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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Mardi Gras 2019

Wherever you are in the world, it's probably a regular day. Here in New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) it's Mardi Gras. Several weeks before Mardi Gras Day there's a multitude of parades (day & night). My favorites are the night parades. They're so beautiful. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you in this blog post. I've included video links, that will show you the entire parade! I think you will enjoy! I went to so many parades as a child & teenager, that I just don't go anymore. Plus, you have wonderful websites such as The Advocate / Gertrude Gardner Realtors that provide excellent coverage. This will definitely give you a taste of what Mardi Gras in New Orleans is like. Be sure to check out my post on Mardi Gras World (where they build many of these floats) and other Mardi Gras posts. Have a great day!

Ah! The Roman God of Wine! The Krewe of Bacchus is a seasoned organization. They were founded in 1968 by a member of the Brennan Family. You may remember that name from the Netflix post, where I wrote about Ella Brennan. Bacchus has some of the most beautiful & detailed floats. It's definitely a feast for the eyes. 

Another family-friendly parade is the Krewe of Endymion. I remember as a child, how the Krewe of Endymion took floats to an entirely different level. They started what is known as SUPER FLOATS! Long. Tall. Animated. HUGE! Endymion always rolls the Saturday before Mardi Gras. Everyone always looks forward to Endymion. It's a long parade! I remember in high school, my boyfriend took me to a fancy restaurant downtown and afterwards we got caught up in the Endymion parade. I was standing in heels. LOL Thank God I was young! It's a beautiful parade. Can I fit that birthday cake float in my house? It looks absolutely DELICIOUS! So GORGEOUS!

Krewe of Muses
Now let me mention some of my favorite NEWER parades. Krewe of Muses (2001) is an all female krewe. First of its kind. Very progressive. There's some naughty & nice things in this parade. In Greek mythology, Muses are the nine daughters of Zeus. These ladies are known for their shoe throws! They decorate all kinds of shoes throughout the year. Each is different and a collectible. They are highly coveted. There's a wait list to be in this krewe and as of right now they are not accepting applications. So these ladies are super popular and very haute! I'll take one of those rubber ducks for my home as well :) They can be satirical as well (as you can see from the Kim Jong Il float).

Krewe d'Etat
Krewe d'Etat (1996) is an all male, satirical krewe. I always enjoy looking at their floats, because they cover current events (local, statewide, nationally, worldwide). They poked fun at Trump, the New Orleans Sewage & Waterboard and NFL (National Football League) referee's (the New Orleans Saints lost the chance of being in the Superbowl because there was NO PENALTY CALL FROM THE REFEREES. Krewe d'Etat puts current issues on their floats.

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