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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wash. Fluff. Fold.

How's everybody doing? Nothing fancy today, I'm doing laundry. I changed my laundry detergent about a month ago. I use to be a "i'll-never-use-anything-else-but-powder-detergent-girl, but now I'm a liquid detergent girl. HaHaHa Not only that, but strongly-scented products are really becoming a turn off for me. I'm looking for anything free of dyes, perfumes AND for sensitive skin! I seem to be in that category now. HaHaHa I'm currently using Tide Free & Gentle, but I'm open to other brands (if you have any suggestions, let me know in my comments section). Is it better to use liquid fabric softener or softener sheets? I have so many questions. I even switched my bar soap from Dial anti-bacterial (which left me too clean) to Dove for sensitive skin. I really like Dove. What kind of detergent or soap powder do you use? How do you wash, fluff & fold? I'm usually in shorts and a tee. HaHaHa The models in the "Wash Away" fashion editorial by L'Officiel NL (August 2014) are all dressed up. HaHaHa Have a BUBBLY DAY and WASH AWAY...WASH AWAY!

magazine: l'officiel nl (august 2014)
models: isabel scholten & milou sluis / photographer: karen rosetzsky
stylist: equiline van dooren / hair and make-up: pernell kusmus 
laundry gifs: a very sweet blog

Friday, July 25, 2014

LUSH Strawberry Shaving Soap Product Review

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics recently came out with NEW products for 2014. For the record, I've never been a HUGE fan of Lush products. It's not because their products don't work, it's because their scents (for some of their products) are TOO STRONG (at least for me)! I haven't tried LUSH since 2012. Well one new item peaked my curiosity! It was their Strawberry Shaving Soap. I mean seriously, how can you f*ck up strawberry!?!

The Good! This shaving mousse, cream, soap (whatever you want to call it) is SO GOOD you guys! It gives a really close shave. It leave your skin feeling super duper soft. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized. I love this stuff!!! When you open the jar, it looks like yoplait's whipped yogurt but a little denser. Cotton candy clouds! It's rich & creamy! Slather it on baby! Slather it ON! Now, the wetter your skin, the more it thins out. So take my advice and wet your hands, THEN SCOOP IT OUT, APPLY and SHAVE. I tried it several ways and thought this was the best way to apply it.

Now, some quirks (you know I like to give ALL angles)! Strawberry scented? Hmmm...Welll! There's strawberry in it. However, I think the dominant scent is ROSE. The scent (to me) is more floral than fruity. This is probably because it contains organic rose hip oil and it dominates the strawberry scent. The scent is not overpowering, so you shouldn't worry about that. Secondly, LUSH uses pots (little black jars) for many of their products. I wish this particular product was encased in a container that had a pump. It would be a lot more sanitary. I don't like the fact of scooping it out. However, I only used it twice and it was empty! HaHaHa I purchased the small pot of Lush D'Fluff ($9.95). I used it twice (but hey, I'm a Sasquatch and have lots of hair). So the small pot will give you about 2-4 uses. The large pot of Lush D'Fluff is $16.95. On the package, it states it's good for a year! I was surprised at that. I don't keep LUSH products long, because they contain a lot of organic products. Stuff turns. I recommend that you buy this as needed. I say all of the above to say can get a little expensive. I'm use to paying only $2-3 for shaving cream! LOL The only thing I can say though is your legs will feel SO GOOD after using this! It's the closest shave I've ever had. I really liked it. Well, those are my thoughts! I give it a SWEET rating! It would be SUPERSWEET, but there were too many quirks. Have you tried this product? If there is anything of LUSH that you think I would like, please leave your suggestions in my comment box below. Have a great weekend!
supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)
LUSH's Strawberry Shaving Soap is Sweet


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AVEENO Sunscreen Review + Summertime Pool Fun

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for AVEENO®. I'm a 2014 AVEENO® Ambassador. All opinions are 100% my own. I received (5) tubes of AVEENO® sunscreen #AveenoSun, Wildfox Couture Le Femme Cateye Sunglasses and a Make A Wish Wishbone bracelet by Dogeared from AVEENO®. 

Have you gotten any pool or beach time in this Summer? I relaxed at my aunt's (condo) pool this weekend. It was in the 70's this past weekend (Cincinnati, OH), but it's going to be in the upper 90's this week. IT'S SUPER SIZZLE HOT! HaHaHa July is UV Safety Month and AVEENO sent me their sunscreen collection to test out! They also sent me some really COOL gifts! They spoil me & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! C'mon, and let me show you what I received! :)

The first product I was excited to test out, was AVEENO's Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion FOR FACE (Broad Spectrum SPF 50). Let me tell you! I use to use regular body sunscreen on my face. It was way too heavy! Especially when applying makeup afterwards! I'm happy to say this sunscreen is light, has a clean, fresh scent, absorbs completely into my skin and doesn't affect my makeup application. I also wear UVA/UVB sunglasses and a sun hat. This sunscreen is also sweat + water resistant (80 min). Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure!

