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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's Go Tribal! Adriana Lima for Donna Karan

Hey Everybody! It's time to go tribal! I've seen glimpses of tribal fashion and jewelry around the blogosphere. :)

That's what Donna Karan did with her Spring 2012 Collection. The designer spent the last year traveling to Haiti and the result was a collection entitled "The Artisan Stroke". She was heavily inspired by what she saw in Haiti. It truly reflects in her designs.

Karan's Spring 2012 Ad Campaign features model Adriana Lima. Lima is considered white by Brazilian standards.This ad campaign took on some controversy. Some feel it's beautiful and others feel it's racist (and called DK a racist!) due to the expensive clothes being worn (by Lima) in an impoverished country with dark-skinned men in the background (used as props). DK has done a substantial amount of charity work to help rebuild Haiti and has a passion for the country.  

I didn't find it distasteful, but maybe I would've added a disclaimer informing people how Haiti needs more financial help and ways to contribute money somewhere within the ads. Let's take a look at some of the designs in her collection and the ad campaign! What do you make of it? Have A Great Day!

Now some photos of Adriana and Donna arriving in Haiti and preparing for the photo shoot. (source) and DK's website (link above)

Do you think the two men in the picture with Adriana is controversial?
Would it have mattered if they used a Haitian model instead of a Brazilian one?
Are people taking things too seriously now when it comes to fashion? 
Michael Kors is catching slack for his safari ad campaign!
Would you rock tribal designs and jewelry?
Share your thoughts in my comments section!

This video is awesome!


Meena said...

OMGEEEE....two of my fav - Adriana & Tribal....can't go wrong with this...I love them both!!
Thanks for sharing! :)


Anonymous said...

she is beyond beautiful

Corinne said...

Hi Kim!
totally shouted out your awesome Jason Wu for Target find on my latest entry! :D (http://cateyesandthighhighs.blogspot.com/2012/01/top-5-jason-wu-for-target.html)
have a great week!
xx Corinne

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I actually think these are beautiful ads- but I agree with you that there could have been mention of Haiti and the help that they need. She looks stunning- I love the tribal print and the purple dress is gorgeous!

L e n a said...

to me it is always refreshing if Adriana is wearing anything else than VS (if she is wearing any;;)
imho, people would try to make anything cotroversial if that thing is at least worth talking about.
i heartily agree with your disclaimer and i thoroughly enjoy your fashion post today. ;)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh my Adriana is still incredibly gorgeous! Hmm I didn't really think that it was out of place that men were staring at her. But yes it would be interesting to have stunning models of all races be the object of stares!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

rolala said...

It's a beautiful campaign. Adriana Lima is a fantastic model but perhaps they could've quieted some of the controversy if they used a Haitian model instead and tried to draw more attention to the plight the country.

habbott2 said...

I'm not normally a fan of the whole tribal look, but I do really like a lot of the looks in this campaign. And I agree- they should make some mention of where she took the inspiration from.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooh my word, this tribal look styling is so beautiful. I love the lush colours and the prints! Would want to wear practically all of these!

<3 Cambria

Jax said...

I think that people are taking it way to seriously. Not everything is meant to be offensive nor is everyone meant to interpret everything the same way.

Ester Ulaya said...

yap this is tribal dear, i love the post


prettymeggy said...

she's so damn beautiful!!!! i don't know what's her secret, after baby and everything she's still gorgeous!!!
about the controversy, the picture says the truth but you know in fashion everything is props, everything is for publicity... i love this campaign anyway!
take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I do love her, she's stunning!! Very beautiful woman..this is a great editorial!! I'll go tribal if I can have the heat with it!! LOL - can you tell I've had enough of winter!?! LOL!! Hope your day is great doll xxx

A BRIT GREEK said...

She's bloody gorgeous this one, and even more so after having baby no. 1.

Fashion is always going to be controversial, it's just how you perceive it and what 'your' thoughts are on the subject.


aki! said...

I find it a little bit insensitive, but in the fashion industry, that's really nothing new.

Samantha said...

Gosh Kim! I never would have considered that ad racist or even controversial! Guess I'm just taking things at face value when it comes to ads. Thanks for sharing that piece of info with us.

Adriana is absolutely gorgeous! She looks wonderful in every pic. The ads are doing their job bc I would want to wear any of those things! :)

xo, sam

amy b.s. said...

she is stunning. i don't know why i'm always surprised to see her doing something other than victoria's secret!

navy and orange said...

she looks so fierce in that second photo!

xoxo navy & orange

Satin And Salt said...

Fashion is fantasy, not reality. Its supposed to be fun! I don't think Donna intended to have a negative reaction. That must be so hard... putting so much of yourself into a photo shoot and having so much bad press over it.



Nelah said...

Very exotic and nicely done shoots. Everything in a fashion industry is controversial, can I say that? Even when it is not, someone will manage to make it controversial..ha.

Kim, you certainly are my official beach bum buddy. Let's go to that Sandy Lane Resort! Can't believe we shared such similar experience.

Gillie said...

She looks absolutely amazing, what a great campaign!

xo Gillie

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Great collection! I love it! Kisses Kim <3<3

oomph. said...

gawd, this girl is beautiful. she make evvrything look good. i definitely love tribal prints and would rock them fo sho!

i do think some people/organizations take things too seriously. let's just enjoy the pictures, shall we??


Johanna said...

