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Monday, March 5, 2018

Jeffree Star The Love Sick Collection: Velour Lip Scrub in Cherry Soda and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Review + My Personal Experience And Thoughts On Bullying & Racism

I've been watching Jeffree Star (on Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube) for a couple of years now. I just sit back and observe people sometimes. Through the years, his behavior has been an UP and DOWN roller coaster, of both GOOD and BAD things. Let's start off with the GOOD. Jeffree Star gives back (donates) to a lot of charities & causes. He gives away both ULTA & SEPHORA gift cards to his viewers. He gives BRUTALLY honest reviews on products and great recommendations. I personally learned about Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base through his Snapchat Stories and it is one of my favorites. There's no doubt that he is an entertainer and can capture your attention. Now the BAD, and I mean REALLY BAD! In his past (MySpace days), he used the N-word many times, even calling a woman an Ape (hollering at a woman walking down the street - video here). He uses Hoe and the B-Word constantly. He's called someone a "poor mexican". It's ok if Jeffree gives brutal reviews, but when a guy received a damaged product (shattered highlighter) from Jeffree's own product line and posted it online ... Jeffree criticized him for doing so, instead of contacting customer service. Jeffree has gotten into it with other YouTubers such as MakeupByShayla. With that situation, he states he was at a beauty event where he heard MakeupByShayla tell another girl her face was dis-proportioned and that she needed lip filler. If true, that wasn't nice of MakeupbyShayla to say such a horrible thing (but she denies she said anything). Jeffree Star stated he doesn't like bullies or liars (I think we can all agree on that) but he turns around and calls MakeupByShayla an INSECURE RAT, CUNT, HOE. You can't resolve bad behavior with bad behavior! He goes on to say (about her), you're an "irrelevant ... a little instagram ... a little makeup person...that no one really cares about" (videos here). He then calls her a BULLY! Again, she's wrong if he heard her say such things to that girl, but she's not little or irrelevant if she collaborated with Tarte on her Makeup By Shayla Contour palette. I can't believe he used those words, because before anyone is BIG, they're little (even him, c'mon Jeffree)...but NO ONE IS IRRELEVANT...NO ONE. Since all of these things, he made an apology video titled RACISM (June, 2017). He states, "In these videos, I say some really disgusting, vile, nasty and embarrassing things...It makes me sick to my stomach".