The second product I was excited to test out was AVEENO's Hydrosport Wet Skin Spray Sunscreen (Broad Spectrum SPF 30). NO CAP GUYS!!! It's built into the can! I love that feature, because who wants to fumble with caps when you're at the beach, swimming area etc!?! You just TWIST & SPRAY! Another thing, it's not oily or greasy! Spray your legs, arms etc. Rub the sunscreen in with your hands. Not oily. Smells great. Did I say it was OIL FREE? Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure! Do NOT spray in your face! Apply to your hands and then rub it into the skin of your face :)

Do you have sensitive skin? Well, you're going to love the third sunscreen product by AVEENO! It's specifically for sensitive skin: AVEENO Natural Protection Lotion Sunscreen. It's fragrance free and has soothing oat. It provides NATURAL PROTECTION! Meaning it's 100% naturally sourced sunscreen ingredients. This sunscreen lotion has a broad spectrum SPF of 50. The cream is white and has no scent. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure!

The last two help reverse skin dehydration! Did you know any such thing existed? I didn't! Both contain nourishing oat. AVEENO's protect + hydrate sunscreen lotions come in a range from SPF 30 - 70. It's designed to protect and nourish skin to keep it looking and feeling healthy. It contains ACTIVE NATURALS OAT, which provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection while helping to reverse skin dehydration. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure!

Here are some pics I took around the pool. The plants are so pretty! Nobody uses it! So I'm having a blast. AVEENO sent me a beautiful pair of Wildfox Le Femme cat eye sunglasses from Wildfox Couture. They are so COOL! They also sent me a beautiful 'make a wish' wishbone bracelet from Dogeared. They have some really cool jewelry. Very minimal (which I like). My dress is by Garnet Hill (purchased last year). Shhh, I took my aunt's straw hat. HaHaHa I thought it went well with my dress. >.<  Have a great week everybody! Let your light shine BRIGHT!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Laura Geller Beauty Garden Party 6-Piece Make-Up Collection Product Review

Ohhh a garden party!!! Garden parties can be so, petit fours, teacups and such! They can also be a nightmare...inclement weather, insects...OH MY! I picked up Laura Geller's Garden Party 6 Piece Make-up Collection when it was on sale two weeks ago. Was this garden party sweet or not? It was a mixed bag. I felt like the Mad Hatter had put this collection together and I was in makeup TRIPPY LAND. Let me tell you what worked and what didn't! >.<

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Laura Geller BB Cream All-In-One Skin-Perfecting Beauty Balm SPF 21 - Not Sweet
Do you have luck with BB Creams? I don't! I have yet to find a BB Cream that will work with my skin. I think it's the fact that my skin requires coverage. So I always stick to foundations. Several blog posts have stated the best BB Creams are from Asia. If that's true or not, I do not know. I DO KNOW Laura Geller's BB Cream seems more like an illuminator. It illuminates your skin! However, I thought it was too shiny. I have super dry skin and it made it look oily (see picture below). The BB Cream in this kit only comes in medium and it offered NO COVERAGE for my skin (I think your skin has to be PERFECT to wear this alone). It comes out the tube beigey-brown, but provides no color when applied to the face. I ended up putting on my Urban Decay Naked Foundation and Benefit Boi-ing Concealer OVER this BB Cream. See the difference? For my regular readers, I'm almost out of my UD Naked Skin, so I'll be purchasing MAC & YSL soon.

Laura Geller Supreme Lip Spackle - Not Sweet
The purpose of this lip spackle, is to keep your lipstick in place. Well, IT DID but it felt like a glue stick! It's HEAVY & THICK! You better exfoliate the hell out of your lips, or your lips will look like you are on drugs girl! I know it's a primer for your lips (before applying lipstick), but damn. I HATED THE FEEL OF IT! LOL :P

Laura Geller Lipstick in Pink Mink - Sweet
This is where the Garden Party gets better! I must say it was a rough start! LOL I love Laura Geller's lipstick. And guess what? You can purchase this lipstick WITHOUT buying the kit! I wish I would've known! LOL Gorgeous color! It's a pink-brown color. Nice shine! Very moisturizing! I can't complain. I also love how her name and lips are imprinted on the lipstick. Very nice touch! Very classy!

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Vivid Flower Blush Pink Dahlia - Sweet
Isn't this blush gorgeous!?! It's a gorgeous dimensional flower, that's a raspberry pink and light dusty frosted pink. There's a little sparkle in this blush, but nothing that's annoying. It's really nice and gives you a healthy glow. It goes on very light. I wish it had just a little more punch to it, but it is buildable. So add and add on baby!

Laura Geller  I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner Caffe' Mocha - Bittersweet
This eyeliner fades fast! HaHaHa It's a beautiful brown when applied, but it fades over time. Waterproof? It may not run, but it will disappear. HaHaHa Surprisingly, I got a lovely look out of all of this! Thanks to my Urban Decay Foundation, Benefit Boi-ing, Laura Geller Lipstick and Blush. Kits are funny! They definitely can be a mixed bag. Oh well! That's my honest review!

Laura Geller Retractable Baked Powder Brush - Bittersweet
One more thing! The brush! I thought this was a blush brush, until I read the outer casing (powder brush)! I didn't quite understand this, because there's NO POWDER in the kit. There is however BLUSH! A blush brush would've been nice! HaHaHa This brush is strictly to powder your face. The bristles are longggg and soft! Put some powder on it, retract it and put it in your purse. You'll use it later that day :) That's how I use mine. If you want this kit, don't pay full price (I didn't! Wait for a really good sale!). This garden party wore me out!!! I'm going to relax by the pool this weekend and catch up with your blogs. Have an awesome weekend my friends! I'll see you next week! <3

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