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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique in Betty Boop

I'm slowly working on my little makeup room. I hope to be finished by the end of this year ;) In my makeup room, I have a series of shelves. One is dedicated to Betty Boop. I've always been a fan and did you know the original inspiration for the Betty Boop character was an African-american jazz singer in New York (Harlem Cotton Club)!?! Read here and here. There was a huge court case about it! Well I was thrilled to find out that Jean Paul Gaultier themed his iconic "Classique" perfume after two classic cartoon characters: Betty Boop & Popeye. I grew up familiar with both, but I never saw the two characters together. So that made me question the pairing. I found out, Betty Boop appeared in the very first Popeye The Sailor animation (1933). Because WE ALL KNOW, Olive Oyl was Popeye's girl. HaHaHa Hmmm, I wonder if they thought Olive Oyl wasn't SEXY enough to be put on a JPG perfume bottle??? Hmmmm. Well I wanted to add this to my collection and purchased my Jean Paul Gaultier Betty Boop Perfume from Macy's. You guys know I'm not a perfume girl, so I wasn't too sure if this would go over well for me. It's described as ... "the torrid fragrance is an overdose of gourmand: crystalline, reminiscent of a lemon sorbet; but sweetened with sugar cane. Vanilla and musk have the final word creating the desire for more." It's really hard for me to describe, but one thing I do's SEXY! This is for date night or an evening out. You only need a spritz or two, but trust me ... it's not loud. It makes a statement, but is not obnoxious (you can put your nose to your arm & keep it there). This is not an everyday perfume (at least for me). It's sweet, sugary & spicy. It's vanilla. It's musk. It's wood. I love everything from the can it comes in (Popeye thought it was a spinach can... see the comic strip below LOL), to the feminine shape of the bottle. It's everything pink, girly, sexy and flirtatious! I'm glad I love the packaging AND the perfume!!! Betty Boop is for the girls. Popeye is for the boys. Or whatever floats your boat! LOL The only gripe I have, is the Betty Boop (female) perfume costs $5 MORE than the Popeye (male) one. What's up with that? Have a great weekend everybody! >.<

Jean Paul Gaultier always knows how to have FUN! Remember my Diet Coke blog post!?!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Jean Paul Gaultier "Classique" Betty Boop Perfume is Sweet

The Adventures of Betty Boop & Popeye Comic Strip (read side to side)

There's an animated comic strip on Jean Paul Gaultier's website. It's a must see. I took some screen shots. But to see it in its entirety, view it on his website. It's really funny! Here's the jist! Betty Boop is working at a cabaret in New York. Popeye sails in on his boat to wisk her away to Paris. On the way to Paris, the other sailors on the boat fall in love with Betty. Popeye gets jealous and beats them up (not shown). They finally get to Paris and Paul Gautier greets them and showers them with gifts (perfume being one of them). He also outfits Popeye in his iconic striped tshirt and Betty in his famous Madonna-esque cone-endowed Jean Paul Gautier corset. Click on the pictures to make larger. Read from side to side then next row.

Picture Credit: personal pics (AVSB) / all other pics Jean Paul Gaultier instagram & website


  1. Yes Kim, I knew where Betty Boop came from. My Mom had a big collection of Betty Boop and told me and my sibling why she was a big fan and who created her. This perfume bottle is perfect and sexy to add to her collection thanks.

  2. Oh my gosh! I never knew Betty Book made an appearance with Popeye! How cool! And the packaging of this perfume is just pretty cool:) Kim, how am I not surprised you're a fan of her? :D Such sexy gals.

  3. I didn't know any of this history about Betty Boop - thanks for sharing Kim, how interesting! Although I love Betty Boop, it's nice to know that Olive Oyl won the day in the end, because there is so much more to life than sex appeal. But, for a fragrance, particularly one from Jean Paul Gaultier, Betty Boop was the perfect choice. I've always loved his perfume bottles, although not the perfumes themselves, and this one is no exception! I can't wait to see photos of your make-up room when it's finished :)

  4. I can't wait to see your beauty room Kim, and that's so cool you'll have a Betty boop corner!! This perfume is so cute! It sounds like it smells nice. I love the presumed that are more sexy for a date night or evening out!

