as a lack of intensity inhibits your ability to progressively overload.

So, one way to address this issue is to fuel yourself during your workouts. Most people drink water as they workout, which is great, but it doesn’t give you an energy boost. Instead, consider bringing an intra workout boost drink with you that does more than offer hydration. The right supplement can replenish glycogen stores, giving you more energy to perform harder and longer. As a result, you blast through your plateaus.

Try something new
For me, this is the easiest way to break through a fitness barrier. Too many people are guilty of sticking to the same routine over and over again. Eventually, your body adapts to this routine, and it no longer becomes a challenge. Or, think of it another way, you only provide your body with one specific type of stimulus, ignoring the others out there.

The best example of this is running or cycling. If you use the cardio machines in the gym and choose to bike or run 5km every day, you will see improvements. However, you can just as quickly reach a plateau where you’re unable to beat your time. Instead of plugging away every day, you should mix things up with a different routine. Start doing some interval training a few days per week to provide a different stimulus. Your body will react to this, and it can translate into a better 5km time at your next attempt! In fact, the video above shows a whole host of different workouts you can use to break through this plateau. The same applies to any barriers you face in the gym - mix up your routines and give your body something new to deal with.

These tips all sound very straightforward, and that’s because they are. This shows how easy it is to break through fitness plateaus. Here’s a bonus tip specifically for strength gain plateaus: get someone to spot you. This makes it slightly easier for you to focus on the lift as they ensure you don’t get hurt.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Styles Of Aviator Sunglasses To Consider

The Aviator style sunglasses are made for the macho guy, with the large teardrop-shaped lenses that hug the cheeks, and we’ve all seen Tom Cruise sporting Aviators, not to mention a whole host of other Hollywood A-Listers. If you are on the hunt for a few pairs of stylish and functional Aviator style shades, here are a few variations to consider.

Mirrored Lenses
The very first Aviators made by Bausch & Lomb were mirrored, to help the US fighter pilots who were doing battle with German and Japanese bombers and escorts. The tight fit over the cheeks is no accident, indeed, this was conceived to make sure the pilot could see his gauges when he looked down, and the teardrop shape enables peripheral vision without glare. Mirrored lenses come in various finishes and definitely add an air of mystery, which people find appealing.

Choice of Metal
Classic Aviator frames are made with a brass or silver finish, keeping the sleek, distinguished look.  It might surprise you to learn that the original Aviators of WWII were made from 12k gold, which is hard enough for the task. Check out the fantastic selection at one of the online shades boutiques, where they have the brand names at affordable prices, including polarized Aviator sunglasses in stylish metal frames.

Plastic Frames
If you prefer the thicker, chunkier look of composite plastics, you won’t be disappointed, and with just about every colour imaginable, you are literally spoiled for choice. Thick black frames with mirrored lenses really does make a statement, and the latest composites are virtually unbreakable, making them very durable and long-lasting.

Tinted Lenses
Again, an assortment that is endless, with yellows, pinks, oranges and even multi-shade tints, for that way-out look. If you want to view a selection of top-rated Aviator polarized sunglasses, a simple Google search will take you to a designer sunglasses website and then you can view a wide selection of top-notch sunglasses of all styles. There are subtle tints and lenses that automatically darken in sunlight, which is great for outdoor activities. If you're specifically interested in Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, you can easily find a variety of their iconic designs with polarized lenses and trendy color options on the designer sunglasses website.

Lens Colour
Aside from any tint, lenses come in a range of colours, from completely clear to very dark, and everything in between. Brown is popular, as it makes things clearer and in greater detail, plus brown can be worn in the early mornings and evenings.

 Image Source: Pexels

This style has been used as base for many sunglasses manufacturers, and the best way to view a wide selection is to Google and find a leading online retailer. The great thing about online shopping is you can compare prices in no time at all, making sure you get the best deal. The online supplier is generally 15-20% cheaper than a traditional bricks and mortar retail outlet, and you’re getting the same products and guarantees, but not paying for the venue’s upkeep.

Most online designer sunglasses retailers have special deals, which could save you as much as 30%, especially if they are clearing an old line. With so many designs to choose from, finding the right shades is easy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Boil Seafood House

