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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

4 Unconventional Weight Loss Strategies You Should Try

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The Centre For Disease Control and Prevention says nearly half of all Americans are trying to lose weight.  This spike of interest in fitness is inevitable, as statistics show obesity has become a significant threat to the health of many citizens.  The go-to methods of staying in shape, such as reducing sugar intake and exercising, mostly prevail. However, more studies prove that engaging in some rather unorthodox practices might be equally effective in helping people shed weight with time. Here are four of such uncommon strategies to shed weight you should check out.

1. Hypnosis

Hearing hypnosis always brings to mind images of mind control and being led against your will. Hypnotherapists like Kimberly Friedmutter highlight this as false.  She stresses that the practice targets the subconscious and is useful in reorienting the mind. This makes hypnosis helpful for people who have problems following a healthy diet and exercise plan because of their bad habits. Studies conducted on the effects of hypnotic therapy on a diet suggest that the practice is quite successful. Hypnosis should only be used in conjunction with other weight loss programs and never exclusively to gain the desired results.

2. Intermittent fasting

In 2019, a review in the New England Journal of Medicine called intermittent fasting a legitimate option to consider for people looking to lose weight and stay healthy. As the name suggests, intermittent fasting entails avoiding food for specific periods based on your preferred plan. Fasting in itself has a lot of weight loss benefits. Going without food and beverages decrease your overall calorie intake and can lead to long-term weight loss over time. A review also proved that fasting for a day consistently could significantly reduce overall body fat in six months. It sounds like something worth trying.

3. Try various diet plans

Have you ever heard of the Meditteranean diet? A Meditteranean diet is an eating pattern that emphasizes plant-based nutrition, grains, fish, beans, olive oil, and poultry. Various studies indicate that people from the Meditteranean area and followers of the regional diet plan are at a decreased risk of developing conditions like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. The Ketogenic diet is another low-carb, high-fat diet you should consider. Research rates the ketogenic diet very high in the area of weight loss. You should also check out the Prolon fasting-mimicking diet as an alternative to the above-listed diet plans to help you lose weight.

4. Sleep

There is strong evidence that suggests that lack of sleep is a leading contributor to the obesity epidemic, as per several studies. Further studies in 2010 were also conclusive that sleep-deprived adults were more likely to be obese. Sleep-deprived children were 90 percent more likely to be overweight compared with those who slept more. Successfully losing weight is also greatly attributed to the effects of a sound sleep pattern. Therefore, you should try to get some more shut-eye if you want to experience weight loss in all its full glory.

Although these sound quite different from the usual weight loss methods, they have recorded several testimonies of success. Try these unconventional methods today to see a significant change in your weight.

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