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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

4 Unconventional Weight Loss Strategies You Should Try

Image Source: Pexels

The Centre For Disease Control and Prevention says nearly half of all Americans are trying to lose weight.  This spike of interest in fitness is inevitable, as statistics show obesity has become a significant threat to the health of many citizens.  The go-to methods of staying in shape, such as reducing sugar intake and exercising, mostly prevail. However, more studies prove that engaging in some rather unorthodox practices might be equally effective in helping people shed weight with time. Here are four of such uncommon strategies to shed weight you should check out.

1. Hypnosis

Hearing hypnosis always brings to mind images of mind control and being led against your will. Hypnotherapists like Kimberly Friedmutter highlight this as false.  She stresses that the practice targets the subconscious and is useful in reorienting the mind. This makes hypnosis helpful for people who have problems following a healthy diet and exercise plan because of their bad habits. Studies conducted on the effects of hypnotic therapy on a diet suggest that the practice is quite successful. Hypnosis should only be used in conjunction with other weight loss programs and never exclusively to gain the desired results.

2. Intermittent fasting

In 2019, a review in the New England Journal of Medicine called intermittent fasting a legitimate option to consider for people looking to lose weight and stay healthy. As the name suggests, intermittent fasting entails avoiding food for specific periods based on your preferred plan. Fasting in itself has a lot of weight loss benefits. Going without food and beverages decrease your overall calorie intake and can lead to long-term weight loss over time. A review also proved that fasting for a day consistently could significantly reduce overall body fat in six months. It sounds like something worth trying.

3. Try various diet plans

Have you ever heard of the Meditteranean diet? A Meditteranean diet is an eating pattern that emphasizes plant-based nutrition, grains, fish, beans, olive oil, and poultry. Various studies indicate that people from the Meditteranean area and followers of the regional diet plan are at a decreased risk of developing conditions like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. The Ketogenic diet is another low-carb, high-fat diet you should consider. Research rates the ketogenic diet very high in the area of weight loss. You should also check out the Prolon fasting-mimicking diet as an alternative to the above-listed diet plans to help you lose weight.

4. Sleep

There is strong evidence that suggests that lack of sleep is a leading contributor to the obesity epidemic, as per several studies. Further studies in 2010 were also conclusive that sleep-deprived adults were more likely to be obese. Sleep-deprived children were 90 percent more likely to be overweight compared with those who slept more. Successfully losing weight is also greatly attributed to the effects of a sound sleep pattern. Therefore, you should try to get some more shut-eye if you want to experience weight loss in all its full glory.

Although these sound quite different from the usual weight loss methods, they have recorded several testimonies of success. Try these unconventional methods today to see a significant change in your weight.


5 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Wedding

He finally popped the question and of course, you said yes! Deciding on whether it's time for you to get married is not that hard when you're already sure about the person you want to spend the rest of your mortal life with. And while being sure of your love is as easy as the few seconds you took to let the question sink in, getting married is a different story.

The daunting task that is planning the wedding would make engaged couples run to wedding planners and, in some cases, would have to pull in some unwilling family members. Some brides end up bursting with tears over a few missing entourage or even power interruptions just as when she was about to walk down the aisle.

As to how quickly can you plan a wedding, there are lots of things to consider such as how simple or how grand you would want your wedding to be and how many guests would be attending. Whether or not you decide to get a wedding planner to bear all the headache for you and lessen chances of you stressing out over your own wedding, it's important to be aware of what are some of the things you will want to have in your wedding.

The tall task of planning a wedding involves, among others, in random order:

1. Schedule & Venue

After deciding on the date and the venue, you have to include in your decision-making the availability of the venue as well as your most important guests. Venues are often booked at least a year in advance and if you happen to choose a date wherein there are lots of activities to be held, chances are, you would be left with lesser number of choices, and often, if the place you want is a popular one, it would often already be unavailable.

2. Invitations

Deciding on the date as well as the design of your invitation cards is the easiest part. You would have to decide the number of guests you will invite to your wedding as well as who those guests would be. It's often challenging if you opt for an intimate wedding, especially when you and your beloved have a lot of friends and relatives. Make sure that the invitations are sent out at least six weeks before the wedding.

