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Monday, September 21, 2020

3 Beginners Tips to Help You Start Cooking at Home

Whatever your reason, whether you’re in quarantine, want to get healthier, or are just looking for a new hobby, cooking is one of the best ways to add some spice to your life. But it’s also a pretty daunting thing to start, and it’s easier than you think for things to go wrong or perhaps even get dangerous. To help you, we’ve put together these 3 tips for those who want to start cooking at home, so you can cook with confidence.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential to any good cook – with good quality, well-made equipment, a lot of the work is done for you. One of the most important tools you need to have are knives – these should be excellent quality, and regularly sharpened to avoid the blade going dull. A dull knife will make cooking ten times harder, whereas a sharp knife will allow you to be confident while using it, and better focused on the food.

You should also make sure the pots, pans, or anything you’ll be putting food in, is easy to maneuver, large enough, and safe for use. Some non-stick pans use chemicals which can cause issues if digested, so it’s well worth making sure the equipment you use is as safe as possible. Cast iron is always a popular cookware material, as it is not only safe and looks good, but it gives you an authentic and fun cooking experience.

Do Your Research

Before you start, it’s worth brushing up on some ‘common knowledge’. Sites like YouTube are perfect for not only learning some valuable techniques and advice, but also being able to see how it’s done, even in slow motion if you like, and as many times as you need. You can even learn from famous chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay, meaning you can find some incredibly valuable information.

You can also research recipes – beginner recipes that you can watch in videos, or see the images of each step are always a great place to start so you can confirm that what you’re doing and how you’re doing it is correct. Pinterest is a great site for finding a variety of ideas on the kind of food you can create, as well as some more creative approaches to recipes and presentation, too. Remember – stick to the recipe as much as you can, keeping measurements and timings precise, to avoid unnecessary issues!

Source Ingredients Carefully

One of the most important things when cooking is, of course, the food! The ingredients you choose to use will determine the quality of your dish – using cheap, tacky ingredients will give you cheap, tacky food, whereas good, fresh ingredients will lead to good quality food. Sourcing your ingredients from a fresh, and preferably local, source is the best way to ensure that the food you’re using is great quality and fresh. Sourcing local also allows you to support local businesses.

If you can’t source locally, opt for the fresh ingredients in the supermarket – nothing from the frozen section! It’s also worth making sure you have a basic larder on hand at all times, including basic spices, or perhaps even grow your own herbs! It’s also important to be mindful of what you use, as well as keeping a note of the ingredients you have at home. Don’t let leftover ingredients go to waste!

Cooking takes time, dedication, and patience, but with passion and hard work, you can create something beautiful (and tasty)! These three tips will help you well on your way to mastering your cooking skills and becoming really talented in the kitchen.

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