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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vogue Korea: Ji Hye Park in 'One Dream'

Do you daydream? A small dose of it can be healthy, but I find myself drifting to never never land a lot. HaHaHa I always blame it on my sign. I'm a Pisces. I love to dream and I love fantasy. Sometimes when things get hectic or too much stress comes into my day, I like to drift to another place. It's relaxing and helps me recharge to face the realities of the real world. That's why I like reading blogs. It's like a mental trip for your brain. You always find something unique.

Well, the name of this fashion editorial is 'One Dream' (hmmm, i think they should do a part two and call it 'Many Dreams" hahaha) and it was featured in June 2012 Vogue Korea. The model is Ji Hye Park and she's captured by photographer Bosung Kim in a series of daydreams floating across a blue sea. She imagines a life traveling the world, a life at sea and that special day when she is able to wear that perfect white dress. Looks like her dream is taking over her little boat. Think BIG! Dream a cruise liner girlie! HaHaHa Oops! This is HER dream! :) Have a DREAMY Tuesday!
Publication: Vogue Korea
Issue: June 2012
Title: One Dream
Model: Ji Hye Park
Photography: Bosung Kim
Styling: Seo Young Hui

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dita Von Teese Classics Art Deco Cosmetics Collection

Do you like a red lippy? I've always been a fan of red lipstick, but choosing the right one can definitely be challenging. I never knew there were so many shades of red! HaHaHa

Dita Von Teese, the queen of burlesque, has put together a cosmetic line that features her signature red lipstick among other things. The official name of the line is Dita Von Teese Classics Art Deco Cosmetics Collection. Dita believes "beauty is art"! She made an interesting comment on her cosmetic webpage,

"The truth is that I'm quite an ordinary looking girl. When I was a little girl, I remember watching classic Hollywood films from the 40s and noticing that these glorious women were painted that way. Glamour is about creation, and any woman who desires it can learn to create it for herself as I have. I believe that makeup has the power to transform an ordinary woman into an extraordinary one." 
Dita Von Teese 

So do you agree with her statement? I added the video below which features her collection. The photographer makes an interesting comment, that "the only ugly woman is a lazy woman". Hmmm. Dita's collection looks quite exquisite. The lipsticks in this collection are all shades of RED. This gives new meaning to majoring in something you're good at. She always wears red lipstick, so I think it's safe to call her an expert in this color. HaHaHa This collection is only available in Germany right now (do I have any German readers? HaHaHa), but the Art Deco website states it will be released in other countries in the coming months and to check back.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

MAC Archie's Girls Collection: Betty or Veronica?

Here's Your Sunday Scoop! I was pretty excited to read about this upcoming collaboration. MAC Cosmetics will be coming out with an 'Archie's Girl's' Makeup Line. It's based on the classic comic book 'Archie' . This comic book was way before my time, but I always come across pictures from it and chuckle.

I did a little research and it features, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper (nice, sweet, funny, girl next door blonde) and Veronica Lodge (rich, posh, sometimes good-hearted, sometimes spoiled , sexy and vain brunette).

Both ladies are best friends, but were always vying for Archie's attention and affection. There seemed to be a constant love triangle. HaHaHa So are YOU a BETTY or VERONICA?

Excited? Ok, Good News and Bad News! 

GOOD NEWS: MAC is asking their customers to text 898622 with the subject of "Betty" or "Veronica". The company will base the look and feel of the collection on whichever girl receives the most text votes (and just by texting you'll be one of the first to know when the collection is available online and when I did it I received a free shipping code for my next order with MAC). *Msg and Data Rates May Apply!
BAD NEWS: The collection doesn't come out until Spring 2013! Oh, the wait! HaHaHa


Saturday, July 28, 2012

OPI Skyfall Collection: Shaken Not Stirred

Hey Everybody! This is your Saturday Scoop! You guys may remember me doing a post on the upcoming 'Skyfall' 007 movie featuring Daniel Craig. The movie comes out October 26th in the UK and November 9th in the States.

In celebration of James Bond's Golden Anniversary, OPI nail lacquer is coming out with an 18 karat gold leaf top coat entitled "The Man With The Golden Gun". The top coat contains REAL 18 karat gold and comes packaged in a special limited edition collectible gold bottle.

This collection will be made available October 2012 along with a gift set and other nail lacquers named after former popular James Bond movies. Over the top or not? HaHaHa
 The OPI Skyfall Collection from left to right: The Spy Who Loved Me, Casino Royale, You Only Live Twice, Die Another Day, Skyfall, Goldeneye, The World Is Not Enough, Moonraker, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Living Daylights, Live And Let Die, Tomorrow Never Dies.

