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Friday, March 29, 2019

5 Tips on Expanding Your Business

Starting a business is only the first step in the long journey of entrepreneurship. You’ve still got to commit to years of growing your business and taking it from one level to another. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but you’re certain to learn many lessons along the way. In light of this, when trying to grow your business, you may be brainstorming the best steps to expand your business. There are multiple ways to do so, and every successful business has a different story to terms of how they did it. Having said that, continue reading to find out some practical ways to go about it.

1. Add New Products and Services
When you first start a business, you’re testing the waters and want to know that the products and services you’re offering will perform well. Once you’ve gotten enough experience under your belt and have discovered what does and doesn’t work, the next best step to take would be to add new ones to your existing range. This is an effective way of expanding your business and appealing to existing as well as new customers.

Start by carrying out market research, so you know what your customers want as well as how much they’re willing to pay for it. You want to create a product that has a demand to avoid wasting time and money.

2. Lease a Bigger Space
When your business is growing, you’re likely going to need more space, especially if you have a physical or brick and mortar business. If you can afford it, you should explore the option of moving into a bigger space. Look for commercial property & leases that fit within your budget and meet your company’s needs.

However, before getting a bigger space, be sure it’s actually something you need and won’t set your company back financially. Aside from the lease, you’ve also got to think about overhead costs as well.

3. Sell to Existing Customers
Making the best use of what you already have is another way to expand your business. Do this by selling to existing customers and offering them more products and services. Before doing this, however, find out what they’re most likely to buy so you can focus your sales and marketing in that area. Ultimately, your goal should be to add more value than you already are so your customers are happy to spend more.

4. Diversify
Playing it safe is probably not going to get you very far, especially when trying to grow your business. In light of this, think about ways that you can diversify within your niche and do something out of the box. You could offer complementary services and products or become a columnist to raise brand awareness and attract leads. What diversifying should do is help you attract more prospective customers who will hopefully, turn into purchasing customers.

5. Expand to Other Territories
If you’re a small business or one that is only operating in a few locations, why not consider expanding to new territories? You’d be surprised at how much of your market you could capture just by expanding to another city or country. To do so, check what the legal requirements are as well as whether you need any permits or licenses to operate.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Pink Wishes: Spring & Summer Shopping Guide

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Not Sponsored: I do a lot of online shopping and I've noticed an explosion of PINK! The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Coral, but you would never know with all the pink fashion, beauty and lifestyle products out there. As you can see, there's an array of pink shades. I put together a list of my favorites. This is always such a pretty time of year.

1. Pleated Dress 2. Nail Lacquer 3. Journal 4. Ballet Dress (here and here
5. Scalloped Leather Shoulder Bag (here and here) 6. Kabuki Makeup Brushes (here, here and here)

7. Crossbody Bag 8. Asymmetrical Top 9. Nail Lacquer (here and here) 10. Side Tie Dress
11. Leather Tote (here, here and here) 12. Pink Tee (this one is also cute)

13. Sporty Anorak 14. Utility Pants 15. Bow Flip Flops (here and here) 16. Mixed Stripe Bathing Suit

17. Reyes Hoodie 18. Happiness Planner 19. Insulated Steel Water Bottle (17oz, 20oz, 16oz
20. Dip Dyed Sweatshirt and Sweatpants


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

HUM Hair Sweet Hair Vitamins Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: November of last year, I tried the popular Sugarbear Hair Vitamins. My results were less than stellar. So I purchased a bottle of HUM Hair Sweet Hair Vitamin Supplements (Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Birchbox). HUM is Vegan. These vitamins contain NO gluten, soy, nuts, milk, fish, artificial color or flavoring. These are also Non-GMO and Sustainably Sourced. Each bottle contains 60 vitamins. HUM states you should take 2 gummies per day. I took 1 gummie per day. For whatever reason, Sugarbear Hair Vitamins made me hungry all the time. I did not experience that with HUM. The HUM hair vitamins also tasted really good. They are heart shaped, have a berry taste and are easily chewable/digestible. I was chewing one and my mom asked, Kim what are you eating? It smells so good and has a berry taste. My mom loves jelly beans/gummy bears. She knows I don't, so she knew they had to be really good for me to eat them. These contain 5,000 mcg of BIOTIN (same as Sugarbear Hair) and 500 mcg of FOLIC ACID (more than Sugarbear Hair). These also contain FO-TI  Extract. I've never heard of FO-TI Extract, but when I looked it up the root is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (which supports skin, hair and brain health). I thought that was interesting. My results after just one bottle was really impressive. My hair felt stronger. It's still thin, but its moving more. I truly believe I had scalp damage (crown of my hair) and the scalp had to heal before any type of hair growth. With just one bottle, it's also helped fill in those damaged areas. I would definitely repurchase these vitamins. I do a lot of reading and research. I think the next hair supplement I would like to try is Nutrafol. It's expensive, but there's been a lot of positive reviews. So when I try that, I will definitely let you guys know my thoughts.

