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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Perfect Mixers For Your Kitchen

The mixer is on top of every baker’s wishlist. While you can prepare a lot of the things you need for baking without using a mixer, different KitchenAid mixers come as a convenient tool to enable you speed up your work. You will save some time and it helps you to prepare your favorite recipes. If you bake on regular basis, this is a tool that should never miss in your kitchen. You can browse reviews to see some of the best you can find in the market. The idea is to know what to look for when buying a mixer to get the right tool. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Things to consider when choosing a mixer
Your cooking needs
What are you going to need the mixer for? This is what should guide your decision as different mixers are suited to different types of cooking needs. For example, stand mixers are ideal when you want to prepare tamales, meatballs, ravioli, and butter. It basically works with many recipes that seemed difficult previously. Think about the type of food you want to prepare and this will guide you to choose the perfect mixer for your needs.
If you are looking for a hand mixer, you most definitely will go for one that is light and easy to operate while mixing. You need to understand that to mix more items you will need to hold the mixer longer, so a heavy mixer may not be suitable in this case. If you have somewhere you can place the mixer as you mix then weight might not be one of your concerns, but for one that you will carry with your hands you need to think about the maximum weight you can accommodate comfortably.
Ease of cleaning
Of course hygiene is a priority you don’t want to skip, so when choosing a mixer you want to get one that offers ease of cleaning. In this category, hand mixers score more points as they are easier to handle and clean. When you use a stand mixer, you will have several parts to clean after every use. Cleaning is part of maintenance of the mixer and you don’t want to get it wrong as this could damage it or reduce its efficiency.
Size can be determined by a number of factors including the amount of foods you are cooking as well as the space you have available for the mixer. As you might expect, there is a wide range of mixer sizes to choose from that will serve your needs adequately. Just ensure the mixer you buy is suitable and serves your needs adequately. This will help you get the satisfaction you desire.

Choosing a mixer is a process that includes weighing options and factors. Some of the things you need to look at include speed setting, the size of the mixer, and weight. Your comfort is key when buying a mixer as most of the time you will hold it in your hand while mixing, so choose a mixer that’s not too heavy, unless you plan to use it while placed on a surface.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lanolips Strawberry 101 Ointment Multi-Balm and Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1 Review and Swatches

Lanolips has been on my list to try for awhile. What made me pull my purchase trigger was the review on my blog buddy Rowena of Rolala Loves blog. She tried the Lanolips Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm ($16.95) and loved it. When I saw that it was offered in Strawberry, my eyes lit up! Then I saw that one of their lip balms was offered in Banana! My beauty foodie heart palpitated. I purchased mine from ULTA, because they had a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off. I said to myself, this is a great time to try them! Below is my review and details for each.

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Lanolips Strawberry 101 Ointment Multi-Balm ($13.50) - Sweet
This is an ointment (that holds 200% of it's weight in moisture), and is scented like strawberries (the strawberry scent is light, but very authentic; it does not taste like strawberries). It contains Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin. It's 100% natural. It contains Vitamin E. It has REAL Strawberry extract (which is rich in alpha hydroxy acids AHAs - chemical exfoliation). This ointment contains NO artificial colors, flavors or fragrances. It contains NO parabens, petrolatum, PEG's, mineral oil or sulfates. It's also animal, cruelty free. This ointment is great for moisturizing dry lips, cuticles, skin patches and more. I only tried this ointment on my lips. What I love, is that it moisturizes & exfoliates. My lips looked plumped. They looked moisturized. The ointment felt creamy on my lips. There was NO TACKY or STICKINESS. My lips felt moisturized for HOURS upon hours! There's only one reason why I didn't give this a Supersweet rating. It subtly exfoliates your lips. That's a great thing, but you don't want that to occur during the day, out in public or at your job. LOL If you're home, that is fine. So I used this at night. From Lanolips website, this is also offered in green apple and peach. This ointment moisturizes lips really well, but if you're not into ointments or want to exclude that exfoliation part, let me recommend Fresh's Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment. I swear by it! It is absolutely amazing and in a stick, solid form. But I will be adding this Lanolips ointment to my nighttime lip care.

