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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

10 Tips in Choosing Your Wedding Gown

A wedding marks an important transition point and many people are stranded when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gown. If you are in this situation and would appreciate some help, you will find the tips below useful. Learn how to choose the perfect wedding gown for your big day.

1. Pick a Style
There are many styles that could go well with your theme. You can find ideas in wedding magazines that share pictures of wedding dresses and attire. You can choose classic or contemporary styles, and while doing so make sure to consider your venue and season of the year, not forgetting your tastes and preferences.

2. Seek a Second Opinion
Although you will be shopping for your wedding, it also helps to invite someone else to help you in the selection process. This could be one of your relatives or friends, who will help to point out some things you might not see due to excitement and bias.

3. Do it in Time
Making rash decisions is something you don’t want to do when you are out to buy a wedding gown. That is why you should start searching early so as to get the time to sort through different designs. It happens that after choosing a gown the next day you might come across something better, so to avoid this conflict, spend a good amount of time browsing through different designs.

4. Accessories and Practicalities
You must also consider including some accessories like veils. Your choice should pick something that compliments your looks and comfort. If you are looking for something that will fit you perfectly, you can find flattering dresses at

5. Themes and Color
Don’t forget to pick the right color. The theme of your day should inform your decision and the best way to bring this out is to ensure you pick the perfect color to match the theme of the day.

6. Seek Advice
You may not be perfect at choosing a wedding gown, so one of the things you want to do is ask for advice from someone who is experienced on matters concerning wedding. This advice will go a long way to help you ensure everything availed matches perfectly with your expectations.

7. Have an Open Mind
Each bridal consultant will give you this advice and it is important that you take it seriously. Be ready to explore and try out styles that are unique as this is one of the ways you could help to enhance the look of your big day.

8. Research
There are many things you could learn about wedding gowns that could help you make a better decision. Make sure to research about the different styles you could pick depending on your venue as well as time of year.

9. Have a Budget
All your purchases should be within your budget. Don’t frustrate your effort by picking something that could stifle the budget to exclude other important items. You can easily get a good wedding gown on a small budget if you will invest your time in research.

10. Trust Your Decisions
Above all, you need to put trust in your decisions. Don’t let the comments of others discourage you in your decisions. Don't be intimidated by the progress others have made as everyone is unique and you might be moving slower than them but with time you will see the real benefits of persistence and the effort.

Choosing a wedding gown marks the start of an important transition in one’s life, and that is why you have to get it perfectly. There are many things you could look for when making this decision including color, size, and your preferences. Make sure to also consult a few people to hear what they think about your choices.


  1. These are very practical tips and I didn't really follow any of them since i bought my wedding dress on my lunch hour at a sample sale that I wasn't even going to go to in the first place. But when I tried on the gown I knew I had found the one. The best part was that it was marked down from $3000 to $250.

  2. I love all these tips Kim! I totally agree that it’s important to have an open mind! Sometimes you try in stuff you don’t think you’d like, and it ends up being perfect! I totally tried of dresses I didn’t think I’d like and I ended up liking the way they looked!

  3. So true! Sometimes you'll also come across the dress unexpectedly too (who knew I'd use eBay to get a dress?!)

  4. these are great tips! I had such an amazing stroke of luck with my wedding dress. I went to buy shoes and I saw it in one store ( it wasn't even a wedding dress, but it was a formal white dress in Grecian style that could easily pass for a wedding dress). My husband was with me and he said this is the one! Literally the first dress I tried on was the last one I tried on...but I knew it was the one and it really was. I couldn't be more happy with my choice and I only paid 150 euros for it.


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