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Friday, September 18, 2020

Preventing Home Accidents

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While our homes are our safe haven, they can also be a place in which accidents can easily occur if preventive measures aren’t taken. Here are some steps that you can take around your home to reduce the risk of injury to both yourself or your loved ones.

Reduce the Risk of Falls

Even if you consider your home as completely safe, trips and falls can still happen unexpectedly and cause serious injury, especially to vulnerable people such as children and the elderly. If the injury cuts deeper than a quarter of an inch or you are having trouble stopping the bleeding, you may need to visit a doctor. Thanks to modern medicine, most wounds and injuries can be treated effectively, with the likes of Pulsar II which can help speed up the healing process. However, there are a number of ways to reduce the risk of tripping and slipping hazards in the home, including covering electrical cords that run along the floor, securing loose throw rugs with non-stick pads, applying non-slip strips to your bathtubs and showers, and cleaning up spills immediately . If you are a parent with a young child, it’s also important to install a baby gate at the top and bottom of the stairs, and keep stairways clear of toys, boxes, and other objects as much as possible.

Safely Store Hazardous Items

There are many common chemical based household items that can present a risk of harm to yourself and others if they are not stored, handled, or used properly. Before using these products, always ensure to read the label to determine if you will need protective equipment such as goggles or gloves. Remember to store these products in line with the label’s instructions, for example, keeping flammable chemicals in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or heat. If you have small children, ensure to install locks on cupboards that contain chemicals, or place them in hard to reach cupboards. It’s also vital to keep an eye on any expiration dates on medicine that you keep in your cupboards, and label them where necessary. While these medical supplies will most likely be locked away or out of a child’s reach, you or another adult could mistake this medicine as safe to use.

Reduce the Risks of Fire

Fires can be devastating in the home. Alongside costly property damage, fires can present serious burn injuries and can even be fatal in certain circumstances. Keep you and your family safe by keeping flammable items away from your cooking area and other sources of fire hazards, such as portable heaters. Be mindful of frayed or worn wiring, and never overload electric outlets. It can also be a practical idea to establish a safe meeting spot with your family and develop a plan that includes two escape routes from every room in the event of a fire. For maximum safety, ensure to test your smoke alarms on each level of your home monthly, and replace batteries each year.

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