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  HUM Hair Sweet Hair Vitamin Supplents are Sweet


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pixi Beauty #Skintreats: DetoxifEYE, Glow Mud Mask, Peel & Polish, Glow Glycolic Boost Sheet Mask, TZone Peel Off Mask

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PR Sample: I received a PR Box from Pixi Beauty. It was a huge box that said, "Love the skin you're in". As we all know, sometimes we don't love the skin we're in (dryness, acne, oiliness etc). I believe Pixi's philosophy is ... if you're experiencing a skin problem, they have a skin solution (from collaborating with them for several years now, Pixi definitely tries to find solutions for every skin problem). This box contained FIVE (5) #Skintreats I've tried 2 out of the 5 in the past. When I went on Pixi's website, I saw a number of NEW skincare products. Pixi is definitely becoming a conglomerate in both the skincare and makeup industry. They've grown A LOT! Let me go over each product with you.

Eye patches contain hyaluronic acid & caffeine to help smooth and depuff the under eye area. They also aid in reducing dark circles. These hydrogel patches infuse the delicate eye area with hydration. They're for external use only. Each jar contains 30 pairs. Use the enclosed spatula to gently lift and separate each patch. Apply onto clean, dry under-eye area with the thickest part at the outer corner. Repeat on the other side. Leave on for 10 min. and discard after use. Gently pat remaining serum into skin. Do not wash off. Use daily, or as often as needed. Use chilled for extra depuffing effect.

Mini (There's also a Full Size) Glow Mud Mask
A purifying, glow-revealing clay mask to purify & balance skin - it's our signature 15-minute facial! Size: 15ml Stimulate, clarify, and brighten skin with this revitalizing mask. The mineral-rich treatment absorbs oil, draws out impurities. Fights breakouts while giving an energizing boost to the complexion. Kaolin & sea salt purify while ginseng & aloe vera balance. Not tested on animal. Use: In the PM 2 to 3 times per week or as a spot treatment when needed. Step 1: Apply a thin, even layer to clean skin, avoiding eye area. Step 2: Leave on for 15 minutes. Step 3: Rinse off thoroughly and pat dry. Petra's recommendation: For best results, follow with Glow Tonic

This radiance revealing enzyme peel resurfaces for smoother, softer skin, and a healthy looking glow. Natural fruit enzymes loosen dead skins cells, lactic acid gently exfoliates, cellulose peels & sugar extracts polishes, lifting away dullness revealing brighter skin. Professional salon peel treatment without leaving home. Suited for all skin types. Not tested on animals. Paraben free. Use: In the AM and or PM 2-3 times per week. Step 1: Apply to dry face and neck. Step 2: Leave for 2 min to let the enzymes activate. Step 3: Rinse off and pat dry. Step 4: For a more intense polish effect using your fingertips, gently massage face and neck in a circular motion.

Instant brightening and hydrating effect sheet mask. Serum concentrate of glycolic acid brightens and herbal extracts help to improve and maintain skin health, promoting more luminous skin. Box contains: 3 x Individual Sheet Masks (3 x 0.80 oz / 23 ) The best time to use a sheet mask is after cleansing before moisturizer on bare skin. 1. After cleansing, place sheet mask onto face and pat into contours to fit snuggly. 2. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. 3. Remove mask & pat in excess serum to face, neck & décolletage. Store in fridge for a refreshing and depuffing effect. Micro-fibre sheet mask is biodegradable.

T-Zone Peel-Off Mask with Avocado & Green Tea. Pore Purifier. Detoxifying peel-off mask draws out impurities and lifts away oil to reveal immediate results. It contains a unique green super food blend that includes avocado, cucumber, aloe, green tea and bamboo extract to help firm & refine. Great for congested, dull and tired skin. Use 1-2 times a week or as needed. Apply a thick even layer to T-Zone only. Leave on until completely dry then gently peel off. Avoid eye area, eyebrows, hairline and lips. Do not use on skin that is irritated, broken or sunburned.