She is just perfect in the photoshoot! xoxo ♥

Lisa said...

OMG LOVE!! especially the bright orange and purple dress!!

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Gorgeous collection and images. . . I can't say I find it racist, sometimes I feel like people just want to create drama. If she created jobs, and some awareness than good for her. A little drama also created some more awareness.

Red Soles and Red Wine

Stela said...

I can't believe they are saying DK is racist for that. Also, it's a fashion shoot and not a celebrity walking around in her best oscar worthy clothes.

Macherie said...

She is not a racist at all. All artists picked up inspiration from things that inspired them. Haiti is beautiful, so is that draping technique on adriana's dress.=)

Ly said...

I love the tribal look. She looks amazing in these editorials.

Personally I think people are way to sensitive. They weren't trying to offend anyone it's just part of the shot.


jas said...

love her!


Rocker Chic said...


She is absoulutely gorgeous and I am loving her in the tribal print.

I don't think it racist some people are very sensitive on the issue but in my opinion she looks great.

Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

I wonder why some people thought it was racist. I guess there are those who read too much into an ad. It looks beautiful and tasteful.

Sam said...

However controversial this campaign may have been rated, we can't deny the fact that Adriana looks gorgeous. But you're right that there should have been a disclaimer somewhere in the ad, and perhaps even a charity venture, where some sales go towards the Haitian cause. Then no one would slam this ad.

Sabrina said...

beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!

Sheri said...

I love Adriana! These ads are gorgeous. It annoys me that people make race an issue. I mean, I know it happens, I'm not naive but sometimes they make something out of nothing. I hope that doesn't sound harsh, I just want people to get along!!!!
I love that you included behind the scenes pics of Donna and Adriana!!!
: )

Sarah Stright said...

I think these pictures are gorgeous. I like your idea of adding a disclaimer though. Haiti still needs so much help. I don't find it racist, and I think that people shouldn't take fashion too seriously because FASHION doesn't take it self too seriously.

Style Journey said...

I don't really see anything controversial about the ad, although maybe a disclaimer would have hushed some of the critics. Either way, Adriana Lima is gorgeous and could wear a garbage bag and still look beautiful! Heather

Mica said...

They are beautiful photos! I agree, a little disclaimer under the "photographed in Haiti" bit to say that somehow the collection benefits Haiti would be great!


Kassi said...

Why in the world would this be racist? People are far too easy to call someone a racist - usually without fact or basis. I am sure they don't realize she's given money to the country - it would have been lovely to include awareness for Haiti. These are beautiful images and I love the clothes!


Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

I love the clothes, I want them all! I love your idea of adding a disclaimer on the ad.

Jax said...

P.S. Check out my blog tomorrow, I gave you an award :)

Alex Elizabeth said...

I think one image is a little questionable, but overall I liked this collection and the ad campaign.

erica marie said...

These photos are gorgeous. I think people are taking it too seriously, everything in the photos I see as what she was inspired from. I love that purple dress, I would so rock it.

xo erica

ShinyPrettyThings said...

i love Adriana!! she was always my favorite VS model hahaha she is so gorgeous here.

Elle Sees said...

it looked kinda odd, like distracting bc they don't have that model stare...but background info would've made sense

Magical Day Dream said...

Simply love that purple dress :)



Ivana said...

Wow, this is really beautiful! I´ve never been a fan of this trend, but this collection may as well change my mind :) Amazing!

xx Ivana

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Little Rus said...

One can't move a finger now without being accused or called something... Gorgeous campaign, gorgeous model and beautiful clothes. And the fact that Donna Karan and her crew spent time in the country also means a) they most likely spent cash to pay for hotels, food, people salaries etc etc etc and b) attracted more attention to the location.

Meekay said...



just tututiny said...

AL is gorgeous! These VS models must have some secret method to getting stick skinny after having babies!

songbird said...

i really like this ad..i don't see any racism here..and i look forward to the tribal trend..because the prints are so much fun!

Skinny Moonstick said...

I adore Adriana Lima, and tribal prints are very gorgeous! However, I think some people are really over-reacting on this non-existent controversy! There's no controversy there!!! Let's be real- 1) it's Donna Karan's designs, 2) Lima is a super model, and 3) Haiti is a beautiful place to shoot photos! And I really like her collection, and Lima is super gorgeous :)
Good luck!


Fashionista622 said...

Hi Kim,
I love this post and let me tell you why. First, your images and behind the scenes captions are gorgeous. Adriana was a great choice, the fashion is truly sensational. Love these tribal prints.
Now I love the video ( I posted it on my FB fanpage yesterday), I think DK put a great and positive spin on a country that is known for poverty & its latest tragedies. I think it was well done and perhaps yes the disclaimer would have been a good addition. Otherwise, campaign well done. :)



Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

She's just gorgeous and would love beautiful wearing anything!! Lovely photos.

<3 Marina

Claire said...

these pieces are gorgeous!!! i can see why some people might be upset, but if DK is giving back to Haiti i think that's pretty great.


Plami said...

Adriana is flawless! Gorgoeus campaign!

Thank you so much for being so sweet and supportive to me! It really means the world!



♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

i am planning on doing a post on tribal look... i think adrianna lima is soooo beautiful. both my hubs and i am in love with her... lol! i really don't see this as a controversy.... people should focus on the bigger picture... my opinion, i guess.


Marianne M. said...

andrianna looks stunning in this editorial so sensual and exotic and sexy

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