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Friday, June 29, 2012

Harper's Bazaar China: Fabulous London

It's Friday and I'm in Heaven! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. HaHa I swear I nearly died and went to Heaven when I saw this 2012 July editorial for Harper's Bazaar China. Why? It's all about LONDON! Any one of my readers, can tell you I'm a London-holic! There is no cure for me. I'm all over the Olympic trials right now. But that's another story! HaHaHa

The title of this editorial couldn't be more befitting: "Fabulous London". Creative Director Wei Tan and Photographer Zack Zhang take models Bonnie Chen, Tomek and Huggo Woddis to various popular London Landmarks and what they produce is magic. Gorgeous landmarks, rich fabulous colored gowns, and a model that has MUCH attitude comprises this awesome photo shoot. CHEER-io!!! Note: I'll be blogging this weekend, so look for posts. Lots of content right now. On days when there's nothing to talk about, I won't blog. So expect something from me anytime. :)

...And the WINNER of the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Nail Lacquer Giveaway is...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OPI Giveaway: Who Wants a Minnie-Cure?

OPI just came out with a Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection and I thought it was really cute. It's very PINK! HaHa I think it's FUN! Do you ever get too old for Minnie Mouse? HaHa I always try to stay young at heart. I think that's important.

The collection is composed of four shades: Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It, I'm All Ears, If You Moust You Moust, and The Color Of Minnie.

There's also a really cool OPI Spiderman Collection. If you like various shades of greens, blue and orange you should definitely check it out.

I haven't hosted a Giveway in awhile, so lets do a quick one! I'll send you the mini collection, as shown below. I'll announce a winner tomorrow! Good Luck!

To Enter Is As Easy As 1-2-3:
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2. Subscribe to A Very Sweet Blog via GFC or Bloglovin' (see sidebar)
3. Follow Me on Twitter @averysweetblog

Let me know you did all three in the comment section below!

A Winner Will Be Selected By Random Number Generator Midnight 6/28 and Announced 6/29 in Friday's Post
Good Luck!!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mulberry: Where the Wild Things Are

Ahhhhh! Children's Books and Fairytales! Mulberry has channeled inspiration from the popular children's book written by Maurice Sendak, "Where the Wild Things Are" for their 2012 Fall ad campaign.

Model Lindsey Wixson and photographer Tim Walker, worked their magic in the Blackheath Forest in Surrey, England. I'm very impressed. I loved Mulberry's candy-themed 2012 Summer/Spring campaign earlier this year. I seem to love their ad campaigns more than their clothes. Oops! I wasn't suppose to say that. Bad Fashionista! But it's the truth! I can handle the truth! HaHaHa

Shhh! I have a confession you guys. I've never read 'Where the Wild Things Are' or even seen the movie when it came out several years ago. HaHaHa! For some reason those monsters always frightened me, but I heard it was an excellent story. I guess if I can handle the Grimm Fairytale, Hansel and Gretel, surely this should be a piece of cake. LOL

Were there any fairytales that scared you or made you cry? 
I still can't watch Bambi or Dumbo! LOL
Share your story below!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CHANEL-ling Hitchcock

Check Out The New CHANEL Hitchcock Nail Color Collection I was perusing Vogue Germany online (and I don't speak a lick of German haha) and after doing a little translation homework (thank you I found out that Chanel is coming out with an interesting new nail polish collection that pays hommage to film producer and director Alfred Hitchcock. Yes, Hitchcock! AKA the 'Master of Suspense'. Can you imagine the upcoming Chanel campaign ads? HaHaHa


Let me give you a brief background on Hitchcock! Alfred Hitchcock was before my time, so I know for many of you he was before your time also. HaHa Born in London, England he became a citizen of The United States and worked for big movie houses such as Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures to name a few.  He's hailed as a suspense and psychological filmaker genius and is widely known for his popular films Psycho, The Birds and Dial M for Murder here in the States.

I've always embraced the unique and unusual, but for me (my personal tastes) Alfred Hitchcock always took it several more levels and ummm threw you off the top! HaHaHa So I could never really get into his films, but he was definitely a genius nonetheless.

Chanel Le Vernis and Hitchcock Films! The name of the three nail polishes that will come out Fall 2012 are: N°561 Suspicious, N°563 Vertigo, and N°559 Frenzy. All are named after one of Hitchcock's many masterpieces. I've never seen any of these films (as of yet). Have you? Are you a Hitchcock fan? What do you think of the Chanel nail colors? If I translated correctly, Suspicious is suppose to be Fuchsia, Vertigo like Caviar and Frenzy is like pale death with a hint of Lilac...ok maybe not pale death (that's my description of it! haha) ...something like gray (greigeton). Anybody know any German??? LOL


Monday, June 25, 2012

Vogue US: Karlie Kloss' Brazilian Treatment

Karlie Kloss goes to Brazil! Model Karlie Kloss shines in a ten page portfolio, entitled "Brazilian Treatment", for July's 2012 Vogue US Magazine. It was photographed by Mario Testino and is truly gorgeous. Vogue describes it as a "celebration of all things sun and spa". After reading the article, it's truly amazing to see and hear about what she and Testino went through, to "get the shot". It really makes for a good read. She shared some of her experiences and I attached them to the pictures below. Who would've thought! I wouldn't have made it past the mosquitoes. HaHaHa

The Shot! “We took this right in the middle of the mangrove. The sun was going down and it was stunning—but the mosquitos were out and the whole crew were losing their minds. They wrapped me up from head to toe in silver mylar fabric. I was baking like a sweet potato in the heat and the mosquitoes were attacking, and we had five minutes to get the shot. But it turned out beautifully in the end!”

The Flowers! “The wildlife and [fauna] in Brazil is amazing. I was constantly picking flowers off the bushes and trees and sticking them into my hair before dinner. For this shot, [hairstylist] Julien d’Ys collected different flowers that were growing around the hotel and made them into a gorgeous headpiece in a moment of inspiration.”

The Food! “I am obsessed with Brazilian food. I loved the fresh smoothies and acai-berry fruit bowls with granola sprinkled over them in the morning. I also made best friends with the cook, Bernardo, at the hotel and he let come into the kitchen to help at night. He just sent me a bunch of recipes that I can’t wait to try—in particular, feijoada, which is a very Brazilian dish. And how can I forget the man who made chocolate from a local cacao tree in the main village? I bought as many bars as I could shove into my suitcase.”

The Arts! “Capoeira is an art form—and these dancers were spectacular to watch. They were flipping around backward, forward, and sideways around me. Their bodies are so powerful. I tried not to mess up the one kick I’d learned—but next to them, it didn’t look like I was doing too much!”

The Natural Resources! “Traveling around the world, I like to try different spa treatments. On the morning of this shot, we traveled to the local cliffs made of red and white clay. They literally scrape it from the ground, mix it with water, and smooth it all over your body. It becomes a natural exfoliating mask. Somewhere in New York, somebody would be paying a lot of money for this and here it is in Brazil, coming straight out of the earth.”

The Talent! “This was a really spontaneous moment. We had just come from shooting the red-clay treatment, so I took a dive in the ocean to rinse off. I’ve been taking ballet lessons since I was eight years old, and I’m always jumping around a lot anyway. When I got out of the water, I ran and kind of leaped into the air, and Mario just happened to catch the shot with his camera. It looks a bit like I’m flying!”
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