3. A Caterer

What is a wedding reception without great food? And that greatly depends on the caterer you choose. There are venues, especially if it's a hotel, there are packages offered that already cover food. If there isn't a package and if you haven't found someone to handle your food yet, a great example is a luxury event catering Toronto couples choose.

4. The Theme

How formal would you want your wedding to be? How casual? How would you want your guests to dress? What vibes are you going for? With those questions, you will also have to decide on the colors and the materials you would be using. This also often affects the venue you would be booking.

5. Photographers & Videographers

Image Source: Pexels

There are times these two are offered together. There are even those that will not only cover the day of the wedding but will also take your engagement photos for you. Make sure you get reliable people as your wedding memories would be something you would want to look back to. You can do a bit of research or you can just hire a wedding videographer by Twenty5Films to handle the task of producing quality and heartfelt videos on your special day.

Depending on the kind of wedding you want, there will be lots of factors that would test your patience. With lots of things to think about just to have that one-day ceremony you've been dreaming of, it's a glimpse of what married life is all about. You would have to make lots of choices and even compromises. You have to work with each other and decide together, you each should have your own touch in this ceremony. The wedding is not just a rite of passage into being man and wife, it would show how well you can collaborate with each other.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Five Autumnal Changes To Make To Your Home

The arrival of autumn brings earlier sunsets, cooler temperatures, and the start of crunchy leaves on the ground. With the seasons changing, our wardrobes changing, this is often the time that we start to make changes in the home too.

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

Let’s have a look at five of the autumnal changes you could make to your home:

Hang A Wreath

These are fast becoming popular, with many people now hanging a wreath during autumn just like they would during Christmas. It’s a great way of updating your exterior and a seasonal greeting that you can enjoy each day.

Have An Autumn Harvest

When it comes to harvest time, there is a whole host of fresh, local produce that can be thoroughly enjoyed with your friends and family. You can transform any dinner party into a low-key yet sophisticated supper to celebrate and get ready for the height of home entertaining. Serve up things like a hearty soup with crusty bread in a new collection of bowls, and plates. Why not decorate a cake in the same tones as the beautifully rustic leaves or a traditional pumpkin pie.

Get Your Home Smelling Like Autumn

Whether it’s scented candles or the introduction of a diffuser, scents in the autumn can be wonderful. From toasted marshmallow and spiced pumpkin through to woody, spiced smells there is always an abundance of choices when it comes to autumnal scents. You could also light an out fire to bring on a natural scent in your home and immediately make it feel restful. Cedarwood is a delicate but distinctive smell that tends to crop up in the autumn.

Update Your Bedroom

Now is the time of year when we start to retreat to our homes a little more, have longer mornings in bed, and snuggle down with the family to watch a movie in our kingsized beds. If your bedroom could do with a little love and attention to make it the perfect retreat at the end of the day, you don’t need ot spend a fortune to update it. Have a look for things like Bedroom Furniture Discounts, deals on bedding, and looking at second-hand curtains, or accessories. Make sure to add plenty of warmth and texture with the use of throws.

Decorate Your Floors

The weather always gets muddier and messier in the autumn, and you will find that this means your floors get dirtier quicker. One way you can protect your floors from the autumn and the winter alike is to use floor decoration like runners or mats to soak up the water and put a stop to the muddy prints through the house They are much easier to clean and it will help to prevent your floors getting ruined. If you have slippy floors make sure you use a floor gripper to prevent them from becoming another slippy surface to watch out for.

These five autumnal changes should get your home looking great for autumn into winter. What changes are you going make? Please share some of them in the comments below.


Why The Way You Eat Is So Important

How do you eat? When it comes to meal times and snack times, what is it you reach for? Because when it comes to preparing food, there are all kinds of factors that go into whether or not it’s a good thing for you to eat. Not all bodies are the same, and that’s something we need to remember here!

So, above all, the way you eat is incredibly important, and not just because of what you’re putting in your body. It can dictate the way you act, think, and behave throughout the day, and understanding this may just work out in your favor in the long run…

 Image Source: Pexels

It Affects Every Part of Your Life

The way you eat can affect the way you sleep, the way you feel, the way you exercise, and even just the way you think. Let’s go into a few more details surrounding this:

The amount you need to eat differs from person to person, but when you stop to listen to your body, and whether or not it’s hungry right now (and when it stops being so), you’re much more likely to eat the amount it needs.