I'm African-American (I'm Black!). I have experienced RACISM & BULLYING. This is going to shock you, but my very first experience with racism/bullying was from MY OWN RACE! I went to nursery school in Gainesville, Florida and in my class there were about 4-5 African-Americans and 20+ Caucasians. We all  played and got along. We never paid attention to color. My mother & father moved back to New Orleans, because her parents were getting older and needed help. For Kindergarten, I was enrolled in a predominately black Elementary School. I remember one day, sitting on a bench during recess. My best friend was absent that day. The Kindergarten teacher went inside to get something. Three dark skin (African-American) older girls (they had to be in 5th or 6th grade) came up to me, put their fingers on the side of their eyes and pulled the skin to make their eyes look like Asian eyes. They then went on to say "Squinchy eyes...Squinchy eyes". I remember putting my head down and looking at the ground. I didn't cry. I kept thinking, why are these "older" girls picking on a Kindergarten-er. It happened really fast and they ran away (they didn't want to get caught). I thought the entire situation was really SAD! I never told my parents of the situation and honestly, this is the first time I've ever told anyone. Everything is really either your, black or white in the South. I'm very fair (both of my grandmothers were half-black/half-white), but I'm NOT CREOLE (light skin New Orlean-ians). My family is NOT ORIGINALLY FROM THE SOUTH (but from Virginia, South Carolina and Ohio). Boy were they surprised to see that my grandfather was a dark-skinned man! The only other thing that happened in Elementary School was being called FOUR EYES a couple of times, because I wore glasses. But Thank God, nothing else. I counteracted all of those things, by being on the A and B Honor Roll from K-8th Grade. So they constantly saw this squinchy eyed, eyeglass wearing girl walk up to receive awards. In college, I worked for an exclusive bridal shop on St. Charles Avenue. I was the only black working there! An elderly rich Caucasian lady with a walker came in with an African-American woman helping her. She needed a dress for a wedding. So my manager said, Kim will help you. The older lady, pulled the manager to the side and stated she didn't want me to help her because "black people don't have any taste". My manager was shocked at what she said and pulled me to the side. I think she was doubly shocked at my reaction. I said, that's fine. Again, I felt SAD for her! Here this woman has an African American woman HELPING HER get to whatever appointments she has for the day. PLUS I FOUND OUT SHE WAS JEWISH! How did I know? She had the last name of one of the most popular drugstore chains here in New Orleans at the time! I couldn't believe I just had a Jewish person be Racist! That's unfathomable to me! Another part-time job I had in college, I worked at Kinko's (copy & mailing place). I worked at the register. An elderly Caucasian man would come in with a couple of sheets of paper (once a week) with a post it note on them. He would tap his finger on the note with his head down. I would make the copies and come back. I would tell him how much. He would take out his money and place it on the counter. I would take the money and hand him his change. Well he would then tap his finger on the counter (motioning me to put the money on the counter). You guys he didn't want to touch my hand because I was black. I would put the money on the counter and he would take it. AGAIN, I thought this was so SAD! And he always kept his head down. I looked at him, but he could never look at me. We went through this same song & dance week after week, but I was always kind and wished him a very good day. He would say nothing. Another story! I went out several times with a guy in college. He was Creole. He was nice, but I never fell in love with him. His mother was really cool! Loved her. Well, we went out like 3 ... THREE times LOL and then he said his grandmother wanted to meet me. That my mom & I should come over one Sunday to meet her. So I said ok. It kind of threw me. When I got there, the grandmother LOVED my mom & me. She had me to twirl around (like an inspection) and said oh she's perfect! I looked at my mom, we stayed a bit and I told her on the way back home I am getting out of this! You guys I had heard in the past that Creoles had a paper bag test. If you were darker than a paper bag, you couldn't marry into their family. I didn't know it was true! His grandmother inspected me like I was some CATTLE! I thought it was absurd. I started going out with other people and he got the message. Two more stories! My first professional job, I was an Environmental Trainer. One of my duties was giving Environmental orientation to new hires. This one guy in class decided he didn't want to pay attention and tried to sleep. I warned him several times. He mumbled, something about he doesn't take orders from niggers. I told him, you don't have to like me...I could care less...but I am responsible for your life and these other gentlemen's lives while they work out here. That it is a dangerous place and I will not have him jeopardize himself or other people by not listening or following protocol. I put him out the class. He came back the next day, before everyone arrived...walked up to me....looked me in the eyes and said I want to apologize to you and I am really sorry. I accepted his apology and told him I'm here to keep everyone working SAFELY. Lastly, I was invited to an IT Cosmetics Happy Hour and Masterclass. I was so excited to receive an invitation, but I almost turned it down! Why?, just as I received the invitation THERE WAS A LOT OF ANGER about them only having 7 shades of foundation and Jamie Kern Lima's "inclusive" speech. I knew 7 shades wasn't enough and I couldn't even find a shade that matched me. So I understood! I was very concerned if I accepted collaborating with IT Cosmetics would black people dislike me and/or was IT Cosmetics using me as a token black girl. Well, IT Cosmetics treated me VERY nicely and let me try nearly ALL of their products for free and give my HONEST OPINION! They increased their foundation selection to 12. Is it enough? Not with other companies offering 30-40 selections. But it's a start! I didn't shut them down. I gave them a chance. These are MY STORIES! I've been subjected to bad behavior from many races! Despite it all, I have NOTHING against Caucasians, African-Americans (dark skin or light skin blacks), Africans, Creoles, Asians, Hispanics or ANYONE! There are good & bad apples in all races. I believe in judging a person on their individual CHARACTER, rather than their color!

