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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Snapchat Story Favorites No. 3

Here's a round-up of my favorite Snapchat Stories! See others HERE
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Jouer Cosmetics Mermaid Collection (czjouer & ipsyofficial snapchat)

Have you heard of Jouer (zhew-ey) Cosmetics? I just learned about them this year. They're a mother (Christina) & daughter (Amelie) team out of Beverly Hills, California. I'll talk more about them later this week, because I purchased some lip products from them that I'll be reviewing. They just released a Mermaid Collection and did a photo shoot for it at their home! It was gorgeous! Christina had some of the TOP beauty YouTubers to participate. My favorites were Christina herself and Mac Daddy. I swear he looked like a young Zeus (so powerful). I like that she had nearly all nationalities represented in this campaign. She promotes diversity in everything she does. It really came out nice. She's very active on Snapchat and I like how she explains how her products work. I can respect that. 

Kate Spade (zarah-amira snapchat)

Blogger Zarah, went to the premiere of Kate Spade's new Summer collection. I need a vacation? Yes, I do! We all do! Love the theme of this collection. It made me check out Kate Spade website and she has the cutest vacation themed products. There's the cutest little Tiki bag there.

Teen Vogue & Dolce Gabbana in Capri, Italy (teenvogue snapchat)

Dolce & Gabbana invited a number of people to Capri, Italy to view their newest fragrance and Summer collection. The casing for the bronzer is exquisite! It's like a piece of art. The last I checked, it was on pre-order at Saks Fifth Avenue. Plus, I never knew what a Cedrat was!

NEW Coach Fragrance

Everyone that went to the Coach Fragrance launch seemed more smitten with the pink roses than the fragrance. I'm sure they loved the fragrance, but everyone was smitten with the roses. So am I. They are gorgeous. So what's the fragrance? LOL

Popsugar Packing Hacks To Get You Amped For Summer Vacay (popsugar snapchat)

There are countless tips on how to pack for a trip (coming & going). I thought I had read them all! Love the idea of putting dirty shoes in a shower cap, protecting fragile items by putting them in a sock, and storing jewelry in a pill case. I learned something new :)

Popsugar 10 Books To Inspire Your Next Adventure (popsugar snapchat)

People are always coming out with Summer reading lists! But what about book suggestions based on location. I thought this was a different spin on Summer Reading! A Paris Affair sounds intriguing ;)

Anastasia Beverly Hills NEW Sun Dipped Glow Kit (abhcosmetics snapchat)

Anastasia Beverly Hills now has THREE Glow Kits. This is the newest one! It's called Sun Dipped! All are beautiful! I need to swatch all three to see which is right for me. I love ABH's swatches! She always swatches on different skin tones (as shown below). She also has a new eye shadow palette called Modern Renaissance.

Covergirl Tru Blend Contour Palette (covergirlxo snapchat)

Highlight, Contour and Bronze! Covergirl is coming out in August with a Tru Blend Contour Palette to keep you Summer-licious all year long. 

Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette With Brush (tartecosmetics snapchat)

My beauty blogger status card is in question, because I had never heard of Gravy3YardGirl (YouTuber) until this palette came out. She's very popular! So popular, Tarte gave her an opportunity to make a Limited Edition Palette. A pre-release was done and it sold OUT! Right now it's out of stock, but you can sign up to find out if it will be released again. Probably right after the holidays, because they're having a 20% off everything sale right now.

Maybelline Shine Shot (maybelline snapchat)
Shine Shot was used at a recent event this week. It's a gloss, that HIGHLIGHTS! That's a different twist! It's suppose to be released in July. It gives a nice glow.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks (ultabeauty snapchat)

Want to add 100 lipsticks to your collection? Urban Decay is coming out with another vault type. There are swatches throughout the blogosphere on it and YouTube. Get em in June!

Stila (stilacosmetics snapchat)

Stila is coming out with some matte lipsticks and lip liners in July. They didn't say much more.

Lime Crime Venus (limecrimemakeup snapchat)

This is NOT new! But I thought these swatches for Lime Crime's Venus Palette was superb. 

Benefit Cosmetics BEFORE & AFTER Pictures Using Their Products (benefitbeauty snapchat)

Benefit did some before & after's using a sample of their products. I've done many Benefit reviews and you can read them all HERE

Deborah Lippmann Manicure Tips (popsugar snapchat)

Deborah Lippmann offered some manicure tips  :) I'll stop shaking Deborah! I'll stop shaking!

Popsugar Frozen Banana Pops (popsugar snapchat)

Anybody for a frozen banana pop? It's a great Summer time treat. Also a great activity!

Through The Looking Glass Movie Premiere - The Zoe Report & Urban Decay 

(thezoereport snapchat & urbandecaysnaps snapchat)

I saw Alice In Wonderland a couple of years ago. Loved the beginning all the way to the middle and then from the middle to end it kind of got silly. LOL Depp break-dancing and such. So I'm sitting this one out and will wait for it on Netflix. Loved the premiere however! I want giant mushrooms in my house ;)

Popsugar - 6 Ways To Make It Through Monday (popsugar snapchat)

So this Monday is a holiday here in the States (Memorial Day), but use these tips the following Monday! I believe in RED LIPSTICK! Yes, I do! Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed! I'll be back Tuesday!

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