And that can affect your willingness to exercise - if you’re feeling full and satisfied, you’re much more likely to feel like you can get on that stationary bike! Not to mention just how good it can make you feel; you don’t want to feel hungry still, or overstuffed, and that’ll help to improve your moods and keep them stable.

Eating at the right time can help you to get off to bed much easier too. Try to plan your meals for just before the sun sets, and see how your digestion (and energy levels) taper off towards the night. You’ll get into bed easier, and have sweeter dreams because thanks to your recently churned digestive system.

It Sets an Example

If you’ve got kids in the house, the way you eat could very well set a long term example for them. Indeed, this is one of the factors about food that Kurbo Weight Watchers are very keen to emphasize: your kids copy you, and when you eat right, they eat right. Nutritional values amongst families can be sorely low, simply because you often feed your kids better than yourself, and it’s time to change that!

You could eat well as a family - set the table and gather round it to eat at least once a day, and see how it improves your diets. Plus, it’s much easier to cook one big meal rather than a bunch of meals for all your household members. Cut your preparation time in half, save some money because there’s less takeaways, and watch as both you and your kids feel healthier and healthier.

The way you eat is one of the most important parts of living a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to keep an eye on the way you approach food, rather than the number on the scales.


A Comprehensive Guide to Improving Business Productivity From Home

Working from home can be difficult for both employees and employers. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your role in the business may be - being thrown into an environment that you traditionally associate with relaxing, watching TV, and doing non-work related things can be a big challenge. You’re expected to keep up the same level of productivity and ensure workflow is optimal, all the while surrounded by extreme distractions. It’s even harder if your family is home at the same time! So, what can you do to improve your business productivity from home? Read on and you’ll learn a few things in this comprehensive guide:

1. Review Your Equipment

Start by reviewing your equipment. Do you need an upgrade? Does your team need an upgrade? If working from home is going to be a regular thing, using company money to purchase equipment could be a good idea. Comfortable chairs, desks, and computers are often key to actually getting any work done. Buying second hand and refurbished can cut back the costs and ensure equipment is still high quality. Noise cancelling headphones can have a profound effect on productivity, too.

2. Invest In Automation and Collaboration Software

Automation and collaboration software will save so much time and hassle, keeping everybody on the same page and ensuring that motivation and morale is at an all time high. People’s most productive hours can be spent on what they actually do best, too, rather than work that can be done by a machine. You can check out the benefits of invoice processing with DocuWare to give you a good idea of what one simple piece of software could do for your business overall. 

You’d be surprised at how slowly introducing new software can impact your business and productivity. You can also consider other tools like a virtual business phone system, which can boost collaboration within your company. Boasting several useful features, team members can seamlessly connect and communicate from different locations or departments. Whether it’s project updates, client interactions, or internal discussions, the system ensures everyone is on the same page. Plus, the ability to easily share voicemails and call recordings among team members fosters better information sharing and problem-solving.

3. Encourage and Take Breaks

Breaks are needed. Burnout is a real thing, and you’re not always more productive the longer you sit at the computer. In fact, studies show that short breaks can have a positive impact on memory, productivity, and morale. Try the pomodoro method, where you work intensely for 25 minutes, no distractions, then take a 5 minute break. If you can do this 4 times then you will likely get more done in a much shorter amount of time.

4. Create A Suitable Place To Focus

Creating your very own workspace where you can focus and get things done may be more or less difficult depending on what your house looks like. An open plan home may have less opportunities for peace and quiet, which is why noise cancelling headphones can be a savoir. A good place to work has the right equipment, is clean and tidy, has natural light, and even some plants. Making it not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing and inspiring can make a huge difference to your productivity and satisfaction.

5. Stay Up To Date Over Emails

Staying up to date with everybody over emails can ensure a cut back on pointless meetings. Even if there’s nothing really to report, setting out emails can help everybody to still feel like part of the workforce. People can become complacent when working at home alone.

 Image Source: Pexels

6. Be Understanding

Being understanding, both of yourself and your team, is a must. The seasons don’t stay the same year round, so why should productivity be at an all time high year round? We’re affected by the change in seasons, and we’re not superhuman. Be understanding, not only of the inevitable teething problems when just starting to work at home, but of things that slow you down. There are many distractions in the workplace, and many people will have to do twice as much once they work at home. Open communication will ensure that your team can come to you if they have any big issues and need to make changes. Having a caring and understanding attitude is key.

