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Monday, June 22, 2020

Top Luxury Spa Retreats for Mind and Body

There is nothing quite like a spa retreat. The sheer lack of pressure to do anything or be anywhere can be an intoxicating invite of them. Holidays can be centered around being self-indulgent in a non-productive way which is fun, but that might not always be best for your body and mind. Why not consider something different for the next trip away and go somewhere that can enable you to come back feeling even better.

Here are some top luxury spa picks for mind and body.

Aire Ancient Baths, New York
These gorgeous ancient baths are amongst all the hustle and bustle of New York City, though it would be extremely difficult to tell. Perfect for those who also like a little bit of retail therapy along with a spa day, this is a calm haven amongst the city buzz.

The Aire Ancient Baths ooze luxury but also won’t break the bank if a little treat is required. Created in a disused textile factory, this spa also definitely owns character! There are a variety of baths, all heated at different temperatures that will transport bathers through varying sensations, not unlike authentic roman bathing.

Not to be forgotten, a selection of treatments is also available in the spa, including experiences and even an ancient argan ritual!

Because of its location, it is a wonderful addition to a day out or weekend away, especially with friends. Why not book a spontaneous flight, use for easy airport parking, and then completely indulge?

Amangiri, Canyon Point, UT
With absolutely no exaggeration, this luxury spa retreat truly does hold everything needed for an out of this world experience. Snuggled amongst the towering warm colored rocks sits an idyllic spa, paying homage to earth, wind, fire, and water. Not only are the pools absolutely divine with uninterrupted views, but there is an impressive amount of treatments and activities to be enjoyed.

A water pavilion, steam room, plunge pool, and private relaxation area are just some of the things to expect from this extravagant retreat. Not forgetting the abundance of skincare treatments, massages, and other optional extras such as a yoga area and gym equipment. Amongst this serene and somewhat unbelievable setting, there is everything needed to restore the body and mind back to calmness and health.

“Bath like ancient Romans in a disused textile factory”

Berkshires Shirakaba, New Ashford, MA
For something truly special and unique, the Berkshires Shirakaba is a resort, let out as a single-booking property. Nestled in the ancient Berkshires, this dream resort offers a peaceful and tranquil getaway. It is also perfect for a romantic retreat, with its incredible views and unmatched privacy.

This particular retreat is inspired with Japanese- American style, allowing for the complete comfort of a western-style bedroom and the relaxing and enchanting Tatami room. Throughout the retreat, there are authentic Japanese accessories and room service.

This retreat is definitely one for those who need a rest from the humdrum of daily life, and to bask in simple, clean nature. However, there are still plenty of cultural treats to experience, such as theatres, gardens, music, and art, making it a perfectly balanced stay.
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