  5. How cute is this?! I went through a phase where everything in my room was Betty Boop, I was very obsessed, to say the least! My mom, when I was a little girl, had a best friend who was one of those crazy best friends you always love being around, first introduced me to her. She had a little red car and decorated the whole interior with Betty Boop (so '90s) so I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I had no idea that she was based off a real life jazz singer, African American to be exact! I can understand the whole law suit situation, for obvious reasons. I love visiting Harlem, there are sections that have really maintained the old school jazz tradition and one of my favorite restaurants around there is the legendary Minton's! They still play live jazz and it's such an experience, you'd love it, make sure you visit it whenever you come to NYC! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, I'll have to make sure I smell it myself the next time I'm at Macy's because it sounds like a scent I'd like, plus, I'm a sucker for cute perfume packaging, haha! I hope you're having a lovely week so far, beauty!



  6. The info and background story about Betty Boop is very interesting! I never knew this. My grandmother used to LOVE Betty Boop. She had all these Betty Boop figurines and knick nacks. I have always loved these Jean Paul Gaultier bottles.

  7. I love the history Kim! I was quite the Popeye fan growing up. It was such a fun cartoon. I had no idea Betty Boop had a connection to him. That is so neat too that she was fashioned after a jazz singer. I can totally see that! Fun cartoon strip too.

  8. I am also a fan of Betty Boop! I never knew she appeared on Popeye learn something new every day lol. This sounds like a fantastic collection and I love the story behind it. I'm so looking forward to seeing your finished makeup room

    Keisha xo

  9. Such a fun collaboration! I never knew about Betty Boop being on Popeye either!

    The design of the bottle looks great and it sounds like a lovely perfume Kim :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. I love her too, the perfume must be mesmerizing, want to try it so bad now! What a sweet packaging! Btw, Kim Im so curious to see ur makeup room now lol, I can only imagine it! xo

  11. You are the first person that I have heard ever that has a make up room - so I am really looking forward to it.
    I so love Betty Boop-

  12. That is such a cute and collectible bottle Kim! What is up with the Betty Boop perfume costing more than the Popeye one though?!! And really cool that you found out that Betty Boop actually appeared in the very first Popeye animation.

  13. Wow, what a creative idea! The packaging is so cute and I love that they did their own cartoon. It must smell incredible, I love vanilla in a perfume!


  14. This collection is worth every penny. I love the packaging, Kim! I hope it sticks around because I am going to tell my husband exactly what I want for my birthday in June. Great review and thanks for the little history.

  15. What a fun post. I did know about the Betty Boop history bit, but only because I used to be obsessed with Betty Boop even as a child. You can kind of see the emulation, those cute wavy curls. :) I had Betty Boop socks and lace accessories that my mum bought me. haha. I didn't know about this collection Kim, so thanks for the review. The bottle is adorable. Much looking forward to your makeup room reveal. <3 Wish you a great weekend!
    Best Tasty Books

  16. Thanks for the background on Betty! I love the design of the bottle.

  17. The popeye can is cute. I love that! My friend is a huge fan of Popeye and Betty, so I remembered hearing some of the background before. Thanks for refreshing my memory though because it's been a while since I've seen either characters.
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your makeup room. It'll be so worth it when it's all said and done. I always tell myself that whenever we're going through remodeling because the whole process can be tedious sometimes. Hang in there friend, and have a good weekend!

  18. Wow!!!! I didn't know the background story about Betty Boop and thanks for sharing the story.

  19. I am never dissaponted by JPG! In love with the bottles!

  20. Betty Boop made an appearance with Popeye?! Say wut?! LOL! Seriously though, I love Popeye and watched lots of it when I was a child. I have tried JPG perfumes before, well I sniffed them but they are always way too strong for my liking. Never tried this one though.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  21. OMG your makeup room is going to be AMAAAAZING!
    So excited for it :D
    And yess, loved the bottle design when you showed it on Snapchat, it's super cute

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  22. I have always loved Betty Boop. She is so sassy ;-) My mom loves the Jean Gaultier perfumes. She has a few in her collection. I think this would be a great birthday gift for her. The bottle is stunning. xoxo

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