7. Understand The Perils of Multitasking

You can achieve anything if you focus on just one thing at a time, but many people decide to multi-task instead, and this can be a big issue. Productivity doesn’t mean doing more work at once. It means working on the right things. And when you focus on one right thing after the other, you can achieve pretty much anything - but you need to develop hyper focus on one thing first. It may feel like you’re doing more initially, but you could be slowing yourself right down and overcrowding your brain.

8. Work On Your Personal Projects, Too

Make sure your personal projects don’t fall to the wayside when working from home - and encourage others you work with to do the same. This gives a respite from work, and ensures that satisfaction is high. Your team should feel like they are achieving their own projects and goals, too, and not just helping you to achieve and conquer yours. Many workplaces are implementing this with great success.

9. Practice Self Care

Self care can help you to feel rejuvenated, avoid burnout, and ensure you’re able to work the way you need to. It’s all about how you rest, not just how hard you work! Self care could mean going out for a walk, reading a book, meditating, taking a bath - anything. Doing these things throughout the day can break the day up and help you to keep your head screwed on.

10. Know What Being ‘Busy’ Means

Being busy doesn’t always mean being productive. It can mean doing things that don’t really matter in order to feel productive. Learning how to prioritize effectively is crucial. Pick three things that you absolutely have to do on any given day and make sure you tick them off your list first. Anything else you do on top of this is a bonus, and you’ll automatically feel more accomplished.

11. Have Rituals and Triggers In Place

Having rituals and triggers in place can help you to get ready for work. For instance, many will have a morning ritual to set them up for the day, as well as an evening ritual to get out of work mode. It’s also a good idea to have triggers to signal when it’s time to work again. For instance, putting on noise cancelling headphones and your glasses and pressing play on a classical playlist. If you do this differently each day, it may be difficult to get into the right headspace to work productively.

Image Source: Pexels

12. Educate Yourself Regularly

Educating yourself regularly should give you a good knowledge base to ensure you’re as productive as can be. You don’t always need to read self help and improvement, but doing so can definitely help. Make sure you listen to podcasts and audiobooks, too!

13. Remove Distractions From Your Day

Before you start anything, make sure you remove distractions from your day. You may want to block social media on your main working device and put your phone somewhere out of site. This will be different depending on how you get distracted, but it can be a big help.

14. Set Boundaries With Your Family and Friends

Your family and friends may think that they can contact you or visit you whenever they want when you work from home. You absolutely must set boundaries if you’re going to get anything done. Make sure they know that they should check with you first, and that they can't just assume you’re free. Distractions like this may be welcome sometimes, but other times they may get you out of work mode and leave you unable to continue.

15. Get Some Exercise

Exercise is a great mood booster, and many find that when they do it in the morning it helps with focus and productivity. Even a short walk outside can help!

16. Get Dressed and Take A Shower

Getting dressed in actual clothes and taking a shower can be a good trigger to help you prepare to work. Working in your pajamas might be painted as a ‘dream’ by many but it often leaves people who work from home feeling lazy and unfocused.

17. Manage Your Energy

Managing your time is one skill, but what about managing your energy? Make sure you know when you are at your most energetic so you can use those hours to your advantage. Don’t waste your most productive hours scrolling social media and doing things that don’t really matter! Your peak performance period is usually a 3-5 hour window when you will have energy, willpower, motivation, and mental clarity. If you’ve ever begrudged yourself for not feeling that way all day long, stop now. Just identify when your PPP is and you will be able to use that window to get as much done as possible before doing less mentally taxing tasks. Regardless of what is on the agenda for the day, you’ll get a lot done.

Remember, many people are at their most productive 2 hours after waking. Pay close attention and develop your own PPP!

Are you ready to get more done from home, and help others to do the same? Leave your thoughts below!


Monday, September 28, 2020

How CBD Oil Can Make You Look And Feel Better

Image Source: Pixabay

In recent times CBD has grown in popularity among many divergent communities who recognise and regularly benefit from the excellent properties it provides. Those with chronic pain gain a reduction in inflammation, people who struggle with sleep get more regular sleep patterns, and fitness enthusiasts have faster recovery times. These are not the only health and wellness benefits of including a CBD supplement in your diet. There are many more, as you can see from the list below.