Did anyone see the London Olympic's Opening Ceremony featuring Daniel Craig (James Bond 007) picking up Queen Elizabeth and then they both "jump" out of the helicopter and make their grand entrance into the Olympics? I couldn't stop laughing. I thought it was a brilliant concept. It's good to see the Queen lighten up and have a little fun. Did you have a favorite Opening Ceremony moment? I liked that segment, Mary Poppins and the Mr. Bean/Chariots of Fire segment was HILARIOUS!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Cheer!

Yaay! Cheers! I've been waiting for this day. It's the start of the Olympics! I'm wearing my Olympic tshirts and I can't wait to see all of the athletes. The talent they possess is truly amazing. I think they should ALL be applauded.

Are there any particular events you like to watch? I love watching gymnastics, basketball and swimming. I'm personally cheering for swimmer Ryan Lochte. My slogan is Lochte is a Hottie! I also can't wait to see the Opening Ceremony. Anyone remember the Opening Ceremony in Beijing, China (2008)? So much history, precision, custom, discipline and detail. They really set the bar HIGH! hahaha Oh well, attached are some olympic themed images I came across that made me SMILE and will make you SMILE (me wearing a PEACE US/British tshirt holding a can of Coca-Cola olympic instagram pic).

I would like to thank everyone for their comments the other day regarding my unique blog posts and topics. I've always gravitated towards unique, different, and extraordinary people & things. Blogging has given me a medium to share what I think is awesome and what I love with YOU.

Many of you asked where do I find these topics? I subscribe to a smorgasbord of stores, designers, magazines and pop culture pages via Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to see who I follow. When you follow a plethora of sites, sometimes one thing will  lead you to something else. For example, I followed a site on Twitter that only talked about chocolate. Well one day they mentioned Choccywoccydoodah! So that's how I found out about them. Anything that I find interesting, know that I will share it with you.

Again, I thank each of you. As much as you enjoy reading my blog, I enjoy reading yours too. I learn so much. Have a wonderful weekend! Oops, I mean Cheery-O or is it Cheerio? LOL

...and the WINNER of the Butter LONDON Giveaway is...
Jo of White Roses and Coffee Blog

Congratulations Jo! I'm sending you an email!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld Olympic Themed Collection at Selfridges

All Hail King Karl! I'm being sarcastic.HaHaHa Flags were flying, window displays were set, the boy toys were dressed and in position, there were trays of macarons emblazoned with his image...and yep, the STAR of this private party was two hours late for his own soiree (according to published reports)! HaHaHa Who am I talking about? Why, Karl Lagerfeld of course!

Selfridges of London was host to THREE of Karl Lagerfeld's Collections Tuesday, July 24th. The three collections were Team Karl (Olympic Theme), Karl Collection and Karl Lagerfeld Paris Man.

I want your thoughts and opinions guys! I have a love/hate for Lagerfeld's work. The feathery wedding dress he featured in Paris Haute Couture was absolutely breathtaking. Loved it! The Cruise Collection. Hated it! The Little Black Jacket Exhibition. Loved It! And the verdict is still out on the Shu Uemura collaboration.

Now he's created an Olympic Theme Collection and doesn't plan on watching the Olympics! Ummm?!? What kind of message is that? Ohhh Karl!

Looking at the Olympic Themed Collection, I get the jacket, I get the pants, I get the blinged out collars, but what I don't get are the tshirts that have a medal on them. I like the Karl Lagerfeld "discus" and "torch" tee, but that big ass medal imprinted around your neck (see pic below). C'mon Karl! Ugggh! It reminds me of Flavor Flav and that ginormous watch he wore around his neck. :P


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Have you ever heard of Choccywoccydoodah? I couldn't even pronounce the name at first, let alone figure out what it was! HaHaHa It's pronounced chocky wocky doodah (think zip-a-dee-doo-dah). I first learned about this EXTRAordinary chocolaterie on twitter and their creations literally blew my mind.

Choccywoccydoodah specializes in these over-the-top, blow-your-mind, fantasy and fairytale chocolate sculptures, bespoke wedding cakes, and birthday cakes just to name a few. They create cakes and sculptures for EVERYbody! Celebrities such as Christian Louboutin and Boy George have even requested their service.

Their stores are even magical! Various lamp shades and chandeliers dangle from the ceiling, elaborate couches and chairs grace the store floor, small chocolate goodies are in every nook and corner, and their window displays are beyond words. They have shops in both Brighton and London, England. Now, get ready to have a SWEET TOOTH (and remember everything is chocolate! well almost everything! hahaha)...

Isn't this place Ah-mazing!?! I've got to visit one day! Here's the link to their Facebook and Twitter page. See how they created and delivered Boy George's birthday cake below. For all my England blog buddies, they are featured on a television show entitled Good Food. Source: All pictures came from the Choccywoccydoodah Facebook page.

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