Not Sponsored: One of my blog goals for 2020, was to showcase some New Orleans restaurants. New Orleans has a plethora of restaurants. We're known for our delicious food, lighthearted & easy spirit and fun times. With the covid-19 pandemic, I was ready to scratch this goal off my list. I felt it would be impossible to do ... let alone fulfill. New Orleans is currently in Phase 2, but some restaurants are allowing you to dine-in (many are still only offering take-out). One restaurant that has reopened and is offering both take-out and dine-in options is Boil Seafood House. Just as the name suggests, it serves boiled seafood and lots of other delicious seafood options (but I'll get to that in a minute). Boil Seafood House is located on Magazine Street, here in New Orleans. Magazine Street is six miles of restaurants and shops. You'll find lots of boutique shops and multi-cultural dining on Magazine Street. If you love seafood, you'll love Boil Seafood House! They offer boiled seafood by the pound (such as crawfish, shrimp, various types of crab, lobster, mussels, clams), they offer a scrumptious choice of seafood buckets, they have overstuffed po-boys and platters, gumbo, crawfish etouffee, seafood salads, crawfish beignets and an array of other delicious dishes. Are you hungry yet? I made reservations using Open Table. Upon arriving, we were promptly seated and attended to (our waiter's name was Phil). He was the sweetest waiter. He asked if we had been to Boil Seafood House before and we explained we hadn't. So he explained the process to us. You pick your catch (seafood), then your flavor (Caribbean, Cajun, Garlic Butter or Boil House) and then you pick your heat (low, medium, high, extra high). We ordered a dozen flavorful & delicious char-grilled oysters. The french bread that came with it was so fresh and delicious. We devoured some tasty mussels. They had some kick, because we chose medium heat for those, but they were delicious. We all ordered The Cajun Classic Seafood Bucket. It contains (1 lb of Crawfish, 1 lb of Shrimp, 1 Andouille Sausage, 2 Corn and 2 Potatoes). It was really, really good. All the seafood was fresh. It was well prepared and presented. The sausage was flavorful, tender and delicious. I loved the corn and potatoes. I ate everything! There was nothing not to love. Phil promptly removed our shells, refilled our drinks and made sure we had everything. All of the waiters and waitresses wore masks. The restaurant made sure tables adhered to the social distancing guidelines. I loved the decor of Boil Seafood House. They had these beautiful hand-painted murals featuring shrimp boats, three dimensional trees and scenic waterways. I was particularly enamored with the toothy gator holding the paper towels on the bar. I had a Hurricane to drink. The thing about Hurricane cocktails, is that they "hit" you once you're finish. So keep that in mind. We brought a shrimp po-boy and combo platter (Shrimp, Fish, Crab Cake served with Corn Fritters, fries, Side Salad or Cole Slaw)(not pictured) home with us for later. Both were really good, but the STARS of the show were definitely Boil Seafood's House BOILED SEAFOOD. I would definitely recommend them and go back again. Take a look at other people's reviews and pictures of the food at Boil Seafood House on Yelp! I do want to mention one thing about Magazine Street! Finding a parking spot can be difficult. I lucked up. So think about catching an UBER or LYFT. Also, let me suggest that you find out what else is within that block or two while you're there (to make it all worthwhile). That way you'll maximize your time and money. I think for the rest of this year, I want to concentrate on the restaurants on Magazine. I'll post my reviews here. Hope you found this review helpful. Feel free to contact me on Twitter, if you have any questions.


Are These Issues On The Horizon For Your Business?

When you are running a business, it’s absolutely essential that you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Unfortunately, the worst happens more than you would perhaps like to believe. Here are some of the problems that you need to prepare for and the steps to ensure that they don’t take down your company.

A Horrendous Hack
You might find that you have to deal with a hack on your business. It’s common for small business owners to assume that their companies are not going to be targeted. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Indeed, small businesses can be targeted because hackers correctly assume that they won’t have the latest and most advanced security software in place. This is why you should always be making sure that you are upgrading your security as often as possible. You might also want to think about investing in the right level of IT support. IT support solutions are essential because they can monitor your network and work to correct the issue as soon as there is a sign of a hack.

A Recession
A recession is going to hit every type of business on the market and we’re heading in the direction of a massive recession right now. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you are preparing your business for this type of eventuality. The best way to do this is to cut your costs down where possible. Essentially, you need to make your business as efficient as possible and avoid wastage.

You may also want to consider cutting back on your team numbers. It’s difficult to let employees go, but it can be necessary to save your business. Remember, too much weight is always going to cause a ship to sink, particularly when there are rough waters up ahead. You can always grow your team again once the market improves. Better yet, you can use outsourcing solutions to get the same benefits without taking on full-time staff.

Or finally, you might find that your business faces a scandal in the future. This could be tied to anything from BLM to the MeToo movement. Businesses have been forced to reevaluate the positions on these issues over the last few years and ensure that they are supporting the cause the right way. Due to this employee who has shown racist or sexist behaviour have been either let go or reprimanded. This is about making sure that you are holding your business to a higher standard than you perhaps did before. The world is changing rapidly and it’s important that your brand is seen to be tackling these issues quickly and effectively.