Listening to Jeffree in those videos and what he had to say really made me sick. Those words just flowed out of his mouth with ease. He has revealed bad situations in his childhood, teenage and adult life! It is fucked up! There was a lot of pain and because he was in pain, he inflicted pain on others through his words. YOU CAN'T DO THAT! In his apology video, he recognizes the horrible things he's said to others! Once you recognize a problem, then you should know NOT TO REPEAT THAT BEHAVIOR! That's what I'm looking for in Jeffree right now! I can't decisively say he has truly changed. I'm continuing to watch his ACTIONS & WORDS! I wrote him. I sent him a message on Instagram. In high school (Ursuline -Catholic all girl HS) we had an annual weekend retreat. We would go to a neutral place and with the support of school counselors, teachers, psychiatrists... if we had problems with anyone we were encouraged to explain to the other person what hurt us and resolve things. I explained this to him and that he could do it with other YouTubers and Beauty Influencers that he's had problems with. That he could do a series on his channel. I think something like this would promote HEALING in the beauty community that is so needed. He has a HUGE platform of followers and it would bring so many people together. He could even come up with a makeup collection that promotes POSITIVITY, Positive VIBES, Non-Bullying etc. He didn't respond to my message. But that's ok. Sometimes no response is still a good response. I hope he reads it or one of his assistants lets him read it. I think it would help heal so many people. There's been so much bad behavior in the beauty community. I didn't buy anything from Kat Von D for the longest, because she slept with Sandra Bullock's husband (Jesse James). He then cheated on Kat Von D. We all make horrible mistakes and I have since bought from Kat Von D. The founder of Jouer Cosmetics made an insensitive remark about a homeless man and apologized. Tarte Cosmetics with their racial slur meme (Asians) and poor shade selections for African American women. In 2014, I talked about Benefit's poor foundation shade selection. Honestly, the past couple of years in the beauty community has been really stressful. When I first started blogging it was FUN! That's why I haven't ventured into YouTube because it can be hostile. If I do, I'm thinking about no comments, but then I say that's not fair. It gets me down. I'm being very cautious about brands now. I haven't cancelled any brand YET, but I'm leery about a few. I've been curious about Jeffree Star's lip scrubs. I purchased a couple. Below are my thoughts.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Jeffree Star's Lip Scrubs are Sweet

Review: Jeffree Star's lip scrubs ($12) are REALLY GOOD! The outer box has the company's name & logo on it, with a cute picture of the flavored lip scrub housed inside. These two lip scrubs are from his Valentine's Day Love Sick Collection (still available for purchase). One is Cherry Soda, with a delightful picture of a glass with striped straw, square ice cubes and cherries inside the glass. The other is Chocolate Covered Strawberries, which has a strawberry drenched and dripping in chocolate. Both taste (yes, you can eat these) just as described. His lip scrubs really exfoliate the lips well. Why did I give this a Sweet rating and not a Supersweet rating? After you exfoliate your lips with this lip scrub with your fingers, you will feel something creamy (clear) on both your fingers and lips. It looks and feels like CLEAR LIP BALM. I've never experienced this feeling before. You can use your wash cloth to remove the balm feeling from your fingertips. When you rinse your lips, don't wipe away that clear balm layer. That is the moisturizing factor! If you wipe your lips, then expect very little moisture (just exfoliated lips and you'll have to apply lip balm afterwards). This may bother some people and for some it may not. I just wanted you to know. What I would prefer is 1. for the lip scrub to exfoliate and wash away cleanly or 2. exfoliate and moisturize without that "I just applied a clear lip balm to my lips feeling" 3. for him to come up with (separately) both the lip scrub & a matching lip balm of the same flavor 4. I show pictures of BOTH lip scrubs below and as you can see they are the SAME COLOR. Mentally it worked well for Cherry Soda, but for Chocolate Covered Strawberry I wish it was a different color (dark red or chocolate color) to distinguish. But he does show a picture of a soda and a chocolate covered strawberry on the outside of the jar to distinguish the two. But to look at them with the physical eye you wouldn't know the difference. The price point and amount of product you receive for his scrubs are AWESOME ($12 for 1 oz)!  You guys know I love Sara Happ lip scrubs, but hers cost $22 for .5 oz. I also like Good Earth Beauty lip scrubs. They have 1 oz jars for $9.25 or a 3 jar set for $22. LUSH also makes great lip scrubs and FRESH Beauty. Another thing I love about this particular campaign is the HOT GUY sitting next to Jeffree! HaHaHa Isn't he the coolest? I love his tattoo!

Sorry for the length of this post! It's a very serious topic. I'm not trying to change how you personally feel. I just wanted to share some of my personal stories on this topic, what I've been through, what I've experienced and how I've handled things. I definitely respect everyone's opinions and all situations are different. I've been noticing a pattern of people that are hurt and they turn around and hurt others. That's not the way to go. That's not the answer.

