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Friday, January 13, 2012

Eyeglass Connoisseur

My Story,

I've worn glasses all my life. I think that makes me an eyeglass connoisseur.

When I was in 1st grade, the teacher wrote a test on the blackboard and I wasn't able to read or decipher anything.

That's when I was first diagnosed with a vision problem and seen by an optometrist. I've been wearing glasses ever since. 

Annual vision care (eye exams) is truly important and finding stylish frames at an affordable price (especially in these economic times) is also.

That is why I'm writing this paid sponsored post for

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Purchasing eyeglasses online is as easy 1-2-3!
  1. Have a valid prescription from your optometrist. 
  2. Select your frame and customize. There's even a cool "Try It - Virtual Mirror" to try on any pair of frames.
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    Have a Great Weekend Everybody! 
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    1. I'm looking for new glasses and have visited their site before. I should take another look!

      Chic 'n Cheap Living

    2. I have to wear classes when I am in class or driving, I will have to check this site out.


    3. I'm a glass wearer as well! It's hard find affordable but stylish frames, thanks for the website. :)

    4. That hat is so glam! =)

    5. OHH! thanks for letting me know about this site i've been looking for new glasses!! hehe :)

    6. gotta check it out, thanks!


    7. Slightly off topic, but do you know the brand for the sunglasses on the bottom picture? I love the shape so much.
      I was shortsighted for a long time, too. I think I was 8 or 9 when I was diagnosed. And it was the worst time as glasses were so UGLY. Imagine how horrible it was for a girl who wanted to look pretty?
      Great review and I love the images you chose for it.


    8. Sweet Kim,

      I do wear eyeglasses and I am in dire need of a new pair. I will def check them out.

      Have a great weekend pretty lady.

    9. Thank you very much for posting this article. Its a very useful article.

      toronto limo services

    10. I use to hate wearing glasses. I've been short-sighted since junior high, but wore contacts because it just wasn't 'cool' - or at least the frame choices back then was much more limited. But now I can't get enough of all the frame designs out there!

    11. check out my yummy giveaway!

    12. I really need to check this out - I also have been wearing glasses for years! And they are all boring :)


    13. Wonderful, wear glasses myself!! Since 4th grade, haha!! Am glad they make better ones than I had back then, oh dear, terrible, LOL!! Hope your week has been fabulous doll!!! xxx

    14. Hey Little Rus! I can relate! LOL All of the frames were huge and you didn't have much of a style or color choice. I had a pink and blue pair! Those were my only options. HaHaHa The particular style you like above came from their Sales & Coupons section on their site. I used their promotional pics (sales, sunglasses, glasses) for this post. I saw a cute pair of Lacoste (similar), but I would contact their 1-800 customer service number for any details about those. They have so many glasses. They're the experts.

    15. Hey Everybody! I thank you so much for sharing your eyeglass story! It's good knowing, I wasn't the only one going through it as a child. HaHa :) So many nicer options now! LOL

    16. I also wear contact and glasses. After working on a computer all day, I'm finding myself rocking my glasses more often. I actually just bought a new pair of glasses through Prada. They were $400!!!!! How crazy is that?? and I barley wear them. Sigh...I'll just blame it on being a girl.

      Happy weekend :)

    17. very nice glasses, ;-)

    18. Jax, same here hun! I spent a little over $300 two years ago for the frames alone (not including the cost of lenses or eye exam). It really get's expensive (with or without insurance)! Because at one point the company I was working for only had medical, NOT vision and dental. Uggh! O_o

    19. good to know because i need some glasses!

    20. This is good to know, because it's been about 2 years since I have had an eye exam, and I know my eyesight has gotten worse! Have a great weekend Kim :) Heather

    21. I've worn glasses since I was 11. Still hate them but I detest contacts even more. At least there's such a variety of glasses available these days.

    22. i was just thinking i needed new glasses!

    23. I'm feeling the glasses LOVE! It's truly amazing you guys. They have frames as low as $38 including the lenses. Click on one of the five links in my post, click on "deals of the week", then scroll down to prices (left hand side)! Yes, $30-40, $40-50, $50-60. You are SEEING correctly. LOL

    24. Wow Kim...this is a great site...very affordable too...I need new frames...I have been wearing glasses since 8th grade....!! Thanks for sharing hun!

      Happy Friday!

    25. hey, kim! loving your new blog!l your new profile pic is beautiful! :)

      both my hubby and i wear glasses... and i will definitely check them out!

      have a great wknd!


    26. I've been blessed with good vision but sometimes I want a fake pair of glasses just to make a fashion statement. :)

    27. my story!every time i buy new glasses i wear them forever till they break or fade..i have recently started wearing lenses but the glasses are such an easier everyday option!

    28. ohh thanks for the info! I've worn glasses since first grade so always looking for places to get them!

