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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How To Show Your Friends Some Love


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Now more than ever, everyone’s trying to be as kind as they can to friends and family. If a global pandemic teaches you anything, it’s that people are far more important than material goods. So, how do you show your friends how much they mean to you? This article will show you some sure-fire ways of showing your friends just how much you appreciate them.

A simple letter

Sounds too easy, right? Wrong! So many people rush to send an email or a text but don’t consider what one of the most heartfelt means of communication is. Taking the time to sit down, write a letter, and post it to someone, makes all the difference. You may find you write things that you wouldn’t usually — like how much you love someone, or how touched you were when they were there for you during tough times. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up some beautiful stationery and get writing!

The gift of calm

If a friend of yours is having a tough time, or you think they could do with taking some time to themselves, try introducing them to the wonders of mindfulness and meditation! It will allow them to still their minds and help them to live in the moment more than ever before. To carry out the plan, you could mean that you both take classes together, or you could buy your friend a subscription to an app that will talk them through the whole process.

Send flowers

Has anyone ever not enjoyed being sent a bunch of flowers? That’s a firm no! They’re such a thoughtful, beautiful gift that truly makes someone feel like they’re being cared for. The best thing about sending flowers is that you don’t need to wait for a special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just a plain old Monday, showing your friend a bit of love is easy. And a house that’s got vases full of flowers here and there is so inviting; they’re sure to have you over to say thank you.

Make time for conversations

Showing someone you care isn’t all about buying gifts and showering them with material things. Conversation is just as meaningful. Taking the time to actually speak with someone - whether that’s over the phone or in-person - makes all the difference. Give your friend the chance to really express how they feel about things and make them feel truly heard by you. It makes all the difference, and will probably make your bond stronger than ever.

Remember important dates

Making sure you know the darts of those important times in your friends' life - a birthday, the date that someone close to them died, or an anniversary - is a sure-fire way to win a best friend award. It’s all about someone knowing that their happiness is important to you. So, keep those dates in a safe place (a diary or your phone) and drop them a note to show them you care.

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