Jeffree Star Cherry Soda Velour Lip Scrub ($12)

Jeffree Star Chocolate Covered Strawberry Velour Lip Scrub ($12)



  1. You have definitely gone through a lot and this post who's what a huge heart you have. Your compassion and love shines through the whole post. I don't support JS but that doesn't mean I judge anyone who does. That would make me no different from the other ignorant ones.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  2. I'm so sorry you had to deal with all of these Kim! As you know I'm from South Africa and as you know we had apartheid not too long ago so I know all about how racism can effect you. To be honest I feel like JS has no right to even talk about racism and he has no right to fight billing with more billing that's not how you deal with shit! His just a hypocrite and a mean mean person from some videos I've watched.
    Candice |

  3. You have a big heart Kim, thank you for sharing your stories! I’m sorry for all you’ve been through, racism is never okay!
    I personally have never bought anything from jeffree, but I watch his videos occasionally. I love his makeup and he’s a great makeup artist, and you’re right that tons of makeup companies have make mistakes it’s not just him. All we can hope is they learn from them!

  4. Oh Kim. My heart breaks for you. I'd never guess such a genuine sweetheart like yourself could have endured so much. This is heartbreaking and so brave of you. I experienced bullying in primary school. I was a very quiet kid and this made for a perfect target. It wasn't until grade 6 that my friends somehow became "popular" and the kids who bullied us became our friends (one of them I still call a friend today). Unfortunately for me I ended up turning into a right old bitch in high school in a bid to never be in that situation again. I was always in and out of that "popular" group because I think deep down my conscious and guilt couldn't handle it. I'm not proud of this. And I hate this part of my life and the pain I inflicted to a few girls. It was such a "kill or be killed" mentality going to an all girls school. Nothing I could ever say would make up for it to them. I know this and I hope they know that karma surely hit my ass (and still does). And it's funny because know when you look back, we thought we were "popular" and so liked but oh no, they all truly hated us. Once or twice after I finished school I ran into a few people and at the time I didn't realise it but they had tried to avoid me or were making small talk to be "kind". It's a shitty feeling because I'd always been on good terms with these people and that we had a friendship, but no, they couldn't stand me and no doubt spent their days making fun of me too. But because of all this it is something I don't engage in now. I hate drama and I'm probably one of the most empathetic people you'll meet. Bullying is disgusting and I feel like it's so much more cutthroat these days. I don't think I could survive today if I was back in school. It's so sad to see grown ass adults engaging in this kind of behaviour. Keyboard warriors hiding behind screens and all that name calling. It's vile. I've only just started following JS now and though I'm not always on Twitter what I've seen of him is humour and a little TMI. I didn't realise he was such a prick like that, though I can easily imagine it. Which is sad. The world we live in is such a sad place these days. We should be embracing each other more not tearing one another down. I feel like as kids we can give them a small pass because you really don't know any better (even though you think you do, funny how that turns out!) but as adults? Really? I think it is completely inexcusable. Especially with such strong movements happening worldwide. There's such a feeling of camaraderie and yet, this crap still continues and gains momentum. Sorry for the long comment Kim. I was so moved by you sharing your story I wanted to do the same. This isn't something I openly share with people either. It is not something I am proud of and I try a little to hard to mask that part of my life too because I'm scared of how people will perceive and think of me.And I hope your opinion of me doesn't change too negatively... <3


  5. Oh Kim I'm so sorry you had those experiences! And don't apologise for the long post, it's a good idea to share things like this. I really struggle around this.
    I think I'm noticing things more now especially with the kids, I want to make sure they are surrounded by positive and uplifting words and it's definitely a struggle sadly. There are some people I'm not happy with my kids spending any time around but when they are family I don't always have a lot of a say. It just makes me want to reinforce more with the boys that differences aren't bad things, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

    I really wish this world was a nicer place sometimes, but with the little things we can do we can make it a better place in a small way, and that makes a difference. I just hope that my kids are kind.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Hi hunny, you're a brave lady for sharing your experiences and I'm so sorry you had to deal with this! You are a strong compassionate, beautiful and lovely kind lady and thank you so much for growing awareness :) <3