Lanolips Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1 ($15.95) - Sweet
This banana scented ointment has me going bananas!!! You can smell it right from the tube and it's very authentic. This also comes in a lemonaid scent. So what's the difference between this one and the one above??? It gives your lips a SHEEN! There are very subtle sparkles/shimmer. I hate to even call them that because they don't show up on your lips that way. LOL Because I know some of you are saying, I DON"T WANT ANY SPARKLES ON MY LIPS. Well me neither, but I love this! You will love this sheen, because it makes lips so pretty on its own. I also tried this over lipstick (nudestix) and the effect is so pretty you guys. It gave a different effect to my lip color. Nowadays, you have lip toppers! Well, this could easily work as one. The same great benefits as I listed above for the multi-balm, but the extra is the LUSTER (that's the word the company uses to describe my description of sparkle/shimmer). Luster sounds much better :D Lip conditioner + luster sheen + lip smoother. Also, this does not taste like bananas! I didn't notice the exfoliation, as with the first one. But maybe the first exfoliated everything and there was nothing left to exfoliate. But keep that in mind. I'll link their two videos for you below.


Easiest Way On How To Use A Paint Sprayer

Painting, in general, is a hard job to do in all aspects of work. However, if we can compare sprayer painting to brush and roller painting, it is much easier and convenient. However, despite the fact that it is easy, one cannot just hook the sprayer up and start painting. Sprayer painting requires that one should do enough practice to execute it perfectly. So, before you can work on to the wall, one can try perfecting the techniques on a side surface to ensure a nice and an even coverage.
Here is the easiest way on how to use a paint sprayer.
Protect Yourself and Your Surroundings
While painting, the paint fumes can fill the air which can be dangerous to your health. Besides, the small drops can also affect your clothes and any nearby immovable item that does not require painting. For that matter, it is important that you try every way possible to avoid exposure to the paint. You can achieve this by ensuring that you wear an apron or dirty clothes to protect your body. For your face, there are several approved masks that are designed specifically for painting tasks. Wear this to cover your mouth nose and eyes while for your hands, you can put on gloves. For the furniture, cover them with old clothes so as to avoid the dripping paints.
Practice Elsewhere Before Painting
We all know that practice makes perfect. So, as a painter, whether trained or an amateur, a little practice before the actual painting is allowed. It can be annoying to find out that you have just sprayed a wrong pattern on your favorite wall or furniture. For that reason, before you can proceed, take an old cardboard and do the practice on it first. This not only makes your painting perfect but also enables you to be sure about the functionality of your paint sprayer. Besides, you will get familiar with that sprayer thus you can be aware of how it works. You can then customize it appropriately and as you prefer.
Adjust Your Techniques
Adjusting your setting before painting is very important. This is usually determined by what you are planning to paint and how you want to paint it. In this case, you can change the nozzle settings to achieve appropriateness. For instance, if you are planning to paint a small surface, it is obvious that you will need a narrow setting. Maintaining one pattern is also essential while painting and in the process, keep the sprayer moving. To get the best result, the best proximity of the nozzle to wall would be about six to twelve inches. In a case where you are using a paint sprayer on ceilings, choose a more appropriate spray gun for optimum results.
Be Aware Of the Weather
The weather conditions matter a lot when it comes to painting. It does not matter whether you are painting indoors or outdoors, if the weather is not conducive, then your painting might be affected. This is because, most of the time, how a paint adheres to the wall being painted depends on the weather condition at that particular time. According to research, the best time to spray paint is when the weather is around 45 degree to about 75 degrees. So this is essential to consider unless you want to keep painting for the rest of your life.

In summary, paint spraying is more of a DIY project hence you can consider doing it yourself. It is, therefore, a project where you can be free to try anything and besides, it can be fun too. Using the paint sprayer is not a hard task where as much as you are practicing you will gradually get better. As a result, you can experience its great designs on paints.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Being by Sanctuary Spa Salted Caramel & Macadamia Bubble Bath, Body Lotion and Body Butter Review

Have you heard of the brand Sanctuary? It's a UK brand that is sold at Boots. It actually started as a spa (cute story), but from their website it states it closed in 2014. They now only sell products. Being by Sanctuary Spa is part of the Sanctuary brand. The last time I was in ULTA, I noticed their products on the shelf and decided to give them a try. I mean, who can't miss those cinnamon roll looking eyes? LOL Being by Sanctuary has about FIVE different scents (cloudberry & lychee blossom, hibiscus & coconut water, chili mango & tonka bean, water lotus & pomelo and salted caramel & macadamia), but it was Salted Caramel & Macadamia that most appealed to me. You would think that this would be more of a Fall/Winter scent, but the scent is very light. Not faint, but you can definitely wear it during the warmer months with no problem. I really like these and they are very affordable. My review for each is below. I'm always impressed with UK "drugstore" products. They always have fun designs and the quality of the products are really good. You guys know I love Soap & Glory! Especially their Sugar Crush collection! So give these a whiff!