It Can Help you Sleep Better

Sleep is vitally important to maintaining your optimal health. We all have circadian rhythms that regulate the dopamine levels in our brains. Too much or too little sleep can interrupt this cycle and cause all kinds of issues relating to our moods and skin. If you don't sleep well in general, it's worth experimenting with teas, exercise, and supplements to get you snoozing.

CBD oil is one such supplement that helps many people get a good night's sleep. The endocannabinoids it releases into your system helps to regulate your dopamine levels and return them to normal. You won't get instant results from taking CBD. You will have to build it up in your system over a few weeks to start experiencing better sleep patterns.

It Can Make Your Skin Look Younger

We all want to have radiant young-looking skin free from lines and wrinkles. Creams and cover-ups can be effective at reducing these unwanted creases, but not all of them will benefit the skin exclusively, without side effects. Some treatments can introduce toxins into the system and, in some cases, react with skin types to cause outbreaks.

CBD for skin care is different. It contains amazing natural properties that can reduce inflammation, protect acne-prone skin, and hydrate the skin with natural oils. It is also excellent for sensitive skin as it contains antioxidant properties that have been shown to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles; for best results, use CBD cream on the skin at regular intervals.

It Can Reduce Your Anxiety

If you want to look and feel your best but experience frequent bouts of anxiety, it can seriously reduce your chances of success, especially if you run a business that uses XMI Growth. Anxiety is a normal emotion that many people have in certain situations. It can range from mild to severe, but whatever level you have can impair your optimal quality of life. Luckily there are some equally natural solutions.

You could try mindfulness techniques to pay attention to your anxiety when it arises and learn to be with it. This is perhaps the most effective strategy, but it may not work for everyone. If you just need a break from the stress of the emotion, then try some CBD oil. The endocannabinoids that are released attach to your dopamine receptors and reduce your stress under pressure.

It Makes You Feel Less Stressed

We all get stressed sometimes, but some of us have more of it. It might be because of our personalities or our lifestyles. Some people are naturally more worrisome or panicky than others – so something that seems inconsequential to one person might be catastrophic to someone else. Additionally, lifestyles can play an important part in our stress levels. If we don't leave the house for days, for instance, we are likely to be more stressed, sometimes without realizing it.

CBD can combat stress in a similar way to how it combats anxiety. The endocannabinoids in your brain are naturally produced and used up by your body during times of stress. Taking a regular CBD oil dose will replenish your endocannabinoid levels following periods of stress and return you back to normal. And it not only helps you recover but taking CBD regularly can also prevent you from becoming stressed in the first place.

It Will Support Your Fitness Regime

Whether you want to build muscles, improve strength, stamina, or flexibility, there are ways to improve your workouts' effectiveness. One such way is by choosing the best diet for your fitness goals – there's no point in having a high carb diet if you want to build muscle, for instance. Another way is to support your fitness regime with supplements.

CBD oil and other products can support your fitness regime in several ways. Firstly, for those who experience muscle or joint pains before or after their training, CBD can reduce the discomfort and allow you to train more effectively. Similarly, it will aid recovery from a workout by reducing pain, discomfort, and inflammation.


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Is Self-Care All It Takes To Heal After Trauma?

There’s no doubting that self-care is important when it comes to healing after experiencing any kind of trauma, but what else does it take to heal and just how beneficial is self-care? Can sipping a nice cup of tea while reading your favourite book really help to speed up the healing process or is their far more to it than that?

Let’s be clear here when it comes to healing after trauma, there’s no set approach that is guaranteed to work. Everyone is different, and everyone needs to take their own approach to aid healing. However, that being said, there are certain steps that can help to speed up the healing processes for both physical and emotional healing. 

Image Source: Pixabay

Wondering what these steps are and whether self-care comes into it? Have a read of the guide below that discusses some of the ins and outs of healing after trauma!

It’s a personal journey

When it comes to the healing processes after suffering a trauma, it’s important to understand that it’s a personal journey. What works for one person may not work for another; the process of healing is a very personal and individual one and it’s important to understand that. Don’t feel pressured to try healing methods that you don’t feel comfortable with, instead think about what you think will work best for you. After all, you know yourself - and your needs - best.