    Have a good day beautiful! <3

    Serene xoxo

  7. Wow, Kim I loved this post! Thank you for opening up and talking about this serious topic. Since I'm from South Africa, it is sad to say but racism has always been a part of my life. My grandparents and parents have experienced it 100 times worse than me. It breaks my heart when I hear their stories and the injustices that was done to them. I too have experienced many hurtful situations from school, in work and traveling overseas. I used to get so angry and feel like a dog when it happened to me. As I got older I realized that I can't change people's perceptions of non white people. And their opinion does not define me as a person. I personally do not support brands that advocate for racism. I refuse to support or purchase products from them. I will never tell people that they must do the same. We each have the right to make our own choices. I personally refuse to give my hard earned money to companies that do not value each and every person. Racism comes in many shapes and forms and can be very deceptive. We should always be aware but not treat people the same way they treated us. I believe in treating people with respect and love. Sending lots of love to you Kim. ������

  8. Kim, as the others have said above, thank you for sharing your story. That is really so brave of you, and reading about how you handled all these situations just prove even more how much of a class act you are. You are an inspiration, Kim. As an immigrant here in Canada, our family came at a time and in a city where, thank God, I was spared of too much racial discrimination, but yes....they did happen, and still do. My husband, ironically enough, experienced much of the same things you did even though he was born and bred in Canada.
    As for Jeffree...yeah....I was following a bit what happened but have not checked out his vids in a long time after all the hoolaballoo. So disappointing. The makeup Youtube world is so catty and cliquey I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I remember back in the day before they were all big. It was so much fun to watch Michelle Phan, MakeupbyTiffany, Kandee....but now, I just stick to my boring knitting vlogs:)
    Anyhoo, thanks for the honest review about the JS scrub. Gotta love that guy:D

  9. How terrible that a guy with the reach of Jefree Star foments this type of racist attitudes, I am a cross of different races, I have not suffered racism directly, but if I have received racist camouflaged comments, even black people I have always I prefer to ignore who does not appreciate me, I prefer to waste my time with those who value me. Thanks for share this part of your life with us.

  10. Hi Kim, It is so sad that you have had so many horrible experiences with racism. I just don't understand people. Someone has to harbor a lot of anger to hate anyone due to their color, race, religion, whatever. This should not be part of our culture anymore but it actually seems worse now.

  11. Wow Kim, those stories made me so sad. You've been through a lot, I am sending you my love. I never heard of the paper bag test before, do people really do these things? :( I am not a fan of JS nor I watch his videos or plan to buy his products but he is amazing in what he does, he is a great makeup artist.


  12. Kim, through all your negative experiences you still have such a positive attitude and that is so admirable. I can't say I understand how you feel but I am happy your experiences haven't caused you to look at one race and say all those people are this or that way. I am honestly scared to have an opinion on things now a day because no matter what you are offending someone.I was also scared to post my Tarte review because I wasn't sure how people would respond but so far I haven't recieved any back lash. I haven't purchased from Jeffree Star for the exact reasons you mentioned but I am glad to hear his lip scrubs are good!

  13. I think you're so strong Kim, particularly for sharing your story with us on your blog. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, though I'd imagine it contributes a lot to your kind nature and goes a long way in explaining why your blog feels like such a safe space to visit :) I have to admit, I didn't know very much about Jeffree Star before reading this post, but gosh, he really has said some awful things about people! x

  14. Oh my, it's just sad that people from kids to the elderly have shown that sort of behavior towards you (And likely others too!) I have to thank you and give you a big hug for continuing to have such kindness and compassion, even towards people that may not deserve it.
    I've also experienced racism from an early age. But I have never and will not allow my kids to show that kind of behavior or make anyone feel like that they are inferior.
    I read about a few of JS' incidents, but didn't know about the latest one. It is sad that he is so hurt and lashes out. I love your suggestions and hope he can follow some of them!

  15. Sorry you had to go through those terrible experiences, there are some really messed up people out there. No matter the race, they are always people who are judgmental and want to hurt us. It's unbelievable how mean people can be! Racism is certainly one of the tools used to make people feel bad about themselves. The best thing is to remember that an insult is like a drink, it only affects us if we accept it (I think Robert A. Heinlein said that, I love that quote).

