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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fashion Documentaries To Watch On Netflix That Embrace Uniqueness: Jeremy Scott, Dries Van Noten and Iris Apfel

This week, I wrote in depth about bullying & racism. I shared my own experiences and I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories. It's unfortunate these problems still exist, but by sharing our stories I feel it helps others. I didn't understand this for a very long time, but when you're UNIQUE you stand out from the crowd! Some people embrace this and for some it makes them uncomfortable. Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace your individuality. It's what makes you SPECIAL! I've recently watched several fashion documentaries of individuals who definitely stand out. I really enjoyed hearing their stories. I wanted to share them with you. These documentaries can be found on Netflix.

Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer (2015)

Every time I watch Jeremy Scott's (Creative Director of Moschino) runway show, I giggle & smile! His designs can be outlandish, crazy, fun and cute. Some people don't take him seriously as a designer. When I initially saw his designs, I felt the same way. But since I've started blogging (my mind has opened up) I've totally changed my thinking! Think of red lipstick! I wouldn't mind wearing red lipstick all the time, but for someone else they may want to wear pink, blue or even purple lipstick. That's why you need DIFFERENT DESIGNERS! Because in this world there are DIFFERENT PEOPLE! We need different designers to appeal to the various tastes we all have. I love classic designers like Carolina Herrera, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, but we would all be cookie cutter if everyone wore the same things. I have a better understanding of Jeremy Scott now. His thoughts on critics? "I don't think I've ever seen a place in history where there was a statue erected for a critic." HaHaHa He had horrible experiences in High School. How bad was it? He sat down on the front steps of his school (the last day of school) and just laughed. A girl asked him why he was laughing. He said, "Because I never have to see these people ever again". That was just heartbreaking to me. I'll be reviewing his new MAC Collection next on A Very Sweet Blog.

Dries Van Noten (2017)

Besides seeing his designs on the runway, I knew nothing about Dries Van Noten. What's magical about his designs is how he can take so many different kind of prints, put them all together and they make sense. He will sit with his hand underneath his chin and just stare at something. It's like he's putting a puzzle together in his mind as to what the outcome will be. It's very intense. It's very precise. He makes you want to jump inside his brain, to see what is going on. He's a PERFECTIONIST to the MAX! If he takes a vacation, he plans it down to the minutes! LOL I'm a planner. I like to say what I want to do for the day. But down to the minute? He does that! He goes there! I think you'll also love seeing his home & beautiful gardens. It's also amazing how he works in his office. He's just an amazing man.

Iris Apfel (2014)

Iris Arpfel cracks me up! Before you watch this documentary, fast forward to 1:14. She states, "I'm not a pretty person. I don't like pretty"... "I don't happen to like pretty" ... "Most of the world is not with me... But I don't care" It is SO FUNNY! She mentions WHY (she doesn't like pretty) in between what I have quoted and everything she says is so true! This is a woman of SUBSTANCE! And that is what she encourages all women to be. I love my makeup collection, but what you see on this blog is my hobby. It's only  one part of me. I have a BS in Biology & Chemistry. I have a MSPH in Environmental Policy. I'm not saying you need degrees to be a woman of substance. You don't! But there should be more to you than staring in a mirror all day. Iris brings all of this out. She was a successful interior designer. She's passionate about so many cultures. I use to laugh at all the stuff she would wear. But EVERYTHING she wears, brings JOY, HAPPINESS and a PLEASURE to her. She's not buying things just to buy them. She can tell you the history of the bracelet, necklace and clothes she wears. She gets out and talks to people! She meets people! She's a hero of mine and after you watch this, I know she will be a hero to you. I mentioned above about LIFE EXPERIENCES. The wisdom from older adults is PRICELESS. She shares so many LIFE LESSONS. If you don't watch any other documentary, watch hers. It's fantastic.


  1. I love watching documentaries, so thank you for sharing these lovely recommendations. Iris is wonderful, there is always such a positive vibe around her. The clothes she wears, it's just a part of it, you can always see the person behind the outfit, that is her clothes they are just an expression of her style and personality. I love what you wrote about Iris being a woman of substance. One does need to aspire to more than just looking pretty.

    I'm not familiar with either of these two other designers you mentioned here, but I would like to learn.... both 'the people's designer' and the 'perfectionist' seem like interesting people and great designers, each in his own right.

    Happy International Women's Day tomorrow!

  2. Kim, I've seen all these three! I've always loved Iris but that movie made me love her even more. And Dries' work has always been inspiring. Jeremy is just fun and can totally see why the celebs love him. I don't think I finished that doc all the way through.

  3. I loved your post about bullying- my comment didn't go through for some reason but it was a powerful post and so glad you shared. Thank for these recommendations! I need something new to watch so excited to check these out!

  4. I enjoy watching Netflix documentaries! Definitely going to check these out.

    Candice |

  5. These are such good recommendations! Thank you Kim! I love Iris - I want to be more fearless now with my outfits so I can be just as bold and beautiful as her when I'm older. I love how she accessorises, accessories will always be my favourite part of fashion, even if I don't do the bracelet stacks and layered necklaces now I used to before kids. One day! :)

    Hope you are having a good week so far :) I've lost my voice so not the best week for me, haha! I'm trying to rest up.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Ohhh I need to check these out. They look so interesting especially the Iris one!

  7. Oh Iris Apfel is awesome and I'm pretty sure that documentary will only make me like her more. It's so true that that the wisdom from older adult is priceless. there really is something to be said about life experience. You are definitely a woman of substance Kim!

  8. I watched Iris and Campbell but have yet to see the Dries documentary.... I found her so refreshing and he Jeffrey is simply a genius in my book.

  9. Thank you for sharing your list! i haven't watched a good documentary in some time and these all seem interesting. Iris is such a character and I love her bold sense of style. I can only hope to unabashedly embrace my style at any age too.
    You are a person with so many layers! We can have substance and have fun too right?

  10. I’ll definitely have to check some of these out! I always love hearing everyone’s stories, so I’ll add some of them to my list! And you’re so right Kim, everyone should embrace their uniqueness!

  11. That documentary about Arpfel sounds great, Iris cracks me up too. I do love getting involved with things like this, as it's always so interesting to watch a documentary and come out knowing a million things you didn't know before. I'd definitely give these a try.

    Wandering Everywhere

  12. I don't watch a lot of documentaries because I normally watch TV during the work week and my brain isn't up for giving them the attention they deserve after a full day of work. But these three are all on my list, particularly the one about Iris - she is such an amazing woman and I agree completely with her; pretty is overrated.

  13. I have watched the one on Iris. LOVE HER! So inspiring about teaching us to just be our original selves. She has the best accessories. I did not realize parts of her wardrobe are at a local museum near where I used to live. I never made it over that to check it out. I will have to check out the other documentaries. I also feel inspired by the docs on creative people.

  14. I totally missed on about Dries Van Noten! I should be more careful in Netflix documentary section

    Inside and Outside Blog and Instagram

  15. Always on the hunt for new things to work on Netflix so will check these out! Iris Arpfel is such an icon! Love how she's still so fashionable :) xoxo


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