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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Supermarket Sweep!

Ok, so I'm making out my grocery list and I couldn't resist posting this editorial today. I have to go grocery shopping sometime this week. I have like 3 eggs, 2 slices of bread and a drop of milk left. HaHaHa Anybody else dread this task? LOL

Maybe I need to glam up more when I go. But they always have women on the registers. I guess store owners know guys would break down and give more discounts. HaHa Well anyway, have you ever gone super glam to a grocery store/supermarket? Can you imagine the looks if we walked in dressed like this? HaHa

This is for 2012 February's Vogue Latin America. The photographer is Jean-Francois Campos and the model is Constance Jablonski. Her wardrobe consists of Dolce & Gabbana, Prabal Gurung, and Jason Wu. Hair by Dennis Devoy. Makeup by Brigitte Reis Anderson. Fashion Editor is Sarah Gore Reeves.

...And this is my facial expression once the bill is tallied :) Have a great Tuesday everybody!


Monday, January 30, 2012

The Hunger Games

Elizabeth Banks as the character Effie Trinket

Sorry, that's my tum tum! Is it lunchtime yet? LOL This bowl of oatmeal is just not cutting it. HaHaHa

I desperately need to talk about another "hunger" today.

The movie 'The Hunger Games' (US) (UK) comes out March 23, 2012. Everyone excited? Personally, I can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises. Christian Bale! LOL But hey Lenny Kravitz is in this movie. Eye candy MUCH! LOL

I swear, I'm so behind on this trend. So I need all the The Hunger Games experts to step up and give me the scoop. This fashionista needs HELP! :)

I hope I'm not too late. I did a little research this weekend and this is what I found. 

My TWO questions are in red. Thanks :)

The Hunger Games movie is based on THREE (3) Suzanne Collins novels: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Do I need to read ALL 3 for this movie? (source)

This is the trailer. Will this be the ONLY movie for the books? or Will there be 3 separate movies? You know how they like to divide movies up! Part 1...Part 2...Part 3! LOL What's the word?

I haven't read one page (LOL), but I know two characters I want to see: 
Effie (Elizabeth Banks) and Cinna (Lenny Kravitz).

China Glaze is coming out with a China Glaze "Colours From The Capital" nail polish collection March 1st according to All Lacquered Up and The Hob. BUT, you can PRE-ORDER them NOW on Amazing Beauty. $3.50 each or $39.95 for the entire collection.

The polish names coincide with the specialties of each district.

Luxe and Lush – District 1 (Luxury)   
Stone Cold – District 2 (Masonry)
Riveting – District 3 (Technology)
Hook and Line – District 4 (Fishing)
Electrify – District 5 (Power)
Fast Track – District 6 (Transportation)
Mahogany Magic – District 7 (Lumber)
Dress Me Up – District 8 (Textiles)
Harvest Moon – District 9 (Grain)
Foie Gras – District 10 (Livestock)
Agro – District 11 (Agriculture)
Smoke and Ashes – District 12 (Mining)

So am I up to date? Missing anything? Let me know your thoughts on the upcoming Hunger Games Movie. Have a Great Monday! 

My Monday Sweet Treats will be featured Wednesday!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lookout Weekend! Prada is Haute! Hot! Haute!

It's Friday! It's Friday! Who's ready for the weekend? I know I am. This week was a killer for me. Poof be gone! LOL I've been wanting to get this post out, but Prada kept adding cool stuff to their 2012 Spring Ad Campaign. So here it is!!!

Vroom! Vroom! A gas station. Fire flaming shoes. Hair scarves. Pleated accordion skirts. All we're missing are the motorbikes and hot guys! HaHa Ummm Prada, where are the motorbikes and hot guys? LOL You could've sprinkled a few in the background :) Hire ME! This will never happen again. LOL

Anyway, I digress as usual. This ad campaign was huge, I decided to split it into THREE (3) categories: eyewear, handbags and footwear. Check out the lip slides with cigarettes. They are smokin'! Ok, I'm not promoting smoking. It's totally bad for you. Let's just say they're HAUTE! HAHA Enjoy Everybody! And BE GOOD! :)

Models: Natasha Poly, Guinevere van Seenus, Elise Crombez, Meghan Collison, Katryn Kruger 
and Ymre Stiekema. Photographer: Steven Meisel 







Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flower Girl!

Happy Thursday Everybody! Friday is almost here!

I must admit, I've never been a huge fan of flower prints. Just something about a daisy on my butt or chest, that's just quite not right. LOL

There are some flower prints I LOVE (usually small prints) and others I detest. To me it's like plaid. Either you like the plaid or you don't.

However, when I saw Blumarine's 2012 Spring Ad Campaign one dress put a SMILE on my face. I fell in love with the black and yellow dress (2nd from the bottom). Maybe because it doesn't scream F-L-O-W-E-R! hahaha

How do you feel about flower (floral) prints and accessories? Do they make you feel like singing and running through a beautiful garden? Or would you rather just receive a bouquet of them and call it a day? LOL

Let me know your thoughts on flower (floral) prints or this ad campaign in my comments section. Have a great day!

Model Alima Fofana in Blumarine covers the 2012 February issue of Elle Italia.
Spring 2012 Ad Campaign
Photographer: Sebastian Faena Stylist: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele
Model: Vika Falileeva
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