Resting is key

It’s a proven fact that after any kind of trauma - be it physical or emotional - getting enough rest is crucial to your recovery. Therefore, it’s important that you take all the time that you need to rest and recuperate. It’s here that self-care comes into the healing process because taking time out for yourself to rest is a key aspect of self-care. Resting isn’t just about sleeping, it’s about minimising what you’re doing and choosing relaxing activities rather than strenuous ones, such as reading, for instance.

Taking a positive approach can help

You may find that taking a positive approach to your healing journey may help, such as thinking about what you would like to do in the future once you’re feeling better. Part of this process is thinking about the steps that you need to take to protect your future, such as opting to find experienced personal injury attorneys to help you make a claim against the person who caused your injury or illness. You need to think about what you will need in the future, which is where making a claim can come in handy, as the funds may help to support your future needs.

The fact is that self-care is a key aspect of the healing process after trauma, as you need to look after yourself in order to heal. However, it’s also important to think about other aspects of healing, such as protecting your future and thinking about what your future may hold. Self-care is important but it is not the only factor in the healing process, and it’s important to be aware of that.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Some Of The Weight Loss Crazes You Might Want To Try

We are all aware of the latest diet craze that a particular celebrity will be trying out. Or how stunning such and such a person looks after a dramatic weight loss. The media is full of it all. But what they tend to focus on is how good they look, and perhaps not how they feel. Often diets can be unsustainable and even create future problems and issues with foods. However, there are some diet crazes that have lived up to the hype. With that in mind, here are some of the most common ones.

Image Source: Pixabay CC0 License

Cutting out the sugar

A sugar free life has been promoted by many people over the year. With recipe books being released on how to create meals with no sugar in them at all. However, there are huge benefits to life by reducing or cutting out the sugar completely. It can help you lose weight for sure, and it can also have a positive impact on things like your skin and increase your energy surprisingly.

The Keto diet

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Some people think this can help them to burn fat stores in their body. There are many keto specific foods that you can buy such as keto bread that can help you stay on track. There is also a lot of information on recipes and the best ways to stick to this sort of diet online if you wanted to try it.


Juicing has been a craze that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. And for a good reason. Juicing is a fast way of detoxing your body while still ensuring you are getting the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to function. Many people like Jason Vale promote detoxes that can last 3, 5 and 7 days. While it may offer you great results fast, the idea is to make sure that you can sustain the weight loss going forward. So including the juicing into everyday life and balancing it with a healthy diet.

Eating clean

Clean eating or eating clean is a relatively new trend that has come to the surface. But there are some positive reasons as to why. This is essentially getting any ingredients you cook with from the source. Ensuring that the product hasn’t had any chemical moderation for longer shelf life etc. While it can be more of a lifestyle change, you still need to ensure that you are eating the right things. However eating clean means you are eating more natural products.

Calorie counting

Calorie counting is an old fashioned method of losing weight. But when done sensibly it can help you on a sustainable weight loss journey. The reason why it has been around for so long is that it does work. A woman needs on average 1500 calories a day to lose weight effectively, and a man needs 2000 calories. Thankfully, there is much more information out there as to how many calories are in foods. Making this diet much easier to follow.

Have you tried any of the above crazes?


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Downloading Music Online For Your Party

Image Source: Pexels

There are lots and lots of dance music download websites accessible now. But, the difficulty is that not all these sites are valid. Plenty of websites offer music to folks illegally, this is generally the most apparent when the music is free to download - this ought to be a big red flag.

In the event, you were to download dance music from a site like this you can end up in massive trouble. This is no little issue either, as the fines are enormous and there's been a huge crackdown on music piracy.

Still, lots of individuals remark that those sites that provide dance downloads legitimately are not that amazing! They have got a point as well; the selection appears to be restricted and also the costs astronomical!

Yet, no one wishes to purchase CDs anymore, do they? Who desires to pay about $10-20 for an album just to listen to a couple of tunes? Not to mention, half of the music available today is reachable on the Internet, and we’re seeing artists cater to Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music audiences? Therefore, it becomes incredibly crucial that you learn your stuff in regards to music downloads for your party playlist!

Therefore, the very first rule, always pay for your dance music downloads. This will typically be a monthly fee, and it will eradicate adverts. Who wants ads in the middle of their party? Not only is this significant in the eyes of the law, but free downloads are nearly always of extremely poor quality.