We hope this helps you understand some of the issues that you can face when you are running your business. If you take the right steps now, then you can prevent these problems from becoming massive headaches further down the line. You will strengthen your business and ensure that you are poised for fantastic levels of success on the market free from these hurdles.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Top Luxury Spa Retreats for Mind and Body

There is nothing quite like a spa retreat. The sheer lack of pressure to do anything or be anywhere can be an intoxicating invite of them. Holidays can be centered around being self-indulgent in a non-productive way which is fun, but that might not always be best for your body and mind. Why not consider something different for the next trip away and go somewhere that can enable you to come back feeling even better.

Here are some top luxury spa picks for mind and body.

Aire Ancient Baths, New York
These gorgeous ancient baths are amongst all the hustle and bustle of New York City, though it would be extremely difficult to tell. Perfect for those who also like a little bit of retail therapy along with a spa day, this is a calm haven amongst the city buzz.

The Aire Ancient Baths ooze luxury but also won’t break the bank if a little treat is required. Created in a disused textile factory, this spa also definitely owns character! There are a variety of baths, all heated at different temperatures that will transport bathers through varying sensations, not unlike authentic roman bathing.

Not to be forgotten, a selection of treatments is also available in the spa, including experiences and even an ancient argan ritual!

Because of its location, it is a wonderful addition to a day out or weekend away, especially with friends. Why not book a spontaneous flight, use for easy airport parking, and then completely indulge?

Amangiri, Canyon Point, UT
With absolutely no exaggeration, this luxury spa retreat truly does hold everything needed for an out of this world experience. Snuggled amongst the towering warm colored rocks sits an idyllic spa, paying homage to earth, wind, fire, and water. Not only are the pools absolutely divine with uninterrupted views, but there is an impressive amount of treatments and activities to be enjoyed.

A water pavilion, steam room, plunge pool, and private relaxation area are just some of the things to expect from this extravagant retreat. Not forgetting the abundance of skincare treatments, massages, and other optional extras such as a yoga area and gym equipment. Amongst this serene and somewhat unbelievable setting, there is everything needed to restore the body and mind back to calmness and health.

“Bath like ancient Romans in a disused textile factory”

Berkshires Shirakaba, New Ashford, MA
For something truly special and unique, the Berkshires Shirakaba is a resort, let out as a single-booking property. Nestled in the ancient Berkshires, this dream resort offers a peaceful and tranquil getaway. It is also perfect for a romantic retreat, with its incredible views and unmatched privacy.

This particular retreat is inspired with Japanese- American style, allowing for the complete comfort of a western-style bedroom and the relaxing and enchanting Tatami room. Throughout the retreat, there are authentic Japanese accessories and room service.

This retreat is definitely one for those who need a rest from the humdrum of daily life, and to bask in simple, clean nature. However, there are still plenty of cultural treats to experience, such as theatres, gardens, music, and art, making it a perfectly balanced stay.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Destrehan Plantation: Part Five

Not Sponsored: For Part Five, I would like to focus on the 1811 German Coast Uprising (Slave Revolt) that occurred along the Mississippi River of Louisiana. You may be asking yourself, why it was called the German Coast Uprising. It was called the German Coast, because it had been settled by many German immigrants in the 1720s. I don't think I have to explain why the slaves planned this uprising. Throughout history, whenever there is disparity, inequality, and/or oppression there will always be dissatisfaction and an up-rise with people. Its bound to occur. Its usually not pretty. It was true then. It holds true now. I can't help but think about what is happening currently in The United States and also Worldwide, in regards to public protests and dissatisfaction with the way the world is today. Everyone has a voice. People want to be heard. There will be agreements and disagreements. If you desire change, its important to channel that energy into positive actions (personally, individually & collectively) that will make a difference and make the changes that are needed. My grandmother use to tell me, they can't take "that" away from you ... what's up there (brain)! So start with yourself. Start with your family. Strengthen your community. That's the path to positive change.

Destrehan Plantation

The 1811 German Coast Uprising Story: A group of enslaved plantation workers met on January 6, 1811 regarding the revolt. It was headed by a mulatto, Charles Deslondes. Slaves spread the word of the uprising to slaves from other plantations up and down the Mississippi River.

The revolt began January 8, 1811 on Andry Plantation (St. John Baptist Parish). The plantation owner Manual Andry was attacked with an axe wounding him. His son was killed (Gilbert Tomassin Andry). Despite being wounded Manual Andry was able to warn the inhabitants of other surrounding plantations. "According to eye witness accounts at the time, the rebels marched in military style while beating drums, waving flags, and armed with pikes, hoes, axes with a few carrying firearms (source)." An upwards of 200-500 enslaved people participated in this revolt. Small groups of slaves from other plantations joined the protest as they would pass.