    I started watching the Jeffree Star video but my attention kind of wondered off towards the end, there is something slightly annoying about the way he talks, although I'm pretty sure that most YouTubers talk this way so it is not really him that I mind as much as this YouTube manner of speaking. I think I got the message, though. It is always good to apologize for past mistakes, so it is good that this guy is apologizing for the wrong things he did and said. When it comes to stars, it is hard to know how a sincere an apology is. Attention seeking or not, I suppose admitting one was wrong is always good.

    Makes me think about the online world. Every mistake that goes viral gets recorded and stayed online permanently. It must be hell (at least at times) for people who lead very public lives, make tons of YouTube videos, record their life and reactions on regular basis...imagine how horrible is to have one's every mistake recorded and constantly brought up.

    YouTube seems to be a very hostile environment, from what I've seen it's hardly a place for a nice discussion. No comment option seems the best option for certain content, but for bloggers it is hard to opt for it because we're so used to interacting with others.

  16. Oh Kim *hugs* I grew up being subjected to a fair amount of racism as well and because of that It's taught me never to judge someone by their race but it has also made me intolerant of of those who exhibit racist behavior whether it's intentional or not. That's why I'm very quick to ban brands that have acted racist in anyway like Fenty, Tarte and Dove. Gotta add JS to that list now. It's better to support those who want to promote love, positivity and inclusion as far as I'm concerned. Even though you did not get a response, good for you for sending him a message Kim. I hope he saw and it made him think about his actions. It's true that beauty industry has been more stressful in the recent past but I'm glad there are bloggers like you out there trying to make a difference. I think your work with IT Cosmetics was important because you made them realize that they need to be better about their shade offerings.

  17. I had never heard of this guy.
    Now, I am appalled at the many terrible bullying experiences you have had starting at such a young age ...
    I creeped at the crazy grandma inspecting you as if you were cattle !! and the paper bag thing..
    I have had people ignore me because I am a woman and talk to the man next to me as if he were my owner.

  18. Oh, and of course being called a "Spic".

  19. I know about Jeffree Star primarily because of his horrible behaviour and not because of any of the good work he may have done. I like to think of myself as a tolerant person but there are some things that aren't okay to tolerate and racism, bigotry and misogyny are all among them. I will never be able to support Jeffree because of his behaviour unless he shows that he has truly learned from his mistakes and made changes. I'm sorry to hear the experiences you've had Kim, and more sorry that they aren't the exception but the rule. By geneology, I am as caucasian as they come, but because my bone structure is unusual, I have spent my whole life being asked, "Where are you from? No, really, where?" People just aren't satisfied with the truth if it doesn't fit their preconcieved notions sometimes and that's a sad thing. But the more we stand together and call those behaviours out, the more people will learn to approach others with more humanity - and that can only be a good thing.

  20. That's horrible, the stories you tell. It's so unfair to be treated upon nationality and race. I come from minor nationality and don't look like most of kids around me so I feel you. I grew up to be proud of me being different but I don't think we have to have such experience nowadays.
    as for Jeffrey.. I like his products and the way he does makeup but I really try to avoid his thinking if doesn't go for makeup.

  21. It makes me sad to see that even now - we are still facing racism. I completely understand where you're coming from in terms of being picked on and bullied - throughout school and work. I was the same in the UK as I come from a Greek background and even though I was born and raised in the UK - I was still considered an outsider due to being darker than normal.

    In my school (many, many years ago) I was one of the few 'darker' girls as everyone was primarily blonde with blue eyes and wearing glasses made things even worse. I always got picked on and even by teachers however looking back, I only see the good as it made me a stronger person and I now look at how I can help others and make everyone feel as comfortable as possible as we are all the same - we are all people and no matter what we do in our lives, we are all the same and we need to respect and appreciate everyone for who they are - regardless of where they are from or their colour.

    I think it's beautiful to see so many people pushing the boundaries and I love it when people come together to support one another. In regards to Jefree, I've never been fascinated with him or his brand due to the negativity which comes from him - there's so much racism and a sorry video doesn't cut it. Things should not be said in the first place - we (as bloggers) are all profesional and that's how we should be acting. We shouldn't do something for views or to appear cool.

    Loved the review - I've never looked at reviews from the brand so it's nice to see what you thought of them and I've just realised how long my comment is.... hahaha

    Layla x


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