    29. Have a fabulous weekend Kim:)

    30. I am so picky when it comes to choosing my glasses. Right now, I am kind of obsessed with my DKNY glasses because they are funky but flattering. I hate it when glasses are too boring.
      Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    31. I have to wear glasses sometimes so I'll be having a look on this website for some ideas :)

      Have a great weekend Kim!

    32. This is a very helpful info! Thank God I don't have to wear glasses, but some of my family members do. And I am always on a hunt for a good pair of great sunglasses! :)
      Good luck!

    33. I need to look into a new pair. Will def. check into this site. Thanks for the info Kim Happy weekend!

    34. I want that striped hat.

      I'm a weirdo who skipped glasses alltogether and went straight to contacts. I have glasses for emergencies, but my eye doctor actually recommends that I don't wear them-- huge discrepancy in prescriptions for each eye. But if I did wear glasses I would definitely check out GlassesUSA!

    35. I definitely need to check this out!! Happy Friday ~

    36. Aww I just bought new glasses. I showed three people and their responses were:
      1. Your transformation to oldladyhood is almost complete.
      2. Why don't you buy a little chain to wear them around your neck?
      3. I like them. (that was my fiance, he knows better)

    37. I heard of them before and it sounds like they're worth a second look so I'm off to check them out.

      <3 Marina

    38. I have glasses too! Though I prefer to use contacts since they're a bit easier ;) xoxo

    39. I need top check this out! due for a new prescription soon! ugh, wish they would just get better so I can get Lasik.

    40. Great post! Hard to find deals on glasses. Thanks

    41. wearing glasses everyday ....
      always searching some nice and not too expensive !

      ciao ave

      visit my blog and follow me..I'll follow back..I wait you !!!

    42. Stylish *and* affordable? Gets an "A" in my book! :)

    43. I love sunglasses... they can totally complete a look...
      My hubby just got me some cute ones for Christamas

      blessings hun

    44. Thanks for the tip! I've been wearing glasses and/or contacts since I was little, too. =)

    45. Thanks for naming me on #FF on twitter.

    46. Hello honey!!!
      I think that your blog is really really faboulous!!!

      If you like my blog too,WE COULD FOLLOW EACH OTHER!!! ;) ;)


    47. I like the orange sunglasses!
      If u can, visit:
      See ya!

    48. I wear glasses too but prefer contact lenses when I go out.
      Sunnies make always a look stylish!
      Miss Starshiny

    49. I´m just like you, Kim, I´ve been wearing glasses ever since I was 6. I used to hate them, but now I embrace them as a full part of my style! Thanks for your tips!
      Happy Sunday!

      xx Ivana

      Have you already entered my "Perfect nail polish" event on Facebook? Check it out here

      Stop by sometimes :)
      Macarons and Pearls

    50. Check you out with your paid posts ;) lol! I wear glasses and I admit, I can't stand itttttt. But it's part of life - I have a vision problem, that's a fact. What annoys me is when people say glasses aren't attractive. So many people need glasses because vision issues are common but everyone fronts like they don't need them because contacts have made it easier to hide it. I only can wear contacts once and a while (sensitive eyes) and now that I wear my glasses more often I realize how silly it is for me to be annoyed by them. I need them.

    51. Lucky for me I've never needed glasses but I do recognize the need for stylish eyewear! Thanks for sharing, Kim!

      P.S - I like your new blog; I haven't commented in a while but I've been lurking about!

    52. you do really sound like an expert!
      love your blog and follow

      Inside and Outside Blog

    53. Sounds like a great site. Gonna check it out! Hopefully I can find something good!


    54. Hey, beautiful blog I follow you and then I noticed that the name of our blog is similar =)

    55. I've never used their site but if i could really save the much, I'd be totally into it...I found out about my poor visiion the same way you did, and I remember crying that day because i didnt want glasses!!

      Aesthetic Lounge

    56. Lookin to get new glasses will definately check out the site.

    57. Hey Ladies, If you're interested in the last pair (orangey), a representative for USAglasses said it's out of stock right now, but they might be getting them in closer to Summer. Just wanted you to know. :)

    58. I need new reading glasses, so thank you for this post!!!! Also, I love in your About Me section that you say you've got a science background- it makes me appreciate your blog all the more:) Anyways, I just found your and just started following! Stop by, say hi and follow back!
      real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

    59. Hey, love! Nice post! If I wore glasses, I'd totally stop by that website.

      We should follow each other!

      Simply follow me, and then comment on any of my posts to let me know that you’re following. After that, I’ll follow you back 100%.

    60. Lovely post, I have been looking for the perfect new pair of specs too!

      But... the Tom Ford ones I want are so ridic expensive! Boo hoo!
      Thanks for sharing and Have a fab week sunshine!



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