Apart from that, you have a need for a business that is credible, experienced, and has a great standing in the dance sector. They need to have a considerable choice of tunes, be simple to contact and of course be valid. Read the terms and conditions in the event you're feeling uncertain! It's always better to be safe rather than sorry.

If you find a service you like and you decide to use it beyond the party, make sure you moderate your hearing and don’t have the music too high. I would advise booking a regular hearing test to make sure you’re not suffering any symptoms in terms of noise-induced hearing loss.

Make sure all of the music is of the top standard and accessible in a number of formats. They should not just have dance music MP3 or MP4 downloads, but also music accessible in WAV format, FLAC and AIFF as well. It should be possible for you to download the most recent dance tracks with confidence and peace of mind when using the web site.

The best music platforms will also give you inspiration for your party playlist. They may even have set playlists available so you do not have to do the hard work of sourcing all of the music yourself. After all, this can be frustrating, as it can be difficult to cater to everyone’s needs and know what genre is going to be best for all in attendance.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Superior Grill, New Orleans | Always Superior

Not Sponsored: There are some restaurants that are consistently good. Superior Grill, located here in New Orleans is THAT restaurant. I was out running errands, got hungry and was trying to decide on a place to eat. When you're hungry, you just want to go to a place where you know the food is going to be good. Since I was in the vicinity, I headed over to Superior Grill. I showcased them briefly (a long time ago ... in a galaxy far away) here and I haphazardly found a picture of me there years ago here. Well you guys, Superior Grill is still #1 in my book. Their food, service and atmosphere is always wonderful. It's usually packed and overflowing with people, but since the covid-19 pandemic restaurants haven't been really busy with people dining-in (people are doing more take out - New Orleans is currently trying to enter Phase 3). So it gave me a chance to take some really good pictures of the place. The streetcar sculpture art-display (origins here and here) out front has changed. So has the landscaping. It's really beautiful. The food was absolutely delicious. I had an order of shrimp quesadillas as an appetizer and the Superior Parrillada, which consisted of mesquite grilled steak and chicken fajitas, grilled jumbo shrimp, shrimp brochetas, and a half rack of baby back ribs as an entree. Everything was delicious and I brought a lot home. Their drinks and cocktails are really good as well. I love their pina and strawberry coladas. It was a delicious lunch! I enjoyed myself.


Advice On Applying To Colleges

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Many individuals desire to further their education and thus year after year you will see an influx of applications for higher education institutions, such as universities. As time goes on, the competition for these places increases substantially, and in order to secure your place, you must make sure you stand out from all the other applicants.

It is impressive having the top grades but the unfortunate thing is that many other students achieve top grades too, so how can you make yourself stand out from these individuals?

The answer to that is; have the perfect personal statement. A personal statement is the only way to make yourself different from everyone else that is applying. A personal statement is your one chance to shine, be unique, and win over those who determine whether you get selected or not.
Therefore, you need to make sure your statement is written to impeccable standards and that there are absolutely no mistakes. You also need to make sure that your personal statement is fresh and different, because you need to imagine how many applications these people read a day, and if yours does not stand out then you run the risk of being overlooked.

You could also create a blog so you can show off your work and the type of person you are. This Bluehost tutorial is a good place to start with this.

Be aware of requirements before college admission

When applying for universities it is essential that you are aware of each universities’ requirements prior to making your applications. There are two chief reasons why this is of the utmost importance. The first reason is that you must give yourself a realistic chance of getting into the college and the second is it can give you a good indication of the credibility of a course.

First and foremost it is important to be aware of each universities course requirements to give yourself a realistic chance. For example, if you apply for five universities that all require the top grades then you are running a massive risk of being left without a college to attend. Even if you are a top student there is no guarantee you will get the best grades as you never know what can happen on an exam day. Thus, it would be a good idea to apply for universities with a mix of requirements because by doing this you will give yourself a good safety net.

The second reason is that the requirements of a college course give a good indication of the credibility of the course you are applying for. If the course you are applying for has a very low requirement level then this could be an indication that the course itself is not of a very high standard.

The college application process

The college application process is one that can scare a lot of people as they do not know what to expect and because they have never done it before they fear they could easily go wrong.

First and foremost you need to get together an assortment of prospective guides for the potential universities you are considering as well as searching on their website. You need to consider all of the various factors concerning the college itself as well as the course you want to study and the area the college is situated. Once you have read up on all the universities you are considering you need to whittle them down to about five choices.

