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Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Cheer!

Yaay! Cheers! I've been waiting for this day. It's the start of the Olympics! I'm wearing my Olympic tshirts and I can't wait to see all of the athletes. The talent they possess is truly amazing. I think they should ALL be applauded.

Are there any particular events you like to watch? I love watching gymnastics, basketball and swimming. I'm personally cheering for swimmer Ryan Lochte. My slogan is Lochte is a Hottie! I also can't wait to see the Opening Ceremony. Anyone remember the Opening Ceremony in Beijing, China (2008)? So much history, precision, custom, discipline and detail. They really set the bar HIGH! hahaha Oh well, attached are some olympic themed images I came across that made me SMILE and will make you SMILE (me wearing a PEACE US/British tshirt holding a can of Coca-Cola olympic instagram pic).

I would like to thank everyone for their comments the other day regarding my unique blog posts and topics. I've always gravitated towards unique, different, and extraordinary people & things. Blogging has given me a medium to share what I think is awesome and what I love with YOU.

Many of you asked where do I find these topics? I subscribe to a smorgasbord of stores, designers, magazines and pop culture pages via Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to see who I follow. When you follow a plethora of sites, sometimes one thing will  lead you to something else. For example, I followed a site on Twitter that only talked about chocolate. Well one day they mentioned Choccywoccydoodah! So that's how I found out about them. Anything that I find interesting, know that I will share it with you.

Again, I thank each of you. As much as you enjoy reading my blog, I enjoy reading yours too. I learn so much. Have a wonderful weekend! Oops, I mean Cheery-O or is it Cheerio? LOL

...and the WINNER of the Butter LONDON Giveaway is...
Jo of White Roses and Coffee Blog

Congratulations Jo! I'm sending you an email!


  1. you look so cute wearing the red us t shirt, Kim!
    congrats to the winner!
    hope you have a great weekend. ;)

  2. Great Olympic photos!

    The cola can is so interesting too - we have one here but it's Aussie! How fun would it be to have a collection of them from around the world!

    This is the aussie one, from my instagram so you may have seen it before:

    Enjoy watching the Olympics Kim! :)

  3. You crack me up!! I'm excited too. The sports channel is always on in my house, so I haven't missed anything :)) I think it's going to be a great games this year!! Everything has been wonderful to see :)) I hope you enjoy it too doll & we are UNIQUE for other way to be ;) xx

  4. love you in the pics!!i am so excited for the opening ceremony tonight!!!the pictures are charging me up even more!

  5. You're so cute in your Olympics gear, Kim! You're cracking me up with the Lochte is a hottie chant...I love the little collage devoted to him :) I'm looking forward to gynmanstics, swimming, and diving. Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my Daisy Rae giveaway!

  6. I'm super excited for opening ceremonies too! I've already been watching the soccer games (obvi) so my Olympic fever is in full effect!

  7. Great photos! Very excited to watch the opening ceremonies - I think we are going to go downtown to get into the full swing of it!

    The Urban Umbrella


  8. I'm just all over the cute British Olympics themed merchandise and treats! I wish I could be in London to see it live. Looks like you're celebrating in style :)

    <3 Cambria

  9. You do always have some of the best topics! My fave sports to watch for the Olympics are gymnastics and track & field.

    Congrats to the Butter London winner!

  10. i've been waiting for this day, too! i particularly love watching gymnastics. :)

    i saw a pic of you earlier on instagram... you look darling!

    have a great wknd!


  11. Your t-shirts are so cute! Lochte is a hottie! Ha! Awesome! I can't wait for gymnastics! Whoo hoo Olympics!!!

  12. Haha love the photos of you- too cute! I guess I'm not as patriotic in that I never watch the Olympics-on occassion I watch gymnastics and figure skating (winter).

  13. Got it I will stock ur twitter and it asap! Haha love the mix drink picc. Thnx again for sharing tgif hunny

  14. Hey Kim! I love your t-shirts and this post of course! Omg, I'm SO HAPPY! I can't believe this is the first time I entered your giveaway and I won!!! Thank you so much! BTW, I don't know why your email was in my spam box, sorry for the delay! Have a great weekend!

    xo Jo

  15. Great post Kim! I am looking forward to the opening ceremony tonight:) Have a fab weekend!

  16. oh my god! Loving all of these photos and you're olympic pride! So happy they're on tonight!! Great post :) xx

  17. I can't wait for the Olympics, too! My fave events would have to be basketball, gymnastics, and swimming. :)

  18. Such a nice post here, so funny!
    I really hope to find this wonderful stuff in London!!
    Thanks for the comment darling!

  19. Have a wonderful weekend! These photos are great!

  20. I love how you have caught Olympic fever! I enjoy the gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. And the parade of nations at the beginning always gives me chills


  21. I'm excited for the Olympics, too - mainly to watch the gymnastics :) I spent nine years of my life in the gym and, although an injury eventually took me out, I've continued to follow the sport ever since and the Olympics are the most exciting event of all. And truth is, I'm cheering for Ryan Lochte, too - because what woman isn't? LOL!

  22. Oh Yeah! It's time for Olympics Game!
    Love all the pictures you posted!
    Amy x

  23. watching the opening ceremony now! LOVE IT!! great pix!

  24. I am watching the opening ceremony as I type this! Gymnastics and swimming are my fave events too. :D

  25. Me too, waiting eagerly for the Olympics! 4yrs is a long wait! My favorite part is the gymnastics and figure skating!
    Also, I've nominated you for an award. Please check it out at Fashionably Yours

  26. You are too cute and definitely giving me Olympic fever! My husband just made me watch the opening ceremony clip because of the welsh corgies featured in it (his favorite dog!) The queen was cool too;)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  27. I just loved this post Kim... choccywoccydoodah???? Say what? Ha ha! Hmmm, someone else obsessed with chocolate a moi? Really!

    I hope you enjoyed the opening ceremony... it was totally bonkers, barmy and British! Go Danny Boyle!

    Gorgeous photos Kim - love the marron lippy!

  28. That drink up top looks delish!! I'm excited for the Olympics too!

  29. Kim - This has to be the most excited anyone has been for the Olympics! Thanks for making it so infectious darling. Love your images. xoxo


  30. I just ran across your blog and it's cute! I love the banner of your site! :) Did you design it? :)

    Also, great pics and interesting post!

  31. what an awesome looking cocktail and how badly do i want one of those cupcakes!!! the olympics are always so fun!

  32. BAH! your blog is making me want to watch the Olympics! this all looks so much fun - that cocktail is so cute. and i love the picture of you with the coke. i don't have cable so it's a lot harder to get to see it when i live off of netflix.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  33. So...lochte took the gold yesterday! Love your photo montage of him, lol! It is truly amazing what these athletes put themselves thru. Coincidentally, I came across 'make it or break it' on Netflix. Total teen movie, but the timing was perfect and it set me up for the Olympics.

    Win a $50 gift card!

  34. What a wonderful post, Kim. You have selected some amazing photos and I love your cute London tee shirt and those cakes!! We were away and missed the opening ceremony but I'm looking forward to seeing the recording.


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