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Being by Sanctuary Salted Caramel & Macadamia Bubble Bath ($12) - Sweet
This says Bubble Bath, but you can use it as a body wash. When you pour it out the bottle, it feels creamy and has a rich caramel scent. It lathers & cleans really well. Most importantly it washes away cleanly. I found this to be very moisturizing & nourishing to my skin. The scent doesn't linger very much after you rinse & towel dry. So if you want the scent to continue, you'll have to purchase either the lotion or body butter below. I removed all of my bathtubs during my home remodel. So I only have showers. However, the way this lathers, it could also be an effective bubble bath.

Being by Sanctuary Salted Caramel & Macadamia Body Lotion ($12) - Sweet
This lotion is loaded with cocoa butter. As soon as you dispense this lotion, it immediately comes out rich & creamy ... yet so light & fluffy. It truly makes your skin soft. This provides lightweight moisture. No greasiness, tackiness or oiliness left behind. The scent is great and will have you SMILING throughout the day.

Being by Sanctuary Salted Caramel & Macadamia Body Butter ($15) - Sweet
If your skin is on the drier side, pick up a tub of this body butter. It has a thicker consistency than the body lotion and it really nourished my dry skin. The is loaded with both cocoa butter AND shea butter! I felt the difference between this and the body lotion. Again, no stickiness, tackiness, greasiness or oiliness. I was really impressed with this brand.

I found all of these at ULTA. I just looked at ULTA's website and they also offer this scent in a bath bomb, body scrub, hand cream, and body mist. Didn't know that! So the formula is really good, its just a matter of picking out your favorite scent :) Have you tried anything from Sanctuary or Being by Sanctuary?

How To Cook Family Meals

One of the greatest challenges in our daily lives is certainly cooking. There is simply no time to spend in the kitchen. We have to devote ourselves to so many things – work, chores, and many other daily tasks. As a consequence, the time we would spend in the kitchen preparing tasty and healthy meals for our family is sacrificed.

However, we do not need to sacrifice this time. All we need is some careful planning and preparation in advance, as well as helpful kitchen tools. Also, a fast but healthy dish is always welcome. Here are some tips on how to cook family meals more easily and quickly.

Cook in Batches
Whenever you do have the time to prepare a meal, try to cook more. Later, you can easily freeze the leftovers, which can be defrosted whenever you need a fast and easy dinner. This method of cooking is indispensable for people with little free time. It saves so much time that can be spent better with your family.

A useful tip is to always label your freezer bags. In this way, you will know exactly what is in the bag and how long it has been in the freezer. So, you can pick and choose a tasty dinner easily straight from your freezer.
Use your Slow Cooker
The slow cooker is an amazing tool, but people seldom use it. Perhaps, people just do not know exactly what to do with it. However, it is an incredibly versatile tool and we should utilize it more.

Nowadays, the slow cooker is making a comeback and there are so many recipes for slow cooker meals to choose from. What is amazing about a slow cooker is the fact that it does everything by itself! We just add the necessary ingredients, set the timer, and we are out of the kitchen. In a few hours, we will have an amazing meal with the least possible amount of effort.
Choose simple but healthy recipes
Sometimes, cooking can be monotonous and time-consuming. After working all day, no one wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, too. So, we sometimes just give up cooking altogether.

However, we can choose easy recipes that are both good for us and tasty. By choosing such meals we can prepare a hearty dish in a matter of minutes. So, we can have some real food instead of fast food and takeout. What is more, we should not be afraid of experimenting in the kitchen. Trying out new recipes is fun and it keeps us motivated to prepare food by and for ourselves.

Getting a good idea is half the work. Here, we discussed some useful tips and trick for preparing family meals. You can find some more cooking tips here:

As we have seen, cooking food for your family does not have to be hard work. By cooking large quantities of food, by using your slow cooker, and by choosing the right recipe, you can make cooking fun, easy, and healthy. Preparing wholesome food for your family is very important, but there isn’t always enough time. So, by cooking efficiently, you can provide your loved ones with the nutrition they need.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Body Shop Banana Nourishing Body Butter Review

