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Thursday, September 3, 2020

4 Health Checks You Should Take Time To Do This Year

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While we only tend to visit the doctor where there is something wrong with our health, there are some regular checks that should be completed every year. These can help you find out about potential illnesses in advance and treat them accordingly before they become more severe.

If you have ever had this sort of consultation with your doctor, you know that some health screening tests should be completed regularly, especially for the prevention of severe diseases such as cancer. Aside from such checks, it is also important to speak to your doctor about health issues that you don't consider extremely severe, but that could develop into something harder to deal with.

Below you will find some checks that you should make time to do this year.

Check Your Eyesight

While you have probably checked your visual perception or eyesight in the past, it is good practice to complete these checks regularly. Indeed, such a short visit can tell you a lot about your eyes' health and even identify the early signs of severe health issues such as glaucoma.

If you are in doubt, you should go to an optometrist who you can trust to check that your eyes are healthy. And, you can also see the status of your eyesight and check whether you need adjustments on your prescription.

Blood Tests and Blood Pressure

Undertaking a blood test is one of the most important checks you should make time for this year. This simple check can tell you all about your health status of organs such as the liver and heart. And of course, a blood test can help you determine whether the levels of essential compounds in your blood are within the normal levels.

If you are happy with the results of your blood test, you should also ask your doctor to check your blood pressure. While this check will only take a couple of minutes, it can say a lot about the health of your cardiovascular system.

Oral Health Checks

Checking in with your dentist can do a lot more than just give you the smile of your dreams. Indeed, adults often tend to overlook the importance of visiting a dentist and knowing more about their oral health status.

While you might not need braces anymore, a thorough visit to the dentist can help you identify issues with your teeth and gum that you would have only known about when they developed into more serious issues.

Diabetes and Nutrition-Related Checks

Diabetes is among the health issues that most impact on the health of adults. While it also has genetic reasons, this condition can appear due to inappropriate nutrition and lifestyle. Thanks to today's treatments, diabetes is not as life-threatening as it would have been in the past. However, knowing what you are dealing with puts you in a position of control over the illness! 

Thanks to this type of checks, you can also find out more about the influence that your nutrition and diet have on your health. Indeed, it is common that you might suffer from nutritional deficiencies that you didn't know about. If in doubt, consult your doctor!

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