Pixi Face Cloth
This face cloth has a Pixi label, but I don't see it for sale on their website.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Natasha Denona Camel Eye Shadow Palette Review & Swatches

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Not Sponsored: Natasha Denona. I've been wanting to try her eye shadow palettes for awhile. Her famous Sunset Eye Shadow Palette was very popular and stayed out of stock for a pretty long time. Last year, she came out with a Camel Palette. I thought this palette would be a good start for me, because my wardrobe mainly consists of neutrals. I also lean towards neutral makeup. I have plenty of color in my makeup wardrobe, but it's mainly peach and berry colors. This is considered a MINI eye shadow palette. She's created a number of them and they range in price from $25-$48 USD. Anything Natasha Denona is not cheap! When you look at the palette, it looks absolutely beautiful. It's a neutral girl's DREAM! When I swatched all 5 shades I have to be honest, I was less than ecstatic. NOT that the formula was off. ALL shades were pigmented and laid beautifully on the skin. The middle (Safari) and last (Zand) shade kind of threw me. When swatched, the middle shade (Safari) was not only darker than I expected, but it pulled gray on the back of my hand. The last shade (Zand) in the palette also pulled darker than expected. I put the palette down for a month. LOL I'm just now revisiting it. The lightest camel shade is Safari (the middle shade, which is dark). I applied it from my lid, all the way to my eyebrow. To lighten it, I used a blending blush and constantly went over it. I then used the last shade (Zand) in the crease (eye socket) of my eye. I then patted Copper Stone (next to last shade) on my lid. I lined underneath my eyes with the middle shade (Safari). I used the lightest shade (Dune) in the palette as a highlighter on my nose and cheeks. I completed my look with Too Faced's Send Nudes Lipstick. Now don't get me wrong, its a great palette. I really like it. It was just I was expecting the camel shades to be a little lighter (they pulled darker), creating a "darker" look. I was looking for a more daytime palette and this is more evening in my opinion. Also,  if I had to do this look again, I would contour my nose and bronze my skin. I think it would compliment this eye shadow palette. I'll continue to play around with it. The looks I'm seeing on YouTube are all darker looks. This is about as light as I could go. I never used the darkest shade (Arrosto) in the palette. It would work great as a liner.

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  Natasha Denona Camel Eye Shadow Palette is Sweet

Swatches: (L-R) Arrosto, Dune, Safari, Copper Stone, Zand
The Look

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Body Mousse Review

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Not Sponsored: My mom got to pick out a free beauty product ($50 or less) from the Soft Surroundings VIP Event we attended last Thursday. We both agreed on the Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Ageless Body Mousse. Farmhouse Fresh is not new to me :) Several years ago, I reviewed many of their lotions and fell in love with their Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion. It is HEAVENLY! One of my absolute favorites, besides Archipelago Oat Milk Lotion. I haven't purchased any lotions for several years, because I had a multitude of them. I hate waste, so I vowed to use the ones I had and not buy anymore. Well, Farmhouse Fresh has come out with some new ones and Moon Dip is one. When you look at Moon Dip, it just looks like heaven in a jar. The jar is a really nice size (8 oz) and fills the palms of your hand. This cloud-like white creamy mousse fills the jar and beckons you to dip in. It's literally an ooh & aah moment! LOL It looks like a jar filled with marshmallow cream :) It smells like it as well! It smells like marshmallow, sweet cream and jelly beans. Its perfect for Spring & Summer. They give you a spatula to remove the product. Apply it to one hand and you'll immediately see a difference from your other hand. Not only will it look more hydrated, it will also feel softer. I've only been using this for a week, but I love it. Farmhouse Fresh states this body mousse contains vitamin-rich emollient oils and advanced peptides. The goal of this mousse is to smooth wrinkles, combat dull skin, lock in hydration, restore suppleness and firm skin. I haven't been using it long enough to confirm those claims, but I do see minor changes. This formula is very lightweight. That's why I say, it's perfect for Spring & Summer. I have super dry skin and it sucks it up. If you feel you need MORE MOISTURE, I suggest you purchase Sweet Cream. Its PERFECT! The scent is heavenly, it moisturizes my skin completely and makes it feel so good. Moon Dip comes a very close second. I think it would be great for Oily, Normal and Combination Skin Types. I LOVE THE SCENT OF MOON DIP! Its addictive :D Farmhouse Fresh just makes some amazing body lotions. I have my eye on some of their other lotions and skincare products. When I review them, I'll definitely be sure to post my thoughts on here. I love their entire aesthetic. They're so good!

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  Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Body Mousse is Sweet

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