Do your skin a favor and pick yourself up a jar of THIS! LOL I stopped purchasing body butters from The Body Shop for a long time, because they always felt so heavy on my skin. Well lately, I've really been impressed with their formula. Last year, their Pinita Colada collection was a major hit. It's still available and I plan on picking it up this year. Now, they've introduced a Banana ... Body Butter and Yogurt version! I purchased the Body Butter ($21 on sale for $13...always wait for a sale! The Body Shop and ULTA offer a number of sales throughout the season). Go Bananas, YES! Totally Bananas, YES! Bananas Over You, YES...YES....YES! This formula is enriched with Community Trade banana puree and has a 100% Vegan formula. 24 hour moisture? I've been wearing it for 12 hours and my skin still feels soft. The scent is so authentic! It's not overwhelming and it's not too light! Just right. When you open the jar, it looks like butter. LOL But the formula is so smooth, lightweight & creamy. It works really well into the skin and there is absolutely NO stickiness, greasiness, tackiness or heaviness. My skin felt nourished and when you're constantly smelling your arm, that says a lot. LOL If you're looking for something different for Spring & Summer, give this a try. It's a nice treat for the skin. I purchased the Banana Nourishing Body Butter from ULTA BEAUTY! They also have the banana yogurt version (it's just a different consistency, but offers the same benefits). If you're not fond of bananas, they have body yogurt and butter versions in strawberry, mango, coconut, almond milk & honey, British Rose and Moringa. Also, if you have dry hair, I've been testing out The Body Shop's Banana Truly Shampoo & Conditioner and it is so good. Besides the great scent it is really nourishing for dry hair. There's also a banana hair mask, but I haven't tried it.

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   The Body Shop Banana Nourishing Body Butter is Supersweet


Monday, March 26, 2018

Sara Happ Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub Review

Get ready for a fruit-filled, sweet-treat week! Let's start with Sara Happ! I think I review at least two of her lip scrubs a year. I recently purchased her Pink Grapefruit lip scrub ($22) and it is awesome. I'm not much of a grapefruit fan, but I love eating pink grapefruit in the mornings. This lip scrub smells just like pink grapefruit and tastes as yummy as well. Sara Happ's lip scrubs are always so authentic! And they always have just the right balance of exfoliation and moisturizing ingredients. I love how they exfoliate, moisturize and wash away cleanly. If you go back to my past reviews, you may notice the jars (that contain her lip scrubs) have changed (they were plastic). The one's now look more like glass (feel like it as well) and are much sleeker. It's a very nice polished design! BUT...OH YES...THERE IS A BUT! You're getting less product :( Why Sara Why? Before we received 1oz of your yummy lip scrub. Now, only .5 oz (1/2 the product amount) :P BUT...YES, ANOTHER BUT! The price has gone down $2. If there's any consolation, you need very little of this lip scrub. It definitely gets the job done. She just recently came out with a Limited Edition lip scrub called Caramel Latte. I'm so tempted! LOL All of her lip scrubs are paraben-free, gluten-free, and not tested on animals. This lip scrub is formulated with grapeseed and jojoba oil. She also has introduced a potted lip balm (The Lip Slip Balm) and The Dream Slip, which is a replenishing lip treatment you use at night. I'll have to purchase and try them. I'll definitely keep you posted. She makes great lip products. I think my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE LIP SCRUB has to be the SARA HAPP SPARKLING PEACH flavor. It is DELICIOUS! LOL  Read my other lip scrub reviews here.

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   Sara Happ Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub is Supersweet


How To Boost Your Self Confidence Through Makeup

Any woman in society deserves appreciation, respect and admiration. However, for her to attain all these, she requires self-confidence. Whenever she tries to improve her appearance, something remarkable happens. People will begin paying attention to her, seeking her company and more so ask for her opinion concerning certain issues in the society. As a result, she becomes more respectable wherever she goes including her home and work place. This improves her life making her more daring and confident in everything she does. However, all these can only be a success through make-up application in the following ways.