The revolt was a two-day, twenty mile march! Plantation houses (a total of five), sugarhouses and crops were burnt (source) along the way. A plantation owner by the name of Jean Francois Trepangnier was killed. "By the end of the uprising, the rebels had murdered two whites but more than ninety-five rebels were killed during the uprising and in the retaliation, making the suppression of this revolt the bloodiest in the history of the country." (source)

Below (left) is a chart that outlines the two-day march route (where it began and ended January 10th). Its important to note that not all slaves participated in this uprising or supported the idea. Some provided support to the rebels. Others protected plantation owners property and told on other slaves. While all of this was going on, a militia was sent out and United States troops (US Army troops and Navy sailors) were called upon to quell the rebels. See chart below (right).

Deslondes was among the first captured by dogs after the battle. The militia did not hold him for trial or interrogation. Samuel Hambleton described Deslonde's fate: "Charles [Deslondes] had his hands chopped off then shot in one thigh & then the other, until they were both broken — then shot in the body and before he had expired was put into a bundle of straw and roasted!"[9] His dying cries sent a message to the other escaped slaves in the marshes.[10] (source)

For the other slaves that were captured, there were various parish trials. For most it meant death. There was death by firing squad. More than 100 heads of the executed were displayed on pikes along River Road. Many of the bodies were mutilated. Some slaves were forced to watch the executions. Some were even lashed with a whip.

Below are the names of the Destrehan slaves who died in 1811 fighting an oppressive government for their freedom.

I live near a major thoroughfare in New Orleans called Claiborne Avenue (there's South Claiborne Avenue and North Claiborne Avenue - its the longest street in New Orleans). Back in 1811, the Governor of the Territory of Orleans was William C. C. Claiborne. He was the 1st Governor of the Territory of New Orleans, Governor of Louisiana and United States Senator of Louisiana. He was actually from Virginia. Served as a congressman in Tennessee. He was Governor of Mississippi Territory. Claiborne moved to New Orleans and oversaw the transfer of Louisiana to U.S. control after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. His reaction to the revolt as described below was "to impose more rigorous restrictions on the black population, both slave and free, changing the laws pertaining to emancipation, movement, and gathering together." Wikipedia states, "Claiborne himself wrote at least twice to parish officials requesting that they refer cases to him for executive pardon or clemency, rather than accept the wholesale death sentences which were being handed out in Orleans Parish, as well as in St. Charles Parish and St. John the Baptist Parish. The only known beneficiaries of his pardon were two men named Theodore and Henry; however, no records exist of Claiborne refusing any other pardon requests related to the rebellion (source)." This all makes me feel very differently about Claiborne Avenue.

I found two interesting things about his descendents:
1. William Claiborne was the great—great—great grandfather of fashion designer Liz Claiborne.[21][22]
2. And for Louisianians ... He was the great-great-great granduncle of Lindy Boggs

After the revolt, things returned back to the way they were. Slavery did not end (Slavery wasn't abolished in Louisiana until 1864). The changes that were made, were not in the slaves favor. The slaves that rebelled believed death was better than living. This is such a sad story. That's why it took me so long to write Part Five. Think about it. Life is so bad, you rather die. Think about that. The treatment they received. The conditions they had to live in. I want you to look up the word OPPRESSION! There's not just racial oppression. There are other types you should know.

Despite being given a wonderful education, there's so much I don't know (visiting Destrehan Plantation has taught me that). There are so many people & places I've looked at ... taken for face value (not questioning, learning about its history or meaning). I've driven up and down Claiborne Avenue, knowing that it was named after a man from Louisiana history (but not really reading about and understanding the man). What I take from all of this, is the importance of building your knowledge. Inform yourself. Ask questions. Build on that everyday! Take one street a day in your city and find out its history. If a building was named after someone, read about them. Start with your city. Learn more about your state. Venture on to learn more about other cities and states. Take time to learn about other countries and cultures. Read! This should be done everyday. I learned so much from this one experience. I hope you did as well. You can't change history, but you can learn from it. You can appreciate the sacrifices others made for you to have a better life and build upon that. From there you can build a better life not only for yourself and family, but others.

Destrehan Plantation had a wonderful store filled with an assortment of items. I purchased a tote for my mom (see below). It lists all the popular dishes served on certain days here in New Orleans. Everybody knows Monday's are red bean & rice day. I was particularly enamored with the artwork displayed. My older readers know I remodeled my home, so I'm just starting to add those extra touches that are personal. I love that really small Lucky Dog cart with the brown background (artwork). See if you can spot it! I think it would be cute in my kitchen. I've taken a lot with me just from this one experience. Fill your life with experiences and adventures! They'll teach you so much! You'll learn a lot. Explore places you've never been. I'm so thankful for this opportunity.

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