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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Perfect Mixers For Your Kitchen

The mixer is on top of every baker’s wishlist. While you can prepare a lot of the things you need for baking without using a mixer, different KitchenAid mixers come as a convenient tool to enable you speed up your work. You will save some time and it helps you to prepare your favorite recipes. If you bake on regular basis, this is a tool that should never miss in your kitchen. You can browse reviews to see some of the best you can find in the market. The idea is to know what to look for when buying a mixer to get the right tool. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Things to consider when choosing a mixer
Your cooking needs
What are you going to need the mixer for? This is what should guide your decision as different mixers are suited to different types of cooking needs. For example, stand mixers are ideal when you want to prepare tamales, meatballs, ravioli, and butter. It basically works with many recipes that seemed difficult previously. Think about the type of food you want to prepare and this will guide you to choose the perfect mixer for your needs.
If you are looking for a hand mixer, you most definitely will go for one that is light and easy to operate while mixing. You need to understand that to mix more items you will need to hold the mixer longer, so a heavy mixer may not be suitable in this case. If you have somewhere you can place the mixer as you mix then weight might not be one of your concerns, but for one that you will carry with your hands you need to think about the maximum weight you can accommodate comfortably.
Ease of cleaning
Of course hygiene is a priority you don’t want to skip, so when choosing a mixer you want to get one that offers ease of cleaning. In this category, hand mixers score more points as they are easier to handle and clean. When you use a stand mixer, you will have several parts to clean after every use. Cleaning is part of maintenance of the mixer and you don’t want to get it wrong as this could damage it or reduce its efficiency.
Size can be determined by a number of factors including the amount of foods you are cooking as well as the space you have available for the mixer. As you might expect, there is a wide range of mixer sizes to choose from that will serve your needs adequately. Just ensure the mixer you buy is suitable and serves your needs adequately. This will help you get the satisfaction you desire.

Choosing a mixer is a process that includes weighing options and factors. Some of the things you need to look at include speed setting, the size of the mixer, and weight. Your comfort is key when buying a mixer as most of the time you will hold it in your hand while mixing, so choose a mixer that’s not too heavy, unless you plan to use it while placed on a surface.


  1. I don't own a big mixer but for someone that bakes often its a must! I have a hand mixer for mashed potatoes and stuff like that. I also have a kitchen aid food processor that I use here and there for low carb breads and really enjoy it but its huge lol

  2. I have a hand mixer,it is small but it does the job, I might invest in a bigger one in the future.

  3. I like hand mixers just better control!

    Candice |

  4. I have a hand mixer that comes in very handy. Infact I just used it last week to bake a cake for a family friend that lost their son. Works great. happy Easter Kim!

  5. I loved loved loved this read, I only have a hand mixer and swear by it :P

    Serene xoxox

  6. Ah yes, the mixer's ability to be cleaned easily is essential for sure - otherwise you can end up spending 20mins baking and 40 mins cleaning haha! Hope you're having a lovely weekend Kim :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  7. I always wanted a mixer but I don't bake. I just want one cuz it looks so pretty. LOL.

    xo Jo

  8. The cleaning process is really important when picking one, it could be a nightmare!!


  9. I love my Kitchenaid mixer but left it at my mom's place. It's so awesome for baking!

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