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Saturday, March 3, 2018

10 Tips on Relaxing Your Feet

Medical experts say that by relaxing your feet, you release stress from other parts of your body. Stress clutters on your feet, so if your feet are relaxed, then your whole body is. Therefore, you should undertake any activity that can relax your feet including surfing. Here are some major tips on how to relax your feet.

1. Massage your feet
Various methods of foot massaging are available including thumb walking, kneading, toe twirling and stroking. Depending on the level of stress on your feet, choose one that works best for you. On this website, you will get more details on some of the best ways to massage your feet using those methods.

2. Soaking in warm water
Using some salt mixed in warm water, soak your feet before you go to bed. Conduct this process regularly for about ten minutes.

3. Lay back on a chair
Standing can also cause stress on your feet. After a busy day, relax by laying back on your bed or chair to relieve the stress. You can do this every day after a long workday or during rest time at your place of work.

4. Use a massage cream or oil
Today, many massage creams and oils are available. Pick one that favors you and use it to relieve the stress on your feet. Some of the most common oils include almond, sesame, olive, sunflower and coconut amongst others.By following the link view, you will learn more on how you can massage your feet effectively using creams and other available methods.

5. Foot massage at work
You can also relax your feet at the workplace by using a tennis ball. Place it under your sole and roll it along. Make it look like a game, so you do not get bored.

6. Get the right footwear
Wearing the wrong shoes can cause stress on your feet. Always wear firm fitting shoes. Research shows that if you wear bigger shoes, your feet will wobble in their resting place making your body to stress even with the shortest of walks.

7. Do not over-walk
In as much as you think you can cover over 8 kilometers by walking on a regular basis, do not try that. Over-walking causes stress on your feet, and it is not a good way of relaxing them.

8. Do not over exercise
Exercise is good, but too much of it can be dangerous to your feet as well. Too much straining can cause your feet to stress more.

9. Calm your calves
The calf is one of the most important parts of your foot so always strive to relax it just like any other part. Sit or lie back comfortably. Apply as minimal pressure on your calf as possible.

10. Toe twirling
The toes are also important. Keep them relaxed by pinching them gently and pulling them slightly. Rotate the toes slowly and gently using your thumb and the index finger. Repeat this process regularly.

Your feet absorb a lot of stress. Therefore, there is need to relax them with every opportunity you get. This article provides you with some helpful tips on that front. Always strive to keep your feet relaxed.


  1. Great tips! I have annoying high arches that are now becoming a problem for me as I get older. Relaxation is something they need more of hahaha!


  2. Nice tips. I will try massaging my feet with tennis ball when I seat. Sounds very useful because I do have to walk and stand a lot as well as exercises and sometimes feel my feet need extra relax

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  3. I've been trying to get pedis more often, use a coconut cream every night and have been into more comfortable shoes. Every bit helps!

  4. This makes me want to do an at home pedi like now! Then make my hubby massage my feet. LOL

  5. I didn't know that over-walking can be bad for our feet. I tend to walk everywhere and sometimes I walk more than 8 km a day. I should look into that!

    Oil massage is my fav way to relax my feet.


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