After this you will then apply for your college which will consist of giving the college your predicted grades as well as your personal statement. Your personal statement is particularly important as it will give the people considering you the chance to get to know you more personally and know the things that you have done outside of school and the experience you have gained.

Once you have done the former all that is left to do is to wait and hope that your application results in a good outcome.

Unconditional college offer

Once you have applied for the various universities that you desire to go to you must play the waiting game. Often those months or weeks where you have to sit and wait for your college admission offer can be quite daunting as you build up with nerves and worry. If you have not been declined, which is hopefully the case, then there are a few different types of offers you may receive. The best offer you can hope to attain is an unconditional offer.

An unconditional offer is without a shadow of a doubt the best of the bunch. An unconditional offer means that you have been accepted in to the college no matter what. Thus, if you are awaiting exam results you could actually fail them and it would not matter.

However, unconditional offers are only usually given to those who have already got their exam grades. Therefore, they have been accepted on the basis that their exam grades were high enough for the course and college they desire. However, whilst it may be rare, some people actually get unconditional offers based on other very impressive attributes that the college simply could not turn down. This could be for instance a course they have taken or a diploma they have achieved.

Conditional college offer

When applying for universities and waiting for the potential offers they may receive many people make the mistake of thinking they will merely get a letter saying ‘yes you have been accepted’ or ‘no you have been declined’. However, this is not the case. If you have been accepted then there are various offers you may have been made and one of the most popular of these offers is a conditional college offer.

A conditional offer is an offer whereby the student must achieve certain requirements set out by the college. Usually these requirements are grades they must achieve in their coming exam results, the college will either state the minimum grades they require from each exam. However, they also may do this on the basis of a points scheme. In the points scheme each grade will equal a certain number of points, the college will set the total points they require from you, and as long as you make up these points with the grades you have obtained then you will be accepted. The difference is that via a points scheme it does not matter what grade you get for what subject as long as you make up the total points requirement.


Monday, September 21, 2020

Lancome Paris | Juicy Tubes Review And Swatches

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Sponsored: Hey Everybody! PR for Lancome Paris (L'Oreal) sent me a wonderful assortment of makeup and skincare goodies. Check out my review of their Genfique face and eye serums. My mom has just claimed both bottles. HaHaHa See that lovely bottle of perfume in the picture below? It's called La Vie Est Belle Intensement. I reviewed it here. I've really been enjoying wearing it. Today, I would like to review their Juicy Tubes lip glosses (ULTA, Sephora, Bloomingdales, HSN). As a beauty blogger, the #1 complaint I always hear (including me) about lip glosses is that they are sticky. When I received these, it was the first thing that concerned me. Are they sticky? Well, ladies and gentlemen you have to try these because I am truly impressed. I found these lip glosses to be extremely creamy and moisturizing. They feel really good on the lips. The lip gloss is not heavy. You can rub your lips together, smack them together and you DO NOT get that sticky or gummy feeling (that you get with other lip glosses). The applicator for these lip glosses are angled, so application to your lips is really easy. I didn't have to struggle getting any of the product out of the tube. I found the color payoff to be beautiful. You can also control how much color you want by applying layers. The more you apply, the deeper the color will be. These lip glosses also have a cool watermelon, melon scent. Its very refreshing. The PURE (no color) looks great alone or you can pair it atop your favorite lipstick. I really don't have a qualm about any of them. Lancome Paris offers these lip glosses in 20 beautiful shades. They come in creamy, sparkle and jelly consistencies. The sparkle is "grown-up" sparkle. It's not offensive. You can wear it to work and the best part is that it doesn't get all over the place when applying or taking off the lip gloss. Go to Lancome Paris' website! They have a virtual try-on where you can try on each color and see how they look on you. I really like these and feel you would to.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Lancome Paris' Juicy Tubes are Supersweet

Lancome | Juicy Tubes | PURE (jelly)

Lancome | Juicy Tubes | SPRING FLING (creamy)

Lancome | Juicy Tubes | HALLUCINATION (sparkle)

Lancome | Juicy Tubes | TICKLED PINK (creamy)

Lancome | Juicy Tubes | MAGIC SPELL (sparkle)

Lancome | Juicy Tubes | FIG HIT (creamy)

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