Use Make Up As A Way Of Expressing And Appreciating Your Inner Beauty
You should not use make up as a way of concealing who you are. Instead, apply it as a way of expressing and revealing your inner beauty. It is during this time that you should honor yourself and pay tribute to the woman you are. This will help you feel more confident in your own skin.
Opt for Make Up With Natural Ingredients
More beauty brands such as the ones found in Avon Brochure are turning to natural products instead of chemically induced ones. Consider choosing organic products, which are formulated natural ingredients. Choosing these products will enable you make ethical purchases and reduce your impact on the environment. At the end, the products will give you a feeling connectivity with your natural beauty hence boosting your self-esteem.
Avoid Excessive Application
For you to attain a natural look, apply less make up for best results. When correctly applied, your own natural beauty will be enhanced. This will help you project your own sense of belonging. In the end, your competence, pride, and attention will be revealed marking you as a modern successful woman.
Use Make Up As A Sign Of Self Respect
Having a good appearance is a sign of self-respect. Fixing your hair, nails, dressing well and putting on makeup is a sign of your respect to others. Hence, when you give respect, you will earn it in return. For this reason, you should apply your make-up in a skillful manner to affect the behavior of those around you in a positive way. This will make yourself look good and more people across genders will give you respect. Respect gained will increase your self-confidence and esteem making you feels better.
Vary Your Appearance In Conjunction With An Occasion
As a woman, you have the ability of varying your appearance on different days depending on the occasion. You can opt to change your entire look or just some parts such as hairstyle, hair color, and nails. For instance, you can make your appearance exquisite elegant for formal occasions, stunning for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day among other appearances. Indeed, use of makeup can enable you attain a wonderful look for every occasion.

Make-up plays an important role in boosting self-confidence of a woman. Self-confidence is an engine that powers our ability to struggle with life. When this engine is well tuned, you can successful overcome all challenges inclined to you. Discover the power of make – up and build your confidence today.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Drunk Elephant Skincare Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser & Lala Retro Whipped Cream Moisturizer Review

Last year, I tried some products from skincare brand Drunk Elephant. The products were very hit or miss with me. Either my dry skin loved a product or didn't like it. The more I try products from this brand, I'm finding they're more suitable for Oily and Combination skin types, than Dry or Normal skin types. One thing I will say, is that I love their nighttime skincare: TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum and Virgin Marula Luxury Oil. When blended together, you wake up with amazing feeling & looking skin. You may not like how they feel when applied, but by morning they're worth it. I recently purchased (Sephora), Drunk Elephant's "Hit It Off" $20, which contains their Beste Jelly Cleanser and Lala Retro Whipped Cream Moisturizer. These are deluxe samples, but you really get enough product to see if they will work for you. So did my skin "Hit It Off" with these products? Read below to find out.

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Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser - Sweet (Oily/Combination) / Not Sweet (Dry/Normal)
I have two ratings here, because when I test products I try to consider all skin types (not just my own). The Juju & Pekee bars, I tried last year, didn't work for my skin. I started experiencing some dryness after using them for awhile. Well, the same thing (only quicker - like 3 days) happened when I used the Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser. I had to stop. Drunk Elephant claims this is good for all skin types, but I have to disagree based on my experience. Will it remove traces of make up? Most definitely. Will it remove excess oil? Definitely. Will it remove pollution & grime? Yes it will. I agree with what they say on their website, but it is way too stripping for my dry skin. It has a pH level of 5.9, but it was drying out my skin. The main ingredients listed are mild surfactant blend, virgin marula oil, glycerin, cantaloupe fruit extract. This cleanser is in gel form. For whatever reason, my skin doesn't react well with gel cleansers. There has only been one gel cleanser that my skin got along with and that was Kat Burki's Ocean Mineral Gel Cleanser. So I think this cleanser will work better for other skin types. For Dry or Normal? Be cautious. Try a sample, and stop if you feel dry. I also want to mention that this cleanser has a clinical scent and it lathers up when water is applied.

Lala Retro Whipped Cream Moisturizer - Sweet (Oily/Combination/Normal/Dry)
This is a really good moisturizer! It's creamy & fluffy, like whip cream! It's not greasy or sticky! It absorbs really well into the skin! Drunk Elephant describes this moisturizer as "A retro-style moisturizer that rehabilitates, brightens and firms skin’s appearance while slowly delivering a steady dose of moisture throughout the day and night." I have to agree with that, because my skin consistently felt hydrated for hours. This moisturizer contains 6 African Oils to deliver and lock in intense moisture for hours. Lala Retro Whipped Cream Moisturizer is for dull, dry and dehydrated skin. I think this moisturizer would work great for all skin types. If you have extremely dry skin, this may not be enough for you during the Winter months (that would be me LOL). But I was very impressed with this. Some other moisturizers that my dry skin REALLY LOVES (supersweet ratings) are Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base, REN's Ultra Moisture Day Cream and V-Cense Night Cream. Some other really good ones are Kiehl's Ultra Facial CreamIT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream and Lumene Klassiko Day & Night Cream. I've reviewed a lot of moisturizers. You can read about them here. This moisturizer also has a clinical scent. I'll be giving away a duo